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Chicago music school to honor opera singer

05/07/2014 2:10am
A famed soprano is being honored this week for mentoring young music students in the Chicago area.

Musical theater workshop becomes a Broadway engine

05/07/2014 5:20am
In a room in a lower Manhattan skyscraper, a musical is being born, song by song.

Beverly Hills condemns Brunei; hotel boycott grows

05/07/2014 6:11am
Beverly Hills officials have condemned Brunei's strict new Islamic criminal laws and want its government to separate itself from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Police arrest suspect in Scotty McCreery robbery

05/07/2014 7:31am
Authorities have arrested a suspect in the home invasion robbery of country singer Scotty McCreery and his friends.

Swiss museum says it was named 'sole heir' to deceased German collector's trove of art

05/07/2014 8:20am
Swiss museum says it was named 'sole heir' to deceased German collector's trove of art.

Miley Cyrus plays London after canceled tour dates

05/07/2014 8:31am
Saying she's back on top form, Miley Cyrus resumed her Bangerz tour in London after a series of canceled shows.

UK tabloid apologizes, pays damages to JK Rowling

05/07/2014 9:31am
A British tabloid has apologized and paid damages to "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling over an article about her time as a single mother.

Video artists up for UK's prestigious Turner Prize

05/07/2014 10:21am
Two video artists who mix found footage with original images are among four finalists for British art's influential Turner Prize.

Researcher: technology not to blame for teen woes

05/07/2014 10:40am
Danah Boyd has made a name for herself at the research division of Microsoft for painstaking work examining social media, Big Data and the tension between public and private lives, but it's her teens'-eye view of the digital world that sets her apart.

Giacometti works on block at Sotheby's auction

05/07/2014 11:01am
The spring auction season in New York shifts to Sotheby's on Wednesday, with four sculptures and an oil painting by Alberto Giacometti among the items up for bid. It is the second major art auction in the city in as many days.

Lights! Camera! A Swiss museum for Charlie Chaplin

05/07/2014 11:30am
Memories of Charlie Chaplin will live on above the shores of Lake Geneva, where new generations will get a chance to be introduced to one of the silver screen's greatest comic geniuses.

Original 'Born to Run' lyrics on display at Duke

05/07/2014 11:30am
Bruce Springsteen wasn't thinking about Wendy when he wrote a first draft of his 1975 classic "Born to Run." Instead, he's got a gold Chevy 6 on his mind, according to the original lyrics, which make their public debut this week at Duke University.

Swiss museum named 'sole heir' in Gurlitt will

05/07/2014 11:42am
A museum in Switzerland said Wednesday that it has been named the "unrestricted and unfettered sole heir" of a German art collector whose priceless hoard of long-hidden artworks last year set off an uproar over the fate of art looted by the Nazis.

Bearded drag queen in Eurovision spotlight

05/07/2014 11:51am
When Austria's entry takes the stage Thursday at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, the spotlight will slowly reveal a lone figure with wide sensual eyes, glossy painted lips, high cheekbones — and a man's full dark beard.

Singer Currington sued by Georgia boat captain

05/07/2014 11:51am
Country Singer Billy Currington is being sued by a Georgia tour boat captain who pressed criminal charges against him last year.

Santa Fe Opera announces 2015 season

05/07/2014 11:51am
The Santa Fe Opera's 2015 season will feature a world premiere, five new productions and three firsts.

White House awaits top aides' back-to-back memoirs

05/07/2014 12:00pm
Over the next month, two of President Barack Obama's closest first-term advisers will spill insider details on the administration's handling of the early days of the recession, the White House's cautious response to Syria and the genesis of clandestine talks with Iran.

Judge Joe Brown to face incumbent in DA race

05/07/2014 12:50pm
Former TV judge Joe Brown could become the top prosecutor in Tennessee's largest county if the voters elect him over the incumbent in August.

Terry Crews new host of 'Millionaire' game show

05/07/2014 1:21pm
Terry Crews is going in for Cedric The Entertainer as new host of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire."

Former mortician set free in Texas slaying case

05/07/2014 4:30pm
A former mortician whose killing of a rich widow shook an East Texas town and later inspired a movie is a free man after a judge agreed to reduce his life sentence and release him on bond.

Ex-Texas mortician freed from prison early

05/07/2014 5:10pm
In stories May 6 and early May 7 about the release of a Texas mortician who was sentenced to life in prison for killing an 81-year-old widow, The Associated Press reported that the movie about his case was released in 2012. The movie was released in theaters in 2012, but it was in the festival circuit in 2011.

McMurtry revisits American West in newest book

05/07/2014 8:01pm
Standing among the towering shelves in his bookstore in the small Texas town where he grew up, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry says he has a need to be among books.

Obama: 'Disquiet' breeds political cynicism

05/07/2014 9:12pm
In a sober political assessment, President Barack Obama told donors Wednesday that disquiet and a sense of frustration in the country is fueling cynicism about government that could hurt Democratic turnout in the November congressional elections.

Picasso's 'The Rescue' auctioned for $31.5M

05/07/2014 9:50pm
Pablo Picasso's colorful 1932 oil painting "The Rescue" sold for $31.5 million at a New York auction Wednesday, far exceeding its $14 million to $18 million estimate.

Simon makes 1st public appearance since arrest

05/07/2014 9:50pm
Paul Simon performed a rousing set and accepted an award from New York University in his first public appearance since he and wife Edie Brickell were arrested on disorderly conduct charges.

California museum to return statue to Cambodia

05/07/2014 9:50pm
The Norton Simon Museum has agreed to return a 10th century statue that may have been looted from a Cambodian temple during that country's genocidal civil war in the 1970s.