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What's making the floods worse in Manila?

08/22/2013 1:24am
Lashed each year by typhoons and stuck with outdated drainage systems, the Philippine capital has been hit by ever-worsening floods. Population growth, inadequate infrastructure, corruption, deforestation and even trash build-up combine to exacerbate the impact. It's a trend experts expect to continue.

Who's who in China's Bo Xilai political scandal

08/22/2013 2:18am
The corruption trial of ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai on Thursday marks the Communist Party's efforts to wrap up its messiest scandal in decades. Bo's spectacular downfall last year was triggered by the embarrassing flight of his top aide to a U.S. consulate and revelations that Bo's wife had murdered a British businessman. The scandal exposed divisive infighting in the highest echelons of Chinese politics that party leaders would rather keep behind closed doors.

Myanmar rejects UN rights envoy's claim of attack

08/22/2013 3:27am
Myanmar's government on Thursday disputed accusations that it failed to protect a top U.N. human rights envoy who said his vehicle was attacked by a 200-strong Buddhist mob during a visit to a city where religious violence flared earlier this year.

New Zealand tries to reassure Chinese milk buyers

08/22/2013 3:42am
New Zealand's leaders are on a charm offensive to reassure Chinese consumers after a botulism scare threatened sales in a major market for New Zealand milk.

China flight delays show military grip on airspace

08/22/2013 3:43am
China's fast growing air travel market is the world's second biggest. But when it comes to flight delays, it's No. 1.

Sexual minorities march in Nepal to demand rights

08/22/2013 4:26am
About 1,000 gays, lesbians, transgender people and their supporters, many dressed in colorful clothes and holding banners, marched through Nepal's capital on Thursday to celebrate and demand rights for their community, in what has become an annual festival.

Thai court convicts 2 Iranians in bomb plot

08/22/2013 5:34am
A Thai court on Thursday sentenced an Iranian man to life in prison and his compatriot to 15 years in jail for their roles in a botched bomb plot that was exposed last year when an accidental explosion blew apart the Bangkok villa where they were staying.

Unification Church member inflames self, 2 others

08/22/2013 7:01am
Three Japanese nationals who reportedly are followers of the Unification Church suffered burns Thursday when one of them set herself and the other two on fire in a South Korean town known as the heart of the church.

Storm lashes China after killing 18 in Philippines

08/22/2013 11:08am
Southern China was hit by fresh flooding Thursday as the second storm in a week lashed the region after killing 18 people in the Philippines.

UN rights inquiry aims to raise pressure on NKorea

08/22/2013 8:48pm
Testimony by North Korean defectors at U.N. hearings this week in Seoul has produced chilling accounts of systematic rape, murder and torture _ but it's also a poignant reminder of past, toothless U.N. efforts to get Pyongyang to better treat its citizens.

Pakistani Taliban commander welcomes talks offer

08/22/2013 10:35pm
A senior Pakistani Taliban commander welcomed the government's recent offer to hold peace talks, raising the possibility the militant group has changed its stance after shunning negotiations earlier this year.