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9 schoolchildren killed in road accident in India

07/30/2013 1:24am
Nine schoolchildren were killed and 20 others injured when a school bus collided with a truck in northern India on Tuesday, police said.

Macau aims for another Vegas staple: boxing

07/30/2013 1:54am
A Chinese fighter's victory at a Macau showdown brings the world's top casino market a step closer to challenging Las Vegas for dominance of another Sin City staple: big-time boxing matches.

Bahraini banker shot to death in Malaysia

07/30/2013 2:25am
A Bahrain-born banker who founded Malaysia's fifth-largest bank was shot to death in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian police said Tuesday, fueling concerns about rising crime in the Southeast Asian country.

Virtual currency Bitcoin blocked in Thailand

07/30/2013 5:32am
A Bitcoin exchange in Thailand says it has suspended trading after officials declared the virtual currency illegal in a setback for efforts to bring it into the financial mainstream.

Cambodia's PM mulls post-poll options in silence

07/30/2013 6:32am
After nearly three decades of autocratic rule, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen may be facing his biggest political dilemma in years, with his party's parliamentary majority vastly eroded in weekend elections by a burgeoning opposition that could block his forming a government.

Filipino troops kill rebels who attacked oil truck

07/30/2013 6:58am
Philippine troops killed eight breakaway Muslim rebels who attacked an oil tanker truck and placed bombs along a highway, forcing its closure for several hours, as sporadic clashes raged Tuesday in a restive southern province.

Pakistani lawmakers elect new president

07/30/2013 7:55am
Pakistani lawmakers elected a textile businessman who briefly served as the governor of southern Sindh province as the country's next president Tuesday, the election commission chief said, a result that was widely expected.

Hundreds of Buddhists protest in Nepal

07/30/2013 11:03am
Hundreds of Buddhists demonstrated near the main government office in Nepal's capital on Tuesday to protest authorities stopping them from building a shrine in a jungle in the western part of the Himalayan nation.

Scuffles erupt over Taiwan-China trade pact

07/30/2013 9:24pm
Dozens of Taiwanese scuffled with police Wednesday in the rowdiest demonstration yet against a new trade agreement with China.