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In life and especially in death, JFK changed TV

11/03/2013 7:48am
It's a measure of how long ago President John F. Kennedy died that, at the time, television was described as a young medium. With the shooting in Dallas, TV grew up.

JFK's image shines on despite contradictions

11/03/2013 7:50am
Four days a week, David O'Donnell leads a 90-minute "Kennedy Tour" around Boston that features stops at government buildings, museums, hotels and meeting halls.

Hundreds evacuated from fire at Moscow theater

11/03/2013 8:20am
Hundreds of people have been evacuated from a Moscow theater after a fire broke out 20 minutes before the start of a matinee performance.

Eminem, Swift top weird YouTube Music Awards

11/03/2013 7:08pm
Crying babies, Win Butler's Kanye moment, a faked double suicide, face painting, a makeup-free Lady Gaga in plaid and a trucker's cap. There were all kinds of unexpected moments on the first YouTube Music Awards, as imagined by Spike Jonze and carried off by the odd couple hosts Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts.

'Walking Dead' fans meet for convention in Atlanta

11/03/2013 8:10pm
Fans of the hit cable television show "The Walking Dead" congregated in downtown Atlanta this weekend for a convention focused on the AMC series.