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Amber Alert cancelled, baby safe

07/18/2014 6:39am
A baby who was the subject of an Amber Alert has been found safe.

2 brush fires combine in Draper

07/18/2014 7:25am
A brush fire in Draper filled the south end of the Salt Lake Valley with smoke overnight. It actually began as two small fires which the wind pushed together.

Woman loses relatives in 2 Malaysia air disasters

07/18/2014 7:34am
In an almost incomprehensible twist of fate, an Australian woman who lost her brother in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 learned on Friday that her stepdaughter was on the plane shot down over Ukraine.

Breast-feeding mom told to cover up at school

07/18/2014 8:06am
A group of breast-feeding moms in Logan is taking a stand after one of them was asked to cover up at a public school by the principal.

Why couples should plan for Social Security's death reduction

07/18/2014 8:20am
Even after they are retired and collecting Social Security, most married couples never plan for the loss of income that occurs when one of them dies and one of the two Social Security benefits they have been receiving disappears.

Restaurant menus can entice patrons to spend more, studies show

07/18/2014 9:12am
Most people, while dining out, don't think about about how much thought went into the menu. However, many menus are a carefully crafted exercise in psychology, aimed at getting customers to spend more money.

Man dies in freak drill bit accident in Clearfield

07/18/2014 9:28am
Authorities say a 21-year-old Clinton man is dead after a drill bit pierced his heart in a freak accident at work.

Top crimes of summer

07/18/2014 9:45am
KSL TV surveyed six police departments within Salt Lake County to identify the top crimes of summer and to teach residents how to keep from becoming a victim.

Commentary: College football landcape destroying 'Powerless Five'

07/18/2014 10:19am
The changing college football landscape is forcing several programs to evaluate the long-term goals of their programs.

South Weber councilman pleads not guilty to fraud

07/18/2014 10:33am
A South Weber city councilman accused in a $200,000 fraud scheme at a Bountiful assisted living facility he managed has pleaded not guilty.

Biologists catch glimpse of first California condor chick in Zion

07/18/2014 11:03am
Biologists with the National Park Service announced they had confirmed the existence of a California condor chick in Zion National Park.

Dinosaur with 4 wings, feathers discovered in China

07/18/2014 11:45am
The fossil of a dinosaur covered in feathers that had two sets of wings was discovered in China, researchers announced Tuesday.

Are Advanced Placement courses worth it? Some top universities are beginning to say no

07/18/2014 12:08pm
AP classes have endured scrutiny over the last few years, causing students, parents and admissions officers to ask if they're still worth it.

Man arrested on DUI after getting vehicle stuck on railroad tracks, police say

07/18/2014 12:33pm
A man was arrested after allegedly driving under the influence and getting his car high-centered on railroad tracks and assaulting officers.

Have You Seen This? Oddly sweet dog-and-girl duet

07/18/2014 1:15pm
A girl and her dog play an oddly charming classical-meets-blues duet.

'Sherlock Holmes' goes to the Supreme Court for a case of copyright

07/18/2014 1:32pm
The estate of the late British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has asked the high court to block a California writer from moving ahead with plans to publish a new series of stories featuring the celebrated fictional detective and his friend Dr. Watson.

Awkward movie moms with the best of intentions

07/18/2014 2:01pm
Moms come in all sorts of varieties, and sometimes it seems like it is their job to embarrass you. Take a look at five moms from the movies that have the best intentions.

Bed sharing is No.1 cause of infant sleep-related deaths, new study says

07/18/2014 2:01pm
If you have ever wanted to soothe your baby by letting the infant sleep in bed with you, you may want to reconsider. A new study says that bed sharing is the No. 1 cause of infant sleep-related deaths.

10 most popular Utah professions

07/18/2014 2:05pm
Although job options available in Utah seem to be endless, we have narrowed down the list to the 10 most popular Utah professions, meaning the most common jobs Utah residents work as.

Quiz: How is your travel knowledge?

07/18/2014 2:35pm
Test your knowledge about the world with this quiz.

2 teens taken to hospital after rollover on I-15, police say

07/18/2014 5:04pm
Two teenagers were transported to the hospital in stable condition after a rollover accident Friday, police said.

500 West closed after spark ignites pallets, railroad ties

07/18/2014 6:03pm
A road was closed for a few hours Friday morning after sparks from a construction site started a fire, officials said.

John Swallow, Mark Shurtleff to now appear in court on same day

07/18/2014 6:05pm
Former Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff will now make their first court appearances on the same day.

Police ID woman found dead in hotel

07/18/2014 6:19pm
The death of a woman whose body was found in a hotel was classified as a homicide, police said Friday.

Neighbor fatally shot Leeds man, police say

07/18/2014 6:27pm
Washington County sheriff's detectives continued Friday to investigate the shooting death of a Leeds man and were trying to determine whether it was done in self-defense.

Country music festival brings thousands to Tooele County

07/18/2014 6:30pm
A four-day country music festival featuring some of the biggest stars in country music is taking place in Tooele County. The event is expected to draw a huge crowd, which is welcome news for a county that has been dealing with a financial crisis.

Car crashes into house, juveniles flee

07/18/2014 6:43pm
Police are searching for one person after a car crashed into a house in West Valley City.

University Hospital adds helicopter that can support baby boom

07/18/2014 7:03pm
The University Hospital AirMed fleet has six helicopters, one of which can now transports high-risk pregnant patients and prenatal babies. Sandie Boardman broke in the new helicopter in November when a premature baby boy was born while in the air.

48-year-old Ogden runner breaking world records

07/18/2014 7:28pm
Brad Barton of Ogden thought his days of breaking records were over, when his dreams of making the 1992 Olympic Track team were shattered. Little did he know the fire would be rekindled decades later and world records would be in his future.

Crews look to improve Little Cottonwood Canyon's wireless service

07/18/2014 8:01pm
Crown Castle, along with the Utah Department of Transportation, will install a distributed antenna system network on state Route 210 in Little Cottonwood Canyon to improve wireless, cellular and 911 service.

Woman meets firefighter who paid vet bill after accident

07/18/2014 8:21pm
Jackie Anderson said she's grateful for a firefighter who went above and beyond when he gave his own money to keep her dogs alive following a car accident.

The one-piece bathing suit makes a comeback

07/18/2014 8:47pm
Two-piece bathing suits might dominate the landscape, but style editors and trend forecasters say the one-piece is the "fashion- forward" choice this season.

Sparks from train started 3-alarm grass fire, forced Redwood Road closure

07/18/2014 8:50pm
Investigators determined the fire was started by sparks from a train.

Driver loses control and crashes after racing on I-215

07/18/2014 9:01pm
A crash left I-215 near Redwood Road at a standstill on Friday evening.

Supreme Court grants stay to Utah in Evans case

07/18/2014 9:18pm
The U.S. Supreme Court put recognition of same-sex marriages performed in Utah on hold until the outcome of the state's appeal of a lower court ruling.

LDS Church announces date for Meridian Idaho Temple groundbreaking

07/18/2014 9:20pm
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the date for the Meridian Idaho Temple groundbreaking.

Huntsman Sr. says he doesn’t count tithing as philanthropy

07/18/2014 9:42pm
Jon Huntsman Sr. recently said in an interview that he doesn't consider tithing as philanthropic giving and that people should be more willing to donate to charities.

Credible probe sought in downing of Malaysian jet

07/18/2014 10:03pm
World leaders demanded Friday that pro-Russia rebels who control the eastern Ukraine crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 give immediate, unfettered access to independent investigators to determine who shot down the plane.

Guilty plea to reduced charges entered in 2013 gang-related murder

07/18/2014 10:11pm
A man charged with shooting a rival gang member outside a convenience store last year pleaded guilty to manslaughter Friday.

Fire caused by semi truck has burned 100 acres, officials say

07/18/2014 10:27pm
A semitruck caught on fire Friday afternoon, causing a grass fire near I-84.

Number of search and rescue operations above average in Grand County

07/18/2014 10:31pm
In July, the average number of rescue calls for Grand County is 60. So far, this July, they've had 66 calls and the month is barely halfway through. Most of those calls are because of the heat.

4 horses shot dead in Syracuse, police investigating

07/18/2014 10:39pm
Police are investigating the deaths of four horses that were found shot in a pasture while their owners were out of town.

Conductor stops train to visit with autistic boy

07/18/2014 10:48pm
A boy with autism who refers to himself as "train conductor Matthew" got the treat of his life when a real conductor stopped his Union Pacific train to visit with him.

10 horses found dead in Magna, police searching for more

07/18/2014 11:59pm
Police are investigating the death of 10 horses. Their bodies were found Friday in a Magna field.