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Man seriously injured in Midvale shooting

09/01/2014 7:02am
A shooting in Midvale left one man in the hospital and police searching for the gunman.

How to build a better relationship with your teen

09/01/2014 7:17am
"I have a teenager who I love but I am struggling to connect with. He has been in trouble and broken my trust and there is now quite a divide between us. I want to feel closer to him, but my constant questioning just makes him angry at me, and I can't stop questioning because I don't trust him."

Man pleads guilty to embezzling $700K from employer

09/01/2014 9:33am
A 39-year-old man has pleaded guilty to second-degree felony theft charges for embezzling nearly $700,000 from his employer.

Takeaways from week 1 of Pac-12 play

09/01/2014 10:14am
As opening weekends of football go, there were some positives and negatives, and some teams that didn't live up to the projected hype. Here's a look at how well the Pac-12 did in it's first week of play.

Cleanup underway after flood at St. George library

09/01/2014 10:27am
Clean-up efforts are underway at the St. George Public Library after heavy rains swamped the basement.

Official: 5 killed in plane crash north of Denver

09/01/2014 10:46am
A spokesman for the National Transportation Board says all five people aboard a small plane that crashed near an airport north of Denver have died.

Bear tries to break into trailer, family inside says

09/01/2014 10:55am
A Heber City family got a big surprise while camping in the Book Cliffs area when they came almost face-to-face with a bear.

Guilty plea entered in federal firearms case

09/01/2014 11:21am
A Duchesne County man has pleaded guilty to a federal firearms charge that was filed after a police raid on his home that turned up nearly two dozen guns.

What they never tell you about losing a lot of weight

09/01/2014 11:43am
At 27 years old, I weighed 486 pounds and decided to have gastric bypass surgery. I know what you might be thinking: "Oh, you took the easy way out." Let me tell you, having weight loss surgery is far from easy. It involves a total commitment to a lifestyle change.

Utah County team rescues 2 Labor Day hikers

09/01/2014 12:17pm
Authorities have rescued two Labor Day hikers in need of medical attention in separate incidents on Utah County's Mount Timpanogos.

Prosecutors want death penalty for man accused of killing cellmate

09/01/2014 12:49pm
Prosecutors have filed notice that they intend to seek the death penalty against Steven Crutcher, 33, who is accused of killing his cellmate in prison.

Google reveals secret drone delivery tests

09/01/2014 1:21pm
Amazon is trying it. UPS has considered it. Google is the latest company to branch out into delivery by drone, it revealed Thursday.

Surly 2014 electorate poised to 'keep the bums in'

09/01/2014 1:52pm
A surly electorate that holds Congress in even lower regard than unpopular President Barack Obama is willing to "keep the bums in," with at least 365 incumbents in the 435-member House and 18 of 28 senators on a glide path to another term when ballots are counted Nov. 4.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' is top movie of 2014

09/01/2014 2:46pm
"Guardians of the Galaxy" is now the top-grossing domestic movie of the year, Entertainment Weekly reports. According to data collected by Rentrak, the film has seen its domestic total rise to more than $274 million and is expected to rake in more than $16 million this holiday weekend.

US eating habits improve a bit — except among poor

09/01/2014 4:01pm
Americans' eating habits have improved — except among the poor, evidence of a widening wealth gap when it comes to diet. Yet even among wealthier adults, food choices remain far from ideal, a 12-year study found.

Obama blames Americans' anxious feelings on the media

09/01/2014 4:42pm
As President Obama battles slumping poll numbers and multiple world crises, twice in the past few days he has laid part of the blame for an anxious public at the feet of the media.

Trial to begin for man accused of killing cousin

09/01/2014 5:38pm
A four-day jury trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday for a Guatemalan national accused of beating his cousin to death inside the Uintah County mobile home they were sharing in January 2013.

Dinosaur discovered 155 years ago to be excavated

09/01/2014 6:23pm
Paleontologists are excavating the first dinosaur ever discovered in Utah, 155 years after a geologist discovered the skeleton of the mammoth plant-eater during an Army engineering survey of the West.

Americans detained in North Korea call for US help

09/01/2014 6:46pm
North Korea gave foreign media access on Monday to three detained Americans who said they have been able to contact their families and — watched by officials as they spoke — called for Washington to send a high-ranking representative to negotiate for their freedom.

Clearfield woman riding motorcycle dies in crash

09/01/2014 6:50pm
A 28-year-old Clearfield woman died Monday while riding a motorcycle near Snowbasin when she lost control of the machine.

Burglar breaks into school, flees without shoes, police say

09/01/2014 6:55pm
Police chased a man who they believe broke into an elementary school in Taylorsville and stole items.

Bundy son pulls kids from schools over knife

09/01/2014 7:07pm
A son of rancher Cliven Bundy has withdrawn his children from Clark County schools after his daughter was barred from carrying a pocket knife on school grounds.

Fighting in Iraq hits close to home for Utah Kurd

09/01/2014 8:11pm
Kamal Bewar fled to the United States from Iraq when Saddam Hussein was terrorizing the Kurdish people two decades ago. On Mondays, he gets daily updates on the brutal fighting in Iraqi Kurdistan from his brother.

Study: Action-packed TV might make you snack more

09/01/2014 8:37pm
Could action-packed TV fare make you fat? That's the implication of a new study that found people snacked more watching fast-paced television than viewing a more leisurely-paced talk show.

Memorial held to remember fallen officer Derek Johnson

09/01/2014 10:17pm
A crowd that spilled over onto the grass at Draper Historic Park gathered Monday evening to remember Draper Police Sgt. Derek Johnson, who was shot and killed a year ago in the line of duty.

Thousands flocking to Comic Con

09/01/2014 10:19pm
Thousands are flocking to this year's Comic Con. The three-day event that brings fans of science-fiction, anime and fantasy together doesn't begin for a few days, but lines for tickets are already out the door.

Man missing after boat overturns on Flaming Gorge Reservoir

09/01/2014 10:22pm
Utah State Park rangers and deputies from the Daggett County Sheriff's Office are searching for a 70-year-old man after the boat he was on capsized.

Anne Frank’s stepsister describes surviving the Holocaust

09/01/2014 10:29pm
We've been celebrating our World War II veterans over the past few months by telling their stories as part of the Utah Honor Flight, which sends them on a free trip to see their memorials in Washington, D.C. But what were they up against?

Crews search for missing man near Rockport Reservoir

09/01/2014 10:40pm
Search and rescue crews are looking for a 20-year-old man in the area east of Rockport Reservoir Monday.

'Swatting' prank caller victimizes Bluffdale homeowner

09/01/2014 11:59pm
A Bluffdale couple had a national "trend" arrive on their doorstep Sunday night, in the form of several police officers. An anonymous caller reported a bogus murder and hostage situation at their home, prompting a police response.