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Sloppy Silicon Valley techies find their style

10/06/2013 1:18pm
The Silicon Valley has had a men's fashion problem dating back to its founders.

Miley Cyrus rules 'SNL' as host and musical guest

10/06/2013 1:29pm
Miley Cyrus cautioned viewers she wouldn't be twerking on "Saturday Night Live."

Fox News' Megyn Kelly heading to prime time

10/06/2013 1:52pm
Ask Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly how her new prime-time program will differ from the edgy news show she had been hosting in the afternoon and she says that "it's going to be dark out."

Review: Hyperkinetic 'Big Fish' emerges with heart

10/06/2013 6:56pm
Sometimes a musical gets you with the first kiss or a nifty bit of dance. "Big Fish" might be the first to do it with elephant butts.