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Artist creates 'empowering' wearable sculptures

07/14/2014 5:40am
Linda Stein wants people to armor themselves in her art.

Maine film festival honors Glenn Close

07/14/2014 6:00am
Six-time Oscar nominated actress Glenn Close has been honored by the Maine International Film Festival.

Stars are safer because of actress' murder

07/14/2014 6:22am
They've shown up in Selena Gomez's guest house, outside Halle Berry's kitchen door and inside Sandra Bullock's home, despite gates, tall fences and guards meant to keep the stars safe.

Young, married and operatic

07/14/2014 7:10am
Alek Shrader and Daniela Mack are having the kind of summer most young married couples would envy: working and relaxing in the mountains of New Mexico.

Little Prince park, like book, delights in small

07/14/2014 7:50am
Tucked into a corner of eastern France where overseas tourists rarely venture, the Park of the Little Prince takes its name from one of French literature's most beloved characters — and takes its cues from a time when roller coasters didn't set out to terrify, living rooms televisions didn't have multi-player 3-D video games and theme parks were scaled for the small.

3 plead not guilty to disturbance at Swift's house

07/14/2014 8:00am
Three Connecticut residents have pleaded not guilty to causing a disturbance at a Rhode Island house owned by Taylor Swift.

'Scandal' star Tony Goldwyn creates a new drama

07/14/2014 9:20am
Tony Goldwyn has displayed a lack of ethics in the White House.

AP newsman acts as a reporter on new Starz show

07/14/2014 9:50am
Associated Press Writer Jonathan Landrum Jr. switched from reporter to acting as one during the filming of Starz's new sitcom "Survivor's Remorse," co-executive produced by NBA superstar LeBron James.

Nadine Gordimer, Nobel laureate, activist, dies

07/14/2014 10:12am
Nadine Gordimer was first a writer of fiction and a defender of creativity and expression. But as a white South African who hated apartheid's dehumanization of blacks, she was also a determined political activist in the struggle to end white minority rule in her country.

'Pageant' star on over and underdressing for stage

07/14/2014 10:30am
Performing as a woman in the off-Broadway spoof "Pageant: The Musical" has presented unique challenges for Nick Cearley — much like playing in his underwear with his rock band The Skivvies.

Musical of 'American Psycho' heading off-Broadway

07/14/2014 11:50am
The yuppie serial killer Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho" is about to stalk an off-Broadway stage.

Syfy to launch 'The Expanse' starring Thomas Jane

07/14/2014 12:21pm
Syfy network says Thomas Jane will star as a world-weary detective in an other-worldly thriller for the network.

Reality star, felon Ravenel running for US Senate

07/14/2014 1:00pm
Former South Carolina treasurer, reality TV star and convicted felon Thomas Ravenel plans to run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Lindsey Graham.

Box office top 20: 'Apes' debuts with $72.6M

07/14/2014 3:20pm
"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" swung to the top of the box office with a $72.6 million debut, one of the summer's best openings.

Vieira looks to connect with viewers on new show

07/14/2014 3:41pm
Meredith Vieira is looking to connect.

Actress Kruger jumps for joy over World Cup win

07/14/2014 3:50pm
German-born actress Diane Kruger says watching Sunday's World Cup final she couldn't eat, drink or sit down the entire match.

Nick's 'Sam & Cat' gone after less than season

07/14/2014 4:30pm
With Ariana Grande hitting it big in the music world this summer, her time as a star on children's television is about to become history.

New bride Edelstein takes on 'Guide to Divorce'

07/14/2014 6:00pm
Lisa Edelstein, the star of Bravo's new "Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce," is in a far happier place in her personal life.

New film 'Book of Life' animates Day of the Dead

07/14/2014 6:01pm
Guillermo del Toro is helping to open the "Book of Life."

For Archie fans, character's death makes an impact

07/14/2014 6:20pm
For the fans of Archie Andrews, his impending death marks a fitting end for the famous comic book do-gooder.

Tupac Shakur musical to close Sunday on Broadway

07/14/2014 7:30pm
Tupac Shakur fans, keep ya head up: The Broadway musical "Holler If Ya Hear Me" that uses songs from one of hip-hop's greatest artists is closing after less than two months.