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In 'Letter 44,' a secret threatens a US president

10/16/2013 12:03am
Secrets abound in America, but none on the scale as those revealed in the pages of Charles Soule's "Letter 44," a series where humanity finds the stars hold not just ambition, but a threat kept hidden.

Movie harkens to '07 SKorean abductions by Taliban

10/16/2013 12:20am
The South Korean Christians kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2007 returned home to not just relief but outrage, rapped for engaging in zealous missionary activity in the Islamic country in defiance of government warnings and forcing South Korea to negotiate for their release.

Mezzo Jamie Barton plays 'waiting game'

10/16/2013 5:17am
She's one of the most prodigiously gifted singers of her generation, but Jamie Barton has yet to tackle the leading operatic roles she was born to perform. Instead, for now she's playing a "waiting game."

Composer John Kander rides new creative wave at 86

10/16/2013 5:24am
Legendary composer John Kander is standing in a hallway at the Vineyard Theatre when he spots an unusual opportunity.

Supermodel Iman is a spokeswoman for diversity

10/16/2013 7:04am
Supermodel Iman didn't plan on becoming a prominent voice for black models and entrepreneurs, but since it happened that way, she'll use the pulpit she's been given.

Roth ready to diverge from 'Divergent' trilogy

10/16/2013 7:53am
For a series that has sold 5 million copies and is poised to become a major motion picture franchise, Veronica Roth's "Divergent" had humble beginnings.

Add newspaper black and white to Halloween decor

10/16/2013 7:55am
What's black and white and orange all over? Creative Halloween decorations made out of newspaper.

A pronounced rise for Ejiiofor in '12 Years'

10/16/2013 9:16am
Chiwetel Ejiofor arrived, he thought, prepared for the first day of shooting "12 Years a Slave." To play Solomon Northup, a free man from upstate New York who was kidnapped and sold into slavery and who later chronicled his experience in a book, Ejiofor had studied Northup's memoir, visited plantations and learned how to, as Northup did, play the violin.

Evidence suggests early Britons ate roasted toads

10/16/2013 12:00pm
Britons sometimes make fun of the French for feasting on frog. But now a new discovery suggests their prehistoric ancestors may have had a taste for toad.

Hillary Clinton honored for her work on HIV/AIDS

10/16/2013 12:12pm
Elton John honored Hillary Rodham Clinton for her work to help those affected by HIV and AIDS at an annual event for his foundation.

SXSW Festival releases initial music lineup

10/16/2013 1:08pm
The South by Southwest Music Festival released its first list of artists for 2014 on Wednesday, featuring acts ranging from New Orleans rapper Vockah Redu to Texas country singer Rodney Crowell and Swedish rock band INVSN.

Will Eno play to hit Broadway with some big stars

10/16/2013 1:13pm
A play about four people who share the same last name is coming to Broadway with some awfully big names attached.

ATF agent can publish book on 'Fast and Furious'

10/16/2013 1:39pm
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has approved publication of a book by an agent who told Congress about the agency's failed gun smuggling sting operation "Fast and Furious."

Mich.-bound plane returns to SC after smoke smell

10/16/2013 2:07pm
A Delta flight bound for Detroit has returned to Greenville, S.C., after a report of the smell of smoke inside the plane.

Brazilian hopes to introduce world to his food

10/16/2013 2:25pm
It's bad enough that so few people outside Brazil know much about the country's cuisine. But Alex Atala finds it particularly galling that even at home it rarely gets the respect it deserves.

MSNBC hires Mia Farrow's son Ronan for show

10/16/2013 2:47pm
A book deal, tabloid attention and now a new television show _ it's a busy time in the public eye for 25-year-old Ronan Farrow.

Need motivation? There's an app for that

10/16/2013 3:04pm
Ever suspect you do more housework than your spouse? Or that certain tasks at work raise your blood pressure? Maybe you wonder why you're sneezing more lately, or if carbs are really what is making you tired after lunch?

Crash tests use Center for Pet Safety's dummy dogs

10/16/2013 3:07pm
To make the world safer for pets, Lindsey Wolko had to design an indestructible dog.

Enterprise enters motorcycle rental biz in Vegas

10/16/2013 4:09pm
Enterprise Rent-A-Car is taking a leap into the motorcycle business with a new, Las Vegas-based fleet of Harley-Davidsons.

Power outage shuts down 'South Park' production

10/16/2013 4:14pm
Nothing much interferes with "South Park" lampooning its targets.

Pittsburgh hosting Prague Writers' Festival

10/16/2013 5:29pm
The decision to hold the world-renowned Prague Writers' Festival in western Pennsylvania isn't as unlikely as it seems, considering the festival's home base was once the capital of a nation born 95 years ago in a Loyal Order of Moose lodge in Pittsburgh.

Firefighters serenade Judi Dench in London

10/16/2013 5:47pm
Judi Dench has been serenaded by firefighters as she arrived for the London premiere of her latest film.

Review: Elizabeth Olsen shines 'Romeo and Juliet'

10/16/2013 6:12pm
William Shakespeare's romantic tragedy "Romeo an d Juliet" easily lends itself to modern interpretations, with its ageless story of young lovers forever trapped in their cycle of doom.

Aretha: Side effects 'were rough,' glad to work

10/16/2013 7:03pm
Aretha Franklin says "the side effects were rough" from her treatment for an undisclosed condition.

Veteran character actor Ed Lauter dies at age 74

10/16/2013 7:07pm
Veteran character actor Ed Lauter, whose long, angular face and stern bearing made him an instantly recognizable figure in scores of movies and TV shows during a career that stretched across five decades, died Wednesday. He was 74.

Facebook to let teens share with bigger audience

10/16/2013 8:27pm
Facebook is now allowing teenagers to share their posts on the social network with anyone on the Internet, raising the risks of minors leaving a digital trail that could lead to trouble.

Police: Curious worker set off LAX dry ice bombs

10/16/2013 8:43pm
A baggage handler arrested after dry ice bombs exploded at Los Angeles International Airport planted the three devices out of personal curiosity, police said Wednesday.

CW's 'Reign' raises Adelaide Kane to TV royalty

10/16/2013 10:24pm
How did Adelaide Kane get from the far western reaches of Australia to be crowned Mary, Queen of Scots?