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Japanese fans speak on the evolution of 'Godzilla'

07/25/2014 4:00am
Japanese fans want it known: The radiation-breathing, skyscraper-stomping monster they call "Gojira" was born right here in Japan, 60 years ago.

Ex-'X Factor' judge Tulisa fined for blogger blow

07/25/2014 5:30am
British singer and former "X Factor" judge Tulisa Contostavlos, who last week won a legal victory over a tabloid sting story, has been fined for assaulting a celebrity blogger at a music festival.

Fox, Arnett share 'TMNT' love with Comic-Con crowd

07/25/2014 5:40am
For the human stars of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," it's all about Michelangelo.

Lockout looms as Met contracts set to expire

07/25/2014 6:50am
Figaro might not be getting married anytime soon. Mimi and Rodolfo might not fall in love in that cold Parisian garret. And Macbeth might never murder his way to the throne.

'Lust, Caution' actress Tang marries in Sweden

07/25/2014 8:20am
"Lust, Caution" star Tang Wei found legendary director Ingmar Bergman's island home to be the perfect scene for a wedding.

Review: 'Hercules' is schlocky but entertaining

07/25/2014 9:30am
You'll have to say one thing for Brett Ratner's production of "Hercules": This movie has a sense of proportion. Running just over 90 minutes, the movie is often clunky, but at least it's fast and unpretentious. And its likable star, Dwayne Johnson, manages to murder legions without ever seeming sadistic. Less violent than "300," less compelling than "Gladiator," this new addition to the sword-and-sandals genre seems likely to please the fanboy audience and stir up some impressive box-office numbers.

National outdoor art show to hit billboards

07/25/2014 12:41pm
Famous artwork is about to hit America's streets and public places.

Zimmerman says he'll appeal NBC lawsuit dismissal

07/25/2014 12:41pm
George Zimmerman has filed a notice to appeal the dismissal of his defamation lawsuit against NBC Universal and three reporters.

Bayreuth Wagner fest starts with stage malfunction

07/25/2014 12:51pm
Bayreuth's annual opera festival has gotten off to an unexpectedly dramatic start, with a technical malfunction forcing an interruption shortly after the opening performance of Richard Wagner's "Tannhaeuser" kicked off.

Sam Raimi announces planned 'The Last of Us' film

07/25/2014 1:21pm
"The Last of Us" video game is becoming a film.

Bazinga! 'Big Bang Theory' writers hit Comic-Con

07/25/2014 2:31pm
Past "Big Bang" Comic-Con panels have paid off for fans that score tickets. One viewer was awarded a trip to space. And there was a surprise appearance by Johnny Galecki, who hid in the audience in costume until he asked a question.

Lifetime drops reality TV show on Texas mortuary

07/25/2014 3:11pm
The Lifetime TV network has dropped a reality show about a Texas mortuary after eight decaying bodies were found at the facility and the co-owners were arrested for alleged corpse abuse.

Colin Firth, Emma Stone riff on working with Woody

07/25/2014 3:50pm
Colin Firth had been hoping for decades to get a call from Woody Allen.

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

07/25/2014 4:11pm
Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:

Stan Lee cancels Comic-Con appearance

07/25/2014 4:31pm
Stan Lee is missing in action at Comic-Con.

Newport Folk Festival celebrates 55th anniversary

07/25/2014 4:50pm
The Newport Folk Festival has kicked off three days of music to a sold-out crowd.

Salma Hayek pulls trigger on 'Everly' at Comic-Con

07/25/2014 6:41pm
For Salma Hayek, her role in "Everly" was her toughest yet.

'Up the Down Staircase' writer Kaufman dies at 103

07/25/2014 7:01pm
Bel Kaufman, the witty and spirited fiction writer, educator and storyteller whose million-selling "Up the Down Staircase" captured the insanity and the humor, the pathos and the poetry of the American high school, died Friday at age 103.

Colin Firth is a killer spy in new 'Kingsman' film

07/25/2014 8:10pm
Colin Firth is a "gentleman spy" with a killer umbrella and Samuel L. Jackson is a blood-hating villain with a lisp in Fox's forthcoming "Kingsman: The Secret Service."

'Walking Dead' plays season 5 trailer at Comic-Con

07/25/2014 8:31pm
Fans attending Friday's panel for "The Walking Dead" at Comic-Con got to see the first trailer for season five.

'Hitman: Agent 47' trailer takes aim at Comic-Con

07/25/2014 10:20pm
The first trailer for "Hitman: Agent 47" was unloaded at Comic-Con.

New 'Game of Thrones' actors revealed at Comic-Con

07/25/2014 11:30pm
They traveled a long way from the continent of Westeros to get there, but cast members of HBO's "Game of Thrones" at Friday's Comic-Con panel remained tight-lipped on spoilers.