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Watching the 'miracle' of adoption: An aunt's perspective

07/10/2014 8:02am
After years of struggle, the difficult decision for adoption finally came. There was mourning that there would never be a child conceived by them, but great excitement that they could still have their baby.

Council votes no on study for possible split from Jordan district

07/10/2014 8:28am
The West Jordan City Council declined Wednesday to commission a study that would look at the feasibility of separating from the Jordan School District.

Gray gambling: How gaming impacts seniors

07/10/2014 9:32am
Casinos are a favorite stop for seniors and can build their sense of control and self-concept. But are there other problems with gambling that should be considered?

Free Slurpees for 7-Eleven day

07/10/2014 9:32am
Keeping up its annual tradition, 7-Eleven will be giving Slurpee lovers a free slushed ice drink Friday.

Preschool solutions aim at close 'preparedness gap' in Ogden

07/10/2014 9:42am
Ogden residents are coming together to solve what residents say is their No. 1 problem: lack of affordable preschool. Solutions could save big money and benefit little lives.

Teen drowning victim identified

07/10/2014 9:50am
A 14-year-old boy who drowned while swimming with friends at Hyrum Reservoir on Wednesday has been identified by police as Tucker Smith of American Fork.

19 Utah farmers markets accepting food stamps

07/10/2014 10:20am
Officials say 19 farmers markets will accept food stamps this summer in a move aimed at getting healthier food in the hands of Utah's low-income families.

Should the government step in to prevent hot car deaths?

07/10/2014 10:38am
While the case of the Georgia father accused of intentionally leaving his toddler son to die in a hot car continues to grip the nation, it has also sparked a debate about whether more could be done to prevent the accidental deaths of children from heatstroke inside a car.

Emmy nominations 2014: What we learned

07/10/2014 10:55am
The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced on Thursday, with "Game of Thrones" in the lead with a total of 19 nods, and "Breaking Bad" getting its final round of recognition. Here's what else we learned from the 2014 Emmy nominations

5 close-to-home camping spots near SLC

07/10/2014 11:01am
Filled with national and state parks, Utah is a place thousands each year come to camp and experience the serenity that is the outdoors. Many of these spots are family friendly and closer to home than you may think.

Mom charged in child's death to get more treatment

07/10/2014 11:44am
Officials at the Utah State Hospital are recommending that a northern Utah woman accused of killing her 2-year-old son receive three to six months more of treatment.

Homestar Runner may return, co-creator says

07/10/2014 11:51am
Sweet cuppin' cakes! Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Marzipan, The Cheat and other Homestar Runner universe characters may make a comeback, co- creator Matt Chapman said Monday.

Have You Seen This? Aerial fish stocking

07/10/2014 1:15pm
The Division of Wildlife Resources tweeted incredible video footage Wednesday that shows the surprising way that several Utah lakes are stocked with fish.

5 gadgets to help your garden grow better than ever

07/10/2014 2:00pm
A variety of new gadgets and apps were designed to help your garden reach its full potential.

Adventures that will make you wish you were a kid again

07/10/2014 2:01pm
Looking for a summer adventure? We've got you covered with these exciting adventures for kids of all ages.

17-year-old lands modeling gig after World Cup picture goes viral

07/10/2014 2:28pm
While Belgium may not have won the World Cup, one of its fans landed a modeling shoot with L'Oreal after a picture of her at the game went viral.

4 hotel deals just in time for the weekend

07/10/2014 2:39pm
Want to do something spontaneous and fun this weekend? Check out these last minute travel deals.

Virus detected in baby 'cured' of HIV

07/10/2014 4:39pm
A Mississippi baby scientists said was "functionally cured" of HIV now has detectable levels of the virus in her blood, 27 months after being taken off antiretroviral drugs, her doctors say.

Disabled people denied voting rights, group says

07/10/2014 4:51pm
At a time when election officials are struggling to convince more Americans to vote, advocates for the disabled say thousands of people with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy and other intellectual or developmental disabilities have been systematically denied that basic right in the nation's largest county.

A look at the cost to keep, move Utah State Fair

07/10/2014 5:11pm
The future of the State Fair is at risk, and you might have the power to save it just by calling your legislators.

Police officers raise $1,800 for elderly victim targeted in brazen robbery

07/10/2014 6:06pm
A Somerville, Massachusetts woman is cashing in after a cruel crime, and it's all thanks to the police department. Susan Tran reports.

Some Utah babies more likely to die than others, report says

07/10/2014 6:29pm
A new health department report shows that babies born to Pacific Islander and African-American mothers in Utah are more likely to die than others.

Woman shot and killed by step-father, police say

07/10/2014 6:38pm
Officers found the body of a woman in a driveway after receiving reports of a domestic dispute Thursday.

Gaza dead tops 85 as Israel presses its offensive

07/10/2014 6:50pm
The Al Haj family never heard it coming: An Israeli missile smashed into their home in the middle of the night, destroying the structure and killing eight relatives in a matter of seconds. A survivor said all the dead were civilians.

Utah fathers create projects to build relationships

07/10/2014 7:08pm
In an effort to increase the time families spend together, three Utah fathers created a company that allows users to build toys and gadgets in an affordable, do-it-yourself project.

Woman explores global standards of beauty through Photoshop

07/10/2014 7:28pm
In a project she calls "Before and After," journalist Esther Honig sent a photo of herself to Photoshop experts in more than 25 countries, telling them simply: "make me beautiful."

Woman finds gold ring, searches for owner

07/10/2014 7:51pm
A Harrisville woman has turned to Facebook to locate the owner of a ring she found while camping.

Utah sees sharp decline in rookie police officers

07/10/2014 8:22pm
TV shows like "Law and Order: SVU," "CHiPS," and even the old "Adam 12" made it cool to be cop. But over the past decade Utah has experienced a sharp decline of rookie police officers. News Specialist Debbie Dujanovic examines possible reasons why.

Police ID 2 killed in separate crashes on I-15

07/10/2014 8:45pm
Two people died and two more were injured in separate overnight crashes on I-15. Police have identified the driver killed near Cedar City.

Wanted man injured during officer-involved shooting

07/10/2014 8:46pm
An officer-involved shooting in West Jordan early Thursday left one man in serious condition.

How to make an adoption happen: ideas for the hopeful couple

07/10/2014 8:58pm
Recently, LDS Family Services announced it will no longer be an "adoption agency." This news has left hundreds of hopeful couples wondering what to do next. Here are a few ideas on how to make an adoption happen for you.

Utah considers rejecting daylight saving time

07/10/2014 9:02pm
Utah residents said Thursday that officials should reject daylight saving time and join Arizona and Hawaii as the only states that don't adjust their clocks.

Hospital elevator buttons germier than bathrooms, study says

07/10/2014 9:20pm
Americans spend much of their stay at hospitals in and out of elevators and bathrooms. It's already known that hospitals are filled with bacteria. A recent study takes a closer look at the bacteria in hospital elevators and bathrooms.

Older and wiser — and prettier too?

07/10/2014 9:43pm
A new study found that older Americans are more confident with the way they look.

Popular bike ride in S.L. leaves cyclists with no ride and no refund

07/10/2014 10:15pm
A popular bike ride in Salt Lake City has been going on for decades, until now. The Cycle Salt Lake Century was canceled at the last minute this year, leaving hundreds of cyclists without a ride or a refund.

Congress needs to act now on immigration reform, Utahns say

07/10/2014 10:29pm
Utahns — and Americans — overwhelmingly believe the nation's immigration system is broken and Congress needs to address the issue this year, new polls commissioned by the Partnership for a New American Economy show.

Freeway reopens near 3600 S; crews still working to contain fire

07/10/2014 10:32pm
A fire shut down I-15 near 3600 South for roughly an hour.

Utahn accused of killing 6 in Texas has history of violence

07/10/2014 10:47pm
Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, has a history of domestic violence problems while living in northern Utah, according to court records.

Gunman demanded to know ex-wife's whereabouts

07/10/2014 10:54pm
A man charged with killing four children and their parents forced his way into the family's suburban Houston home, tied them up and shot them in the back of the head when they refused to tell him where his ex-wife was, authorities said Thursday.