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Waterproof Socks

02/15/2013 6:55am
Used by the military, these commercially available waterproof socks are lined with expedition-weight fleece. Click through for more information.

The Browser: Mountain Dew's Latest Offering, KickStart.

02/15/2013 12:53pm
KSL tastes the latest in Pepsi's roster of beverages, KickStart. The new sparkling juice drink combines Mountain Dew and juice and is intended to jump-start your morning.

The Jay-Low: cash-scented soap, waterproof socks and an attachment that turns your iPad into a nurse.

02/15/2013 2:22pm
KSL's Jay McFarland shows off a few of this week's must-haves. You can take your vitals using your iPad and Withing's new blood pressure cuff. Manhands Soaps make scented soap for dudes like lawn, bacon and cash. Skiers and outdoor enthusiasts will love Hammacher & Schlemmer's waterproof socks.