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Film shows hope, despair in Korean border village

10/11/2013 2:11am
Their village was developed as a South Korean propaganda tool against the North, and some residents chose to live there hoping for the day when the two Koreas would become one and they could reunite with family across the border. Those who settled in Cheorwon were trailblazers who cultivated land-mined rice fields even at the cost of losing a child or a limb to the explosives left from the Korean War.

BBC finds lost 1960s episodes of 'Doctor Who'

10/11/2013 2:59am
"Doctor Who" fans rejoice _ the BBC says it has recovered nine episodes of the sci-fi series that were feared lost in space and time.

GLAAD study: Gay depictions slip on network TV

10/11/2013 4:19am
Fewer gay and bisexual characters are part of the new broadcast TV season following a record-setting year, while cable depictions continued to increase, according to a new study from a media advocacy group.

Cheapside Hoard puts 17th-century bling on display

10/11/2013 5:35am
Diamonds may be forever, but a lot of jewelry doesn't survive through the centuries. Rings and bracelets get broken up for re-use, pearls decay, gold is melted down.

McCartney gives impromptu concert in Times Square

10/11/2013 5:45am
Paul McCartney is on a roll this week.

Popular Humans of New York photoblog now a book

10/11/2013 8:34am
Brandon Stanton rounds the corner, spots a tiny blur of pink, and runs over to ask if he can take a picture. He crouches in a busy Manhattan bike lane to get the shot: a beautiful little girl with pink leg braces, a walker and a big smile, her dad posed behind her.

What if the Italians had given us hummus?

10/11/2013 8:44am
What would happen if hummus had been invented in Italy, rather than the Middle East?

Exhibit: Blumenfeld was pioneer of modern photo

10/11/2013 9:54am
A new exhibit on fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, which showcases his dark and experimental side, positions him as one of the greatest and most undervalued photographers of the 20th century.

Bands resolve dispute over The Clovers name

10/11/2013 11:51am
Two groups with ties to the 1950s R&B group The Clovers who had been fighting over the use of the band's name have come to an agreement.

Dynamite to reimagine vintage Gold Key comics

10/11/2013 12:56pm
Dynamite Entertainment will revamp four classic Gold Key Comics titles, including "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" and "Magnus: Robot Fighter," as part of a licensing deal with DreamWorks Classics.

3 shots, 3 kills? SEALs rescue in 2009 not so tidy

10/11/2013 12:58pm
After U.S. Navy SEAL snipers conducted a dramatic rescue in 2009 that freed a cargo ship captain being held by pirates, $30,000 disappeared from a lifeboat, triggering an investigation that questioned the integrity of the commandos.

Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton reunite on new duet

10/11/2013 1:44pm
Three decades after their unforgettable team up on "Islands in the Stream," Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton have a new duet out on Rogers' latest album.

Once Upon a Time's Goodwin and Dallas to marry

10/11/2013 2:01pm
Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas' fairy tale extends beyond their day jobs.

Dan Harris in for Bill Weir as 'Nightline' anchor

10/11/2013 2:05pm
ABC News says Dan Harris is joining "Nightline" as a co-anchor, succeeding Bill Weir, who's headed to CNN.

Journals of Alice Walker coming in 2017

10/11/2013 2:12pm
Along with writing novels, stories, poems and essays, Alice Walker has been keeping a diary.

Venezuelan beauty contest bridges political divide

10/11/2013 4:11pm
Venezuelans have trouble agreeing on anything these days, whether it's who really won the election to replace Hugo Chavez or who to blame for this South American nation's mounting economic woes.

Canadian airline in doghouse after email

10/11/2013 4:47pm
Air Canada is in the doghouse over a spokesman's remarks following the disappearance of a dog who escaped airline staff at a California airport.

Ashley Tisdale switches gears to voice 'Sabrina'

10/11/2013 5:18pm
Ashley Tisdale said she's delighted to voice the title character in Hub TV's new "Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch." But her 3-year-old niece has her beat.

HK film fest features John Woo-style cop thriller

10/11/2013 7:08pm
The lineup at the Hong Kong film festival will be bookended by an action movie inspired by director John Woo's works and a South Korean sci-fi action thriller featuring Hollywood stars Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans.

Sales surge for new Nobel winner, Alice Munro

10/11/2013 8:00pm
The public wants to read a lot more from Alice Munro.

A season of Cumberbatch starts with 'Fifth Estate'

10/11/2013 8:05pm
It was the day before shooting began on "The Fifth Estate" when Benedict Cumberbatch, as he was trying on blond wigs for the last time, heard back from Julian Assange, the man he was to play.

Director secretly shoots feature at Disney parks

10/11/2013 8:08pm
As a kid, Randy Moore was haunted by Disney World, where he made an annual trip during summers with his dad. So as an adult, and a filmmaker, Moore wanted to capture and question the allure of such manufactured fantasy.