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DirecTV customers lose The Weather Channel

01/14/2014 2:20am
About 20 million DirecTV customers nationwide lost The Weather Channel because of a dispute over fees between the channel and the satellite service.

A new novel from Dick Wolf joins his TV empire

01/14/2014 5:45am
Hours before last week's premiere of his new series, "Chicago P.D.," Dick Wolf acknowledged he was nervous.

Trip south inspires singer Rosanne Cash

01/14/2014 6:15am
John Hiatt once commanded us in song to "Drive South." Rosanne Cash took him up on it.

E-book offers free excerpts of upcoming works

01/14/2014 6:17am
An industry newsletter is offering free digital previews of books by Lemony Snicket, Barbara Ehrenreich and dozens of others.

Empire State Building sues over topless photos

01/14/2014 6:39am
A fashion photographer is facing a lawsuit for taking pictures of a topless model on the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

The Mortons: Father and son up for Grammy Awards

01/14/2014 7:05am
The Grammy Awards are a family affair for the Mortons.

No pregnant pause for 'Archer' star Tyler

01/14/2014 7:06am
Aisha Tyler is a jack of many trades: actress, author, game-show host, talk-show panelist, podcast proprietor.

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr to perform at Grammys

01/14/2014 8:58am
The Grammys weekend is shaping up to be a Beatles weekend.

Music legend Chuck Berry has no plans to retire

01/14/2014 8:59am
Music legend Chuck Berry says he has no plans to retire.

Feds: Blue meth seen in New Mexico

01/14/2014 9:04am
Reality in the illegal drug world is mimicking fiction.

Chiara de Blasio tells all. Should your teen?

01/14/2014 9:21am
Chiara de Blasio helped get her dad elected mayor, flaunting quirky head gear and joking from the podium on primary night. But on Christmas Eve, the 19-year-old did something else: She bared her soul on YouTube about her history of depression and substance abuse.

Rolf Harris, others, deny indecent assault charges

01/14/2014 9:51am
Veteran Australian-British entertainer Rolf Harris denied charges of indecent assault Tuesday, a day that saw the start of high-profile trials of several entertainment figures accused of sex crimes allegedly stretching back several decades.

Jarrett, Braxton, Davis receive NEA jazz honor

01/14/2014 10:27am
Pianist Keith Jarrett accepted the nation's highest jazz honor by ironically noting he was being recognized as a Jazz Master even though he got kicked out of the Berklee College of Music and fired from his first trio gig after someone asked him to "play something bouncy."

Lescure named president of Cannes Film Festival

01/14/2014 10:29am
Pierre Lescure has been named president of the Cannes Film Festival, succeeding Gilles Jacob.

Jazz Fest lineup announced

01/14/2014 10:58am
Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Phish and Christina Aguilera are among the headliners of this year's New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Kanye West sues in NY over 'Coinya West' bitcoins

01/14/2014 11:09am
Kanye West has filed a New York lawsuit to stop production of "Coinye West" bitcoins that he says unjustly cash in on his fame.

Tex-Mex meets classic comfort for Super Bowl grub

01/14/2014 12:12pm
Most classic Super Bowl party grub generally can be classified one of two ways _ spicy Tex-Mex or basic comfort. And since there's already a lot of crossover between those categories, we decided to embrace them and create a Super Bowl party dish that combines the best qualities of both.

Gardening small? Many fruits grow in containers

01/14/2014 12:12pm
Many fruit growers are going to pots, and small wonder. Containers are great for tight spaces, easy to manage, convenient for harvesting, and provide better soil than is found in most gardens.

Wild weather feeds homeowners' anxiety over trees

01/14/2014 12:22pm
Nancy Owens takes no chances with trees since a windstorm propelled a large one through the roof of her Long Island, N.Y., home 15 or so years ago.

'American Idol' hopes for a lucky 13th season

01/14/2014 12:38pm
Keith Urban was wrapping up a recent interview about "American Idol" when Harry Connick Jr. breezed into a backstage room, ready for his turn.

R&B singer Ciara pregnant with 1st child

01/14/2014 12:42pm
Ciara is pregnant with her first child.

Andrea Martin and Chuck Cooper join 'Act One'

01/14/2014 1:09pm
Santino Fontana and Tony Shalhoub will be getting some talented help on Broadway as they share the role of legendary writer and director Moss Hart.

Boeing confirms new 787 battery incident

01/14/2014 2:31pm
Battery problems resurfaced on Boeing's 787 on Tuesday, after gas was discovered coming out of a battery on a plane parked in Tokyo.

US officials repatriate stolen Indian art

01/14/2014 2:38pm
U.S authorities on Tuesday returned one of the world's most wanted stolen artworks and two other pieces to the Indian government _ staging the celebration after a monthlong clash over the arrest and strip search of an Indian diplomat in New York.

Quarter of 'Wolf of Wall Street' cut in Dubai

01/14/2014 2:45pm
About 45 minutes have been cut from the nearly 3-hour high-finance extravaganza "The Wolf of Wall Street" for Dubai audiences, or a quarter of the film, leaving many viewers disappointed and confused about the sequence of events.

Ashlee Simpson engaged to marry Diana Ross' son

01/14/2014 2:46pm
Ashlee Simpson is ready to give marriage another try.

Right at Home: Personal libraries are retreats

01/14/2014 3:17pm
With the advent of tablets, cellphones and e-readers, could the book-lined home library go the way of the formal dining room?