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Next up: TV ads just for you, dear voter

02/17/2014 1:25am
The days when political campaigns would try to make inroads with demographic groups such as soccer moms or white working-class voters are gone. Now, the operatives are targeting specific individuals.

Snake-handling Ky. pastor dies from snake bite

02/17/2014 1:27am
A snake-handling pastor who appeared on the National Geographic television reality show "Snake Salvation" has died after being bitten by a snake during a weekend church service in Kentucky.

Healthy duck? For Mardi Gras, we make it possible

02/17/2014 5:20am
With Mardi Gras looming, I thought it might be fun to cook up some New Orleans-styled goodies featuring duck, andouille sausage and Creole seasoning. These rich ingredients are typical of the fare from this town that knows how to party _ an instinct that goes into overdrive during Mardi Gras.

2nd thriller due from Rowling alter ego Galbraith

02/17/2014 6:47am
J.K. Rowling is back with a novel involving a writer whose acid-tipped pen may have led to murder.

Romanian sausage to be saved under new EU rules

02/17/2014 6:55am
Romania's national dish looks like it will be granted a European Union reprieve.

Intellectually disabled struggling to find work

02/17/2014 8:42am
Most Americans with intellectual or developmental disabilities remain shut out of the workforce, despite changing attitudes and billions spent on government programs to help them. Even when they find work, it's often part time, in a dead-end job or for pay well below the minimum wage.

What can unite liberals and tea partyers? The NSA

02/17/2014 8:47am
Hoyt Sparks says he has no use for liberal Democrats and their "socialistic, Marxist, communist" ways.

Oscars rich in tales of wealthy and poor

02/17/2014 9:01am
Early in "Captain Phillips," the cargo ship captain (Tom Hanks) and his wife (Catherine Keener) drive from their Vermont home to the airport where he'll take a flight to his next job, one that will bring him face-to-face with the less fortunate on the other side of the globe. Like the chatter of so many couples, their conversation turns to their general feeling of economic uncertainty.

Obama visits Sunnylands twice in less than a year

02/17/2014 10:47am
With two visits in less than a year to the sprawling Sunnylands estate in Southern California, President Barack Obama is helping to fulfill the dream of the late philanthropists Walter and Leonore Annenberg, who hoped the desert property they used as a winter home would become the "Camp David of the West."

Montgomery, Jones voted into Jazz Hall of Fame

02/17/2014 1:27pm
Singer Betty Carter, guitarist Wes Montgomery, drummer Elvin Jones and bandleader Fletcher Henderson have been voted into Jazz at Lincoln Center's Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame.

Trade ban has Russia's knickers in a twist

02/17/2014 1:36pm
A trade ban on lacy lingerie has Russian consumers and their neighbors with their knickers in a twist.

NYC ME: More tests needed for NY fashion designer

02/17/2014 1:58pm
A designer who did costumes for such Broadway shows as "Swing," "Promises, Promises" and "Evita" died after he apparently fell into the Hudson River while trying to board his boat in Manhattan, police said.

Tom Ford 'knocks off' Jay Z in latest London show

02/17/2014 4:46pm
Tom Ford may be best known for his razor-sharp men's suits and slinky womenswear, but the designer showed a humorous side Monday with a catwalk collection that played on his own fame and rapper Jay Z.

"Green Acres"' actress Mary Grace Canfield dies

02/17/2014 6:19pm
Mary Grace Canfield, a veteran character actress who played handywoman Ralph Monroe on the television show "Green Acres," has died. She was 89.

Bradley Cooper visits London Fashion Week Day 4

02/17/2014 6:37pm
London Fashion Week saw its starriest and most hectic day yet Monday, as Hollywood celebrities turned up at big-ticket shows and rubbed shoulders with fashion's elite on the front rows.

Playboy Jazz Festival to celebrate George Duke

02/17/2014 6:46pm
Singer Al Jarreau and bassist Stanley Clarke will celebrate the legacy of their friend and musical partner George Duke on the opening day of the 36th annual Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.

A common winter hazard: frozen pipes in your home

02/17/2014 7:35pm
It's a telltale sign: you turn on the faucet and ... nothing.

Native plants offer fruit, beauty

02/17/2014 7:37pm
More and more gardens are going native these days. Butterfly weeds are edging out delphiniums, clethra is hobnobbing with flowering dogwood, and sunflower is strutting like a prima donna.

Fla. artist smashes $1M vase in Miami museum

02/17/2014 10:23pm
A South Florida artist is facing a criminal charge after police say he smashed a $1 million vase at Miami's new art museum to protest what he called its favoritism for international rather than local art.