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Coach Alba

01/30/2013 7:11am
If you have ever tried to lose weight -- you know there are moments when you just need a little encouragement.A a new smartphone service is now offering just that. The Coach Alba program is now offering a personalized weight loss text message engine.

Finding Family with Facebook

01/30/2013 1:01pm
Facebook is one of the many tools available to connect with people online. But the connection made by one Utah woman has the whole web abuzz. Jenessa Simons posted this picture on her Facebook page on Sunday -- asking people to help her find her birth parents, and she only has a little bit of information about them. By Tuesday morning the photo had been shared more than 70-thousand times. She joined us in studio to tell us what's happened.

Playground Sessions

01/30/2013 1:06pm
What if you could play the latest hits on the piano -- almost instantly. That's the idea behind "playground sessions" a new interactive piano web tutorial that promises 30 days to play. The program was co-created by Grammy artist Quincy Jones and leads you through from first notes -- to full songs.