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What to know if you want to build on a hillside

08/07/2014 7:16am
A home builders association says you can ask cities and developers for records and studies of homes built on hillsides, especially after North Salt Lake's landslide.

New Zealand fishing boat hauls in plane with body

08/07/2014 7:33am
The crew aboard a New Zealand fishing boat on Thursday hauled up a surprising and gruesome catch: a small plane with a body inside.

Salt Lake City man dies in fall near Capitol Peak

08/07/2014 8:00am
A Salt Lake City man found dead near Capitol Peak fell to his death.

Hackers put data of U.S. government workers at risk

08/07/2014 8:14am
USIS, a major contractor providing background checks for the U.S. government, said Wednesday that hackers suspected to be working for a foreign government breached its computer systems.

Report finds NSL hillside 'suitable for building'

08/07/2014 8:48am
A geotechnical report on the land where the North Salt Lake landslide occurred shows delicate conditions for building but found the hillside "suitable" for building.

Waiting for a new face: The transplants giving people back their lives

08/07/2014 9:34am
"These types of patients have such disfigurement beforehand they can't eat, they can't breathe properly. It's about functionality," says Dr. Richard Luskin, CEO of the New England Organ Bank. Luskin is referring to the small group of people worldwide who are on waiting lists in hope of a new face, and in the United States at least, they may now have one donated to them more readily.

Study ties new gene to major breast cancer risk

08/07/2014 9:52am
Scientists are linking a newly identified gene to breast cancer.

Open carry kid's book a sensation

08/07/2014 10:25am
"My Parents Open Carry" is a children's book about bearing firearms in public, which gained notoriety after being mentioned on "Real Time with Bill Maher" last week.

Netflix: Stay tuned for more 'Arrested Development'

08/07/2014 10:44am
Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos told USA Today that he's "positive" about another season of the Emmy-winning sitcom "Arrested Development."

The good, the bad and the boring: Why 2014's summer box office is suffering

08/07/2014 10:48am
The 2014 summer box office is one of the worst in years, despite similar reviews and ratings compared to 2013's films. What happened?

5 close-to-home camping spots near Utah County

08/07/2014 11:01am
Nestled at the base of the Wasatch Mountains is beautiful Utah County. Known for its outdoor recreation, Utah County has many places for families to camp and enjoy the outdoors. Here are 5 camping spots to enjoy near Utah County.

Library verifies Lincoln’s handwriting in book about race

08/07/2014 11:12am
Abraham Lincoln's handwriting was found in a 1854 book about race in an Illinois library.

Man unaware wife stabbed him until she called 911, police say

08/07/2014 11:20am
A man in Kearns was stabbed early Thursday morning and didn't realize it until his wife called for an ambulance, police said.

Supernova spawns ‘zombie star’

08/07/2014 11:55am
A weak supernova may have left behind what astronomers are calling a "zombie" star.

Petition calls for Weird Al to be Super Bowl XLIX performer

08/07/2014 12:08pm
A petition started by a drunk man has taken off more quickly than anyone expected.

Under Obamacare, some workers to be auto-enrolled in health plans

08/07/2014 12:38pm
Newly hired employees who don't sign up for health insurance on the job could have it done for them.

Appeals court says mayor's article not defamatory

08/07/2014 12:51pm
A former Utah mayor who wrote news stories under a false identity did not defame a former contractor in one of the articles, a federal appeals court ruled.

Have You Seen This? Herding with a trombone

08/07/2014 1:15pm
We all know that animal videos get a lot of views on YouTube, but if you are herding said animals in an unorthodox style, prepare to go viral.

Former NFL, U. player to compete on 'The Biggest Loser'

08/07/2014 1:38pm
Local football star Scott Mitchell will be competing on the upcoming season of "The Biggest Loser."

4 great movie sisters

08/07/2014 2:07pm
Last week, I wrote an article about great movie brothers. In the interest of not excluding half of the population and some more terrific movies, here is a follow-up article about great movie sisters. I hope you enjoy!

'Studio C' star discusses pathway from comedy role to drama for new film

08/07/2014 2:10pm
Matt Meese, an actor known for his involvement in BYU TV's sketch comedy series "Studio C," has recently made the transition from comedy to drama. He plays Barlow in the upcoming movie "Saints and Soldiers: The Void."

1 dead after car slams into tree, catches fire

08/07/2014 2:42pm
One person is dead after a car slammed into a tree and caught fire early Thursday morning in the community of Whiterocks on the Uintah-Ouray Indian Reservation.

Same-sex marriage plaintiffs to ask SCOTUS to hear Utah's appeal

08/07/2014 5:22pm
Attorneys for three gay and lesbian Utah couples intend to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to take the state's appeal even though they won a lower court ruling for same-sex marriage.

Clinton water tests 'good'; advisory still in place

08/07/2014 5:44pm
Clinton City officials said tests of the city's water supply were looking good, but told residents to continue taking precautions.

2 SLC men die in Idaho plane crash

08/07/2014 5:55pm
Two men from Salt Lake City were killed in a plane crash in Idaho Tuesday.

Outdoor industry optimistic about future with Utah

08/07/2014 6:26pm
The state's largest convention is growing, resulting in significant increased economic benefit. About 30,000 manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to the outdoor industry are converging on Salt Lake, generating almost $28 million in economic impact

Road construction, drilling begin on North Salt Lake landslide

08/07/2014 6:26pm
Crews will begin working to build a road onto the site of Tuesday's North Salt Lake landslide to facilitate the transport of large drilling equipment needed to test the stability of the hillside, city officials announced Thursday.

1983 Thistle landslide was 100 times larger than North Salt Lake slide

08/07/2014 7:02pm
Thistle is now a ghost town, wiped out by a landslide in April 1983 that was about 100 times larger than this week's slide in North Salt Lake.

Judge refuses to block Utah 'ag-gag' challenge

08/07/2014 7:33pm
A Utah judge won't toss out the country's first lawsuit challenging an "ag-gag" law that criminalizes undercover investigations of slaughterhouses and factory farms.

Celebrities support breastfeeding with glam photos; U.S. rates soar

08/07/2014 7:34pm
Thanks to worldwide campaigns and celebrity endorsements, breastfeeding rates continue to rise in the United States, the CDC reports.

Home security system captures burglary

08/07/2014 7:55pm
Murray police say an alleged burglar was found after a Utah woman's surveillance camera caught two people stealing UPS packages off her porch.

Horseshoe Bend sees major tourism boom

08/07/2014 8:21pm
Tourism is exploding at this spectacular scenic attraction on the Utah-Arizona border, just downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam.

Spot a narcissist with one simple question, study says

08/07/2014 8:48pm
A new study reveals one simple trick to tell if someone is a narcissist — just ask.

Ask a Chef: Recipes for fresh, local corn

08/07/2014 9:00pm
You've seen it around and it's fresh fresh fresh. Here are some fun things you can do with corn to spruce up your meals.

Deer Valley Music Festival brings summer activities to Park City

08/07/2014 9:22pm
Thousands of people are flocking to hear music from the Utah Symphony in the mountains of Park City.

3-year-old girl home after nearly drowning

08/07/2014 10:17pm
A 3-year-old girl is home after nearly drowning in the Glen Park Pond.

Convicts, local businesses, community rally for flood cleanup

08/07/2014 10:22pm
Residents inundated with mud and water Monday are finally starting to see light at the end of the cleanup tunnel thanks to volunteers, many of them coming from Emery County.

Residents consider property value after landslide

08/07/2014 10:29pm
Homeowners living around a North Salt Lake slide that destroyed a home are worried about property values, and a Realtor and a resident impacted by a past slide have differing opinions on the obstacles they face in selling their houses in the future.

Jury finds Nephi teacher not guilty in sexual abuse case

08/07/2014 10:32pm
A Nephi teacher charged with molesting a former student was found not guilty in a jury trial Thursday.

Hawaii bracing as hurricane draws closer to island

08/07/2014 10:34pm
Barely holding on to hurricane strength, Iselle's outer edges brought rain and wind to Hawaii on Thursday as it approached landfall, poised to become the first hurricane or tropical storm to hit the island chain in 22 years and whose path another hurricane closely followed.

Races on salt flats postponed while salt dries out

08/07/2014 10:49pm
The Southern California Timing Association has postponed its speed week activities after heavy rainfall left the flats damp.

10 serial robberies linked to ‘black, curly wig,’ police say

08/07/2014 10:51pm
Four police departments are working together to investigate a string of 10 serial aggravated robberies.

Alleged Ogden bank robber identified

08/07/2014 10:52pm
A bank was evacuated Thursday after a man placed a device in front of a teller that may be an explosive, police said.