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Blast at Japanese summer festival injures 60

08/16/2013 4:15am
An explosion at a summer fireworks festival near Kyoto, Japan, injured 60 people, local police said Friday.

4 bodies found on Indian sub; 14 more likely dead

08/16/2013 7:26am
Indian navy divers on Friday recovered four severely burned bodies of sailors who had been trapped inside a submarine damaged by twin explosions, officials said. The navy said it was doubtful that any of the other 14 sailors aboard survived.

Philippine aviation authorities suspend Zest Air

08/16/2013 8:16am
Philippine civil aviation officials said Friday they have suspended operations of local budget airline Zest Air due to safety concerns.

Ferry collides with cargo ship in Philippines

08/16/2013 9:19am
A ferry with nearly 700 passengers has collided with a cargo vessel in the central Philippines and a rescue operation has been launched.

EU asks WTO panel to rule on China's steel duties

08/16/2013 11:19pm
The European Union on Friday asked the World Trade Organization to rule in a dispute over Chinese anti-dumping duties imposed on steel pipes imported from EU countries.