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Former Dutch queen Beatrix breaks cheek bone

09/22/2013 2:28am
Princess Beatrix, the former Dutch queen, has undergone surgery after falling and breaking a cheekbone, the Royal House announced Sunday.

Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake shine at iHeartRadio

09/22/2013 4:00am
There's a reason why Bruno Mars is set to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Influential director Richard Sarafian dies at 83

09/22/2013 4:57am
Richard Sarafian, an influential film director whose 1971 countercultural car-chase thriller "Vanishing Point" brought him a decades-long cult following, has died in Southern California, his son said Saturday night.

Guatemalan indigenous designs win new respect

09/22/2013 7:45am
With their brightly colored fabrics filled with animals and landscapes, Guatemala's indigenous had long used textiles to tell stories and share their visions of the universe. In modern times, however, those same fabrics made their wearers targets for discrimination, marking them as part of the country's poor and indigenous.

Marni obliterates minimalism at Milan Fashion Week

09/22/2013 8:42am
Marni creative director Consuelo Castiglioni is seeking to obliterate minimalism with her new collection for next summer.

Hollywood honors British influence before Emmys

09/22/2013 9:20am
Kevin Spacey's star turn in the Emmy-nominated series "House of Cards" actually had its beginnings on British television.

John Richmond's summer looks aggressively sexy

09/22/2013 9:30am
John Richmond's aggressively sexy collection for next summer is heavy on sheer fabrics _ which left little to the imagination.

Clinton: 'Pragmatic and realistic' about 2016

09/22/2013 11:04am
Hillary Rodham Clinton says in an interview with New York Magazine that she is wrestling with running for president again but remains "pragmatic and realistic" as she considers a potential White House campaign in 2016.

Ferragamo reassembles the jacket for next summer

09/22/2013 1:21pm
Ferragamo has broken down women's jackets to its parts, and reconstructed it in surprising ways.

What if Michael Jackson was still alive?

09/22/2013 2:10pm
If Michael Jackson were still alive today, he would have just celebrated his 55th birthday and the world would know the outcome of his comeback efforts. He might be embarking on a new career in filmmaking and probably would be nudging his eldest son in the same direction.

Rep. Paul Ryan book scheduled for next summer

09/22/2013 5:28pm
Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP's vice presidential candidate in 2012 and a rumored presidential contender for 2016, has a book deal.

Milan designers engage in season-bending

09/22/2013 5:35pm
Without entering the debate over climate change, Milan fashion designers are engaging in some serious season-bending.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins top actress in comedy

09/22/2013 6:39pm
Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won her second straight Emmy as best comedy actress for her role as vice president of the United States in the HBO series "Veep."

Jim Parsons wins Emmy as comedy actor

09/22/2013 6:49pm
Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory" has won his third Emmy for best actor in a comedy.

Jeff Daniels wins best actor Emmy for drama

09/22/2013 7:42pm
Jeff Daniels has won the Emmy Award for best drama actor for his role as self-righteous news anchor Will McAvoy in the HBO drama "Newsroom."

Claire Danes wins Emmy for best actress in drama

09/22/2013 7:57pm
Claire Danes of Showtime's "Homeland" has won her second straight award for best actress in a drama for her role as CIA agent Carrie Mathison.

'Modern Family' wins Emmy for best comedy

09/22/2013 9:08pm
ABC's madcap "Modern Family" has won its fourth Emmy Award in a row as best comedy series.

'Breaking Bad' wins Emmy for best drama

09/22/2013 9:10pm
"Breaking Bad," AMC's soon-to-end tale of Walter White's descent into depravity, has won the Emmy Award for best drama.


09/22/2013 9:20pm
After accepting the award for outstanding directing for a movie, Steven Soderburgh booked it off stage, not waiting for the trophy model to accompany him.

A so-so Emmycast whose proven host falls short

09/22/2013 9:38pm
Sometimes three's the charm, but No. 2 fell short at Sunday's Emmys.

Runway trends arrive on Emmys red carpet

09/22/2013 9:50pm
Kerry Washington is the fashion It Girl right now, and she has the straight-from-the-runway dress to prove it.

Hits and misses on the Emmys red carpet

09/22/2013 10:13pm
The public loves its Monday morning quarterbacking about a red-carpet hit, and, maybe more so, a miss. (Yes , Lena Dunham, we'll be talking about those oversized flowers on your dress.)