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Sierra Leone takes precautions against al-Shabab

10/09/2013 7:45am
Sierra Leone officials say they are bolstering security in response to the heightened threat posed by the Islamic extremist rebels of al-Shabab, expressing concern the West African nation could be targeted because of its support for peacekeeping operations in Somalia.

Liberian police arrest anti-government protesters

10/09/2013 9:11am
Liberian police officials say they have arrested an undisclosed number of anti-government protesters who planned a demonstration again President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when she returned from an overseas trip.

Kenya president unlikely to attend ICC trial

10/09/2013 1:04pm
In the aftermath of the attack on a Nairobi shopping mall, Kenya's president appears increasingly unlikely to attend his trial at the International Criminal Court where he is charged with crimes against humanity.

Gambia accuses US, UK of coup attempts

10/09/2013 1:50pm
Gambia has accused Britain and the United States of organizing coup attempts and financing the opposition since President Yahya Jammeh took power in 1994.