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Potential charges for Referee assault

05/06/2013 7:15am
Prosecutors today will review the evidence surrounding the death of a local soccer referee and could decide to press murder charges against the teen.

West Valley City Mayor on pending narcotics unit investigation

05/06/2013 7:23am
Federal investigators are continuing to dig into criminal cases handled by a disbanded West Valley City Narcotics Unit. Friday - the district attorney dismissed dozens more charges.

The Mighty Five on KSL-AM

05/06/2013 7:27am
Our KSL Outdoor Adventure has been full of fun so far - and we're just barely tapping into the beauty that Utah has to offer.

Woman battles breast cancer during pregnancy

05/06/2013 9:23pm
Hundreds of thousands of cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year. But what happens when a pregnant mother gets that diagnosis?