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'Breaking Bad' finale vs. other finales

10/02/2013 1:59am
Now that the dust (and ricin) have settled from Sunday's "Breaking Bad" finale, it's worth considering what makes a drama series' exit good or bad.

Fluff buffs celebrate sugary concoction in Mass.

10/02/2013 4:19am
Just mention Fluff to people who grew up in New England, and you'll get lots of smiles and enthusiastic nods.

22 dogs will get lucky on new CBS television show

10/02/2013 6:24am
Brandon McMillan has trained as many as 10,000 dogs for television, movies, commercials, videos and people. Then he started saving dogs from animal shelters, training them and finding homes for them.

The real Capt. Phillips gets hero's welcome in Vt.

10/02/2013 6:52am
The captain of the American cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates four years ago returned home from sea to another hero's welcome _ this time for a sneak peek of the Tom Hanks movie about the ordeal.

Eric Bogosian returns to his roots in show, book

10/02/2013 7:03am
Eric Bogosian has been looking back on his old angry work lately and laughing.

Def Leppard talks cancer, concert film, new music

10/02/2013 7:57am
Rocking with Def Leppard between bouts of chemotherapy proved healing for guitarist Vivian Campbell.

`Going Faux' can transform a home's style

10/02/2013 8:13am
Phoebe Taylor's 20-year-old suburban Atlanta ranch house began plain and "builder grade."

From elf ears to pig snouts: DIY costume tips

10/02/2013 8:33am
If you're thinking of making this year's Halloween costume yourself, you can stick with simple or go Hollywood pro. Neither has to take much time or money, and either can create a convincing costume, whether you're looking to draw guffaws, shrieks or admiring nods.

James Wolk holds his own on CBS' 'The Crazy Ones'

10/02/2013 9:30am
A funny thing happened during season six of "Mad Men."

Man pleads guilty in theft of Robert Frost papers

10/02/2013 9:49am
A man charged with stealing original cards and letters written by poet Robert Frost that he found in a desk donated to a charitable organization where he worked has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a deal with prosecutors.

Derby Pie maker, restaurant end trademark dispute

10/02/2013 10:02am
A pie by any other name may be just as sweet, but it won't be Derby Pie.

'Vampire Diaries' villain gets CW spinoff

10/02/2013 10:11am
The big, bad villain on the CW's "The Vampire Diaries" is getting his own series.

Films based on Tom Clancy books

10/02/2013 10:26am
Tom Clancy crafted the kind of smart, savvy action stories that Hollywood loves, with actors such as Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, Scott Bakula and Sean Connery bringing Clancy's CIA agent Jack Ryan and other characters to life in six films based on his novels:

Marshmallow spread to take you back. And forward

10/02/2013 11:07am
As sandwiches go, the Fluffernutter never really did much for me as a kid. I love peanut butter in so many ways, but it always seemed to taint the billowy, sticky sweet wonderfulness of the Fluff.

PIE TIME: A triple-almond pie with cherries on top

10/02/2013 11:33am
By late summer, the fruits hanging from vast groves of Prunus amygdalus trees in California have withered and split. Through cracks in their leathery rinds, you can see glimpses of the pale teardrop-shaped seeds they protect: almonds, ready for harvest.

Marc Jacobs says farewell to Louis Vuitton

10/02/2013 11:45am
What was likely designer Marc Jacobs' last ready-to-wear collection for Louis Vuitton looked like a show in mourning Wednesday _ black, black and more black.

Germany asks US why NSA critic was denied entry

10/02/2013 11:51am
Germany's Foreign Ministry says it has contacted U.S. authorities over their decision to deny a German author entry to the United States.

'Grandmaster' leads Golden Horse film nominees

10/02/2013 1:03pm
Wong Kar-wai's martial-arts epic "The Grandmaster" received a leading 11 nominations for Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, including best picture. Other contenders include Jia Zhangke's "A Touch of Sin" and Anthony Chen's "Ilo Ilo," each with six nominations.

Mia Farrow: 'Possible' son is Sinatra's

10/02/2013 2:33pm
Mia Farrow says in an interview with Vanity Fair that it's possible her son with Woody Allen is instead Frank Sinatra's.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan a Hollywood hit

10/02/2013 2:37pm
Jack Ryan is the sort of American hero that's been a screen staple since the silent era. Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck have all played the fictional CIA analyst, and Chris Pine joins the list when "Jack Ryan: Shadow One" opens on Christmas Day.

Conor McPherson's 'The Night Alive' jumps to NY

10/02/2013 2:47pm
Irish playwright Conor McPherson's latest play "The Night Alive" will leap from the Donmar Warehouse in London to the Atlantic Theater Company in New York next month with the same cast led by Jim Norton.

Study: Most twins can be born without a C-section

10/02/2013 3:18pm
Expecting twins? You probably don't need to schedule a cesarean section. Most moms can safely give birth without surgery, a big study finds.

Marc Jacobs' farewell to Vuitton is a dark one

10/02/2013 4:08pm
As maids swept away dust from steps that led into a set in mourning, it was clear that the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris on Wednesday was a spring-summer collection in name only.

With new film, Ja Rule looks ahead after prison

10/02/2013 4:12pm
Ja Rule, who recently spent nearly two years behind bars for illegal gun possession, landed a role in a new movie because screenwriter Galley Molina empathized with the rapper's missteps.

"Glee" actor Monteith died of heroin, alcohol mix

10/02/2013 4:42pm
The British Columbia Coroners Service said Wednesday investigators found a spoon with drug residue and a used hypodermic needle in the hotel room where "Glee" actor Cory Monteith was found dead in July.

TV exec Marcy Carsey gives $20M to alma mater UNH

10/02/2013 5:03pm
Emmy-award winning television producer Marcy Carsey has donated $20 million to her alma mater, the University of New Hampshire.

Former Epic Records president Polly Anthony dies

10/02/2013 5:17pm
A former Epic Records president who worked with acts including Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and Rage Against the Machine has died.

`Red October' novelist Tom Clancy dies at 66

10/02/2013 5:33pm
In 1985, a year after the Cold War thriller "The Hunt for Red October" came out, author Tom Clancy was invited to lunch at the Reagan White House, where he was questioned by Navy Secretary John Lehman.

Quotes in case against Jackson concert promoter

10/02/2013 7:54pm
A jury on Wednesday rejected a claim that the promoter of Michael Jackson's comeback concerts was negligent in hiring the doctor who killed the superstar with a drug overdose.

93-year-old Glacier ranger park service's oldest

10/02/2013 10:26pm
With a can of bear spray on his hip and hearing aids in both ears, Lyle Ruterbories whistles and hums as he tends to this patch of wilderness along the Canadian border.

`Red October' novelist Tom Clancy dies at 66

10/02/2013 11:07pm
With CIA analyst Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy created a character that spoke to audiences from both page and screen, representing the changing mood of a country facing growing geopolitical challenges.