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In need of a good home: 80 parrots

11/11/2013 7:07am
Maybe 10 times a week, someone calls Steve Lazicki looking to get rid of a parrot. They're too loud, too demanding and sometimes just too long-lived.

Enjoy this olive that's not an olive

11/11/2013 7:47am
Outside my window is a large, rounded shrub with leafless branches suffused in a golden haze. That haze is actually hundreds if not thousands of golden berries clustered tightly along the thin stems.

Lansbury: Mistake to recycle `Murder, She Wrote'

11/11/2013 8:20am
Angela Lansbury says "it's a mistake" for NBC to call a new series "Murder, She Wrote."

A healthy, Thai take on the Thanksgiving pumpkin

11/11/2013 8:39am
Halloween may be done, but pumpkin season rolls on! And it's a welcome fact of life for a pumpkin lover like me.

Bad seed or little angel? Book says babies both

11/11/2013 8:54am
Are we naturally good or naturally evil? Cognitive scientist Paul Bloom argues in a new book that we're both.

John Lennon's detention sheets to be auctioned

11/11/2013 9:03am
John Lennon apparently wasn't an advocate of peace and love in high school.

Ohio casino pays homage to 'A Christmas Story'

11/11/2013 9:08am
Cleveland's casino will mark the 30th anniversary of the movie "A Christmas Story," parts of which were filmed in the department store that now houses the casino.

Unpublished Salinger biography heads to NY auction

11/11/2013 10:00am
An unauthorized and never-published biography of J.D. Salinger is expected to bring up to $6,000 at auction.

Justin Bieber has troubled tour in South America

11/11/2013 10:07am
Justin Bieber is blaming food poisoning for forcing him to quit the stage for the second time during his South America tour. This time he drew boos from a huge crowd in Buenos Aires' River Plate stadium who paid up to $320 to see their idol perform up close.

Comics lovers will be drawn to Ohio museum

11/11/2013 10:51am
There is a place where Snoopy frolics carefree with the scandalous Yellow Kid, where Pogo the possum philosophizes alongside Calvin and Hobbes. It's a place where Beetle Bailey loafs with Garfield the cat, while Krazy Kat takes another brick to the noggin, and brooding heroes battle dark forces on the pages of fat graphic novels.

Review: Pickler continues evolution on latest LP

11/11/2013 10:57am
Kellie Pickler, "The Woman I Am" (Black River Entertainment)

Review: Gaga's `Artpop' suffers as art and pop

11/11/2013 11:39am
Lady Gaga, "ArtPop" (Interscope)

Book edition coming of YouTube 'Fox' sensation

11/11/2013 11:44am
You've probably seen that YouTube video about what the fox says. Soon you'll get to read about it.

In need of a good home: 80 parrots

11/11/2013 12:06pm
Maybe ten times a week, someone calls Steve Lazicki looking to get rid of a parrot.

2 excellent mysteries: `White Fire' and 'Mirage'

11/11/2013 12:12pm
"White Fire" (Grand Central Publishing), by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

'The Princess Bride' being adapted for the stage

11/11/2013 12:16pm
It's not completely inconceivable _ "The Princess Bride" is coming to the stage.

Review: `End of Days' & `If Kennedy Lived'

11/11/2013 12:38pm
"End of Days: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy" (William Morrow), by James Swanson

Chicago pays tribute to famed chef Charlie Trotter

11/11/2013 2:29pm
Acclaimed chef Charlie Trotter was remembered Monday for turning Chicago into an international culinary destination, mentoring countless aspiring chefs and even inviting the homeless into his restaurant's kitchen to sit and eat at one of the most famous tables in the world.

How to mix it up without sacrificing tradition

11/11/2013 2:39pm
Some cooks like to change up the Thanksgiving meal _ a sous vide turkey here, a sweet potato souffle there. But on a holiday dedicated to tradition, innovation can spark revolt.

Larry Flynt weighs in on killer set for execution

11/11/2013 2:58pm
Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin is getting support from an unlikely source: Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, who was paralyzed 35 years ago by a bullet apparently fired by Franklin.

'Killing Kennedy' gets big tune-in for network

11/11/2013 2:58pm
Viewers of the National Geographic Channel are slightly more interested in the Kennedy assassination than the killing of Abraham Lincoln _ enough to set a viewing record for the 12-year-old network.

Patti LaBelle's bodyguard acquitted of assault

11/11/2013 5:44pm
Singer Patti LaBelle's bodyguard has been acquitted misdemeanor assault in a confrontation with a drunken West Point cadet at a Houston airport terminal.

Study: PG-13 gun violence rivals that of R movies

11/11/2013 6:18pm
Gun violence in PG-13 rated movies has increased considerably in recent decades, to the point that it sometimes exceeds gun violence in even R-rated films, according to a study released Monday.

US South Pole team in London before starting trek

11/11/2013 6:47pm
A team of wounded U.S. service members is in London this week for a publicity tour before starting a fundraising race to the South Pole with Britain's Prince Harry.

Chastain talks attention over possible bio dad

11/11/2013 10:03pm
Early this year as Jessica Chastain was in the midst of an Oscar blitz for "Zero Dark Thirty," media outlets picked up a story that her biological father, a musician named Michael Monasterio, had died. Chastain did not attend the funeral and she did not comment publicly on his death.