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Sending Messages

01/28/2013 7:25am
For years Spy Hop productions has been reaching out to Utah teens to show them the power of media. And now a podcast featuring the voices of local incarcerated youth is getting national attention. "Sending Messages: was awarded the Community Awareness Through Media from the American Probation and Parole Association.

"Never Eat" Foods

01/28/2013 7:30am
We all know about foods that aren't good for us -- but everyone likes to indulge at times -- even people who make their livings on nutrition. But what are the things they will never eat? Keri Gans is a certified dietician -- and recently wrote a piece for U-S News dot com on the food that she will never eat. White bread, Spam, sugary breakfast cereals, soda, cheese doodles and Doritos -- they all made the list. She says they don't even taste good to her any more. Should you avoid them too? Sara Browning is a Nutrition Instructor at the University of Utah and came to the studio to take a look at the list.

What's Appening

01/28/2013 7:33am
We like to keep track of the latest and greatest when it comes to apps -- and today we asked Weber State tech expert Alex Lawrence to pick some of his favorites.

Going Mobile for Business

01/28/2013 7:34am
As people use their smartphones more and more to go online -- businesses are having to redesign their web presence. So, how are they doing it? Alfredo Nava is the Technology Director at the Summit Group and joined us to tell us how.