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Youth reflect bright future for soccer in U.S.

07/02/2014 7:41am
America is out of the World Cup after losing 2- 1 to Belgium in overtime. But America's love of soccer continues to grow, and there's a good reason why U.S. fans should look forward to the future.

Graco gives in, agrees to recall infant car seats

07/02/2014 9:07am
Graco Children's Products is recalling 1.9 million infant car seats, bowing to demands from U.S. safety regulators, in what is now the largest seat recall in American history.

Can companies really fix your credit score?

07/02/2014 9:36am
You've likely stumbled across ads from companies boasting they can fix bad credit and clear your score of bankruptcies and judgments. But can they really guarantee to improve your credit score?

Target tells guests to leave guns at home

07/02/2014 9:52am
Big retailer Target announced Wednesday that it would no longer allow customers to carry guns inside its stores.

Jazz set on keeping Hayward

07/02/2014 10:11am
As a talented player with a unique skill set, Gordon Hayward is a hot commodity on the NBA market. But it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. The Jazz have made It clear they will match any offer Hayward may receive as a restricted free agent.

Opinion: Is America in decline?

07/02/2014 10:35am
Over the last several years, many have asked this question: Is America in decline? There is no doubt these are uniquely challenging times. Collectively, the country has gone through a lot over the last several years.

5 things that will make your next vacation more fulfilling

07/02/2014 11:01am
A list of five things to do prior to taking your next vacation that will make it a fuller, richer experience.

Utah summer festivals to attend in July

07/02/2014 11:38am
Towns throughout Utah will celebrate their founding and heritage with festivals this summer.

How to better prepare teachers for class

07/02/2014 11:45am
The National Council on Teacher Quality thinks colleges that educate teachers do a horrible job of it and hope to change that by issuing detailed ratings, but critics question whether the new ratings have any solid grounding.

Cedar City man accused of embezzlement

07/02/2014 12:21pm
A Cedar City man has been arrested over allegations he embezzled funds over the past several years.

80% of lightning strike victims are men, study finds

07/02/2014 12:48pm
When lightning strikes a human, it's almost always a man.

Have You Seen This? Musician sings 29 ‘Perfect’ impressions

07/02/2014 1:15pm
A singer/songwriter performs an original song while impersonating 29 different celebrities, characters and singers.

Who is the worst president since WWII ?

07/02/2014 1:31pm
Who tops the list of the worst presidents since World War Two?

Guatemalan boy left for better life, died alone

07/02/2014 1:53pm
Gilberto Ramos wanted to leave his chilly mountain village for the United States to earn money to treat his mother's epilepsy.

Netflix adding over 60 titles in July

07/02/2014 2:03pm
After the news that Netflix was dropping more than 70 titles starting July 1, now we have a list of over 60 titles being added in the month of July.

5 awesome family friendly ATV trails in Utah

07/02/2014 2:04pm
Five family friendly ATV trails in Utah.

Brothers arrested for attacking officers, police say

07/02/2014 2:05pm
Salt Lake police officers successfully subdued two men — one by using a Taser — who they say attacked them Wednesday morning.

Judge: Prison sentence to remain reduced for pill doctor

07/02/2014 3:04pm
A Brigham City pill doctor convicted of illegally prescribing painkillers to patients, including one who died, will now serve only three years in prison.

Utah County man gets 15 years in prison for real estate fraud

07/02/2014 3:49pm
A Utah County man will go to prison for securities and communication fraud related to various real estate investments and a water share project.

Doctors: 12-year-old stabbing suspect incompetent

07/02/2014 4:11pm
Doctors believe that one of the two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing a classmate to please a fictional character is not mentally competent to stand trial, attorneys said Wednesday.

Man enters building with stolen ID, steals laptops, police say

07/02/2014 4:48pm
The Salt Lake City Police Department is asking the public's help to identify a man they say is involved in burglarizing businesses in the Brickyard area last March.

Experts say wild horses 'eating themselves out of house and home'

07/02/2014 5:09pm
Multiple Utah entities say a Bureau of Land Management plan to remove excess wild horses from Iron and Beaver counties does not go far enough. They say it will take too long and leave horses in a place where there are supposed to be zero animals.

Babies learn lifesaving swim lessons at 2 Utah schools

07/02/2014 5:32pm
Two swim programs in Utah offer self-rescue training for kids as young as 4 to 6 months old.

US launches media campaign on immigration dangers

07/02/2014 5:56pm
Overwhelmed by a surge in illegal immigration, especially by unaccompanied children, the U.S. government has launched a $1 million international media campaign warning families in Central America that it's best to stay at home.

Sex abuse trial opens with testimony from MacNeill's daughter

07/02/2014 6:16pm
The sex abuse trial of convicted murderer Martin MacNeill got underway Wednesday with the alleged victim, MacNeill's adult daughter, taking the witness stand.

Motorcyclist in extremely critical condition after hitting car stopped in traffic on I-15, police say

07/02/2014 6:25pm
A motorcyclist is in extremely critical condition after rear-ending a vehicle on I-15 Wednesday, according to the Utah Highway Patrol.

Utah police: woman said meth was a birthday gift

07/02/2014 6:26pm
Police in Provo, Utah, have arrested a 46-year-old woman accused of attempting to buy methamphetamine from an off-duty police officer and claiming the purchase was a birthday gift for her sister.

Protesters block buses carrying undocumented immigrants in California

07/02/2014 6:27pm
A wall of angry protesters blocked three buses of undocumented immigrants in Southern California, forcing them to turn around — but with no clear final destination.

Wolverine caught on camera in Utah for 1st time

07/02/2014 6:27pm
For the first time in 30 years, a wolverine was spotted in Utah. A camera set up in the Uinta Mountains caught 27 images of the wolverine.

Fightin' words: University changes 'Utah Man' lyrics

07/02/2014 6:39pm
The University of Utah announced Wednesday changes to its school fight song "Utah Man" after the school's student government passed legislation to change the song.

Ogden man sentenced to life in infant's death

07/02/2014 6:40pm
An Ogden man who pleaded guilty to murder in the death of his girlfriend's 3-month-old daughter has been sentenced to up to life in prison.

Feeling blue in a good way: SLC school teaches emotional intelligence

07/02/2014 6:59pm
At the start of the school year, fourth-grader Erick Morales, and his brother, Alan, a first-grader, often let their emotions get the better of them.

Male barista earns praise for defending breastfeeding mom

07/02/2014 7:04pm
A female customer complained about a mom breastfeeding in a Starbucks in Ontario last week, and instead of asking the mom to leave, the male employee came to her defense.

Sweet sips: What's in your drink?

07/02/2014 7:32pm
Sugar has become public enemy No. 1 in the nutrition field — doctors and public health advocates alike are fed up with the amount Americans are consuming. Take a look at the picture gallery to see how much sugar is in your favorite drink.

Destruction of historical markers upsets some Riverton residents

07/02/2014 7:56pm
Two markers from the Sons and Daughters of Utah Pioneers at Riverton Park were demolished — not by vandals, but by the city.

New Huntsville toll booth covers road, garbage costs, mayor says

07/02/2014 8:29pm
A new Huntsville, Utah, toll booth is just a couple miles down from another to get into a Pineview recreation area. Town leaders say they need funding to cover trash cleanup, sanitation and road maintenance.

Rainbow Family gathering maxing out local jail, officials say

07/02/2014 9:01pm
The numbers are increasing by the day, and the arrival of thousands of Rainbow family members in Wasatch County has resources stretched to the limit.

7 inspiring reads to celebrate the USA

07/02/2014 9:03pm
This weekend, as you kick back to eat barbecue and watch fireworks, bring along a book that celebrates the greatness that is The United States of America. Learn how it all started, how it progressed, and the problems and triumphs along the way.

More LDS missionaries to use and pay for digital devices

07/02/2014 9:24pm
The executive director of the LDS Missionary Department says the number of missionaries will reach 88,000 before the surge begins to decline and more of them soon will be using digital devices.

Civil Rights Act anniversary motivates Utah leaders to discuss discrimination

07/02/2014 9:51pm
A lot has changed in the U.S. since the Civil Rights Act went into effect five decades ago, but leaders in Utah say there is still a long way to go.

Body of Utah rafter recovered from river in Colo., undersheriff says

07/02/2014 10:20pm
Authorities in Colorado believe they have recovered the body of a Vernal woman who has been missing since her raft overturned Saturday in the runoff-swollen Arkansas River.

4-year-old injured by falling tree at Moon Lake

07/02/2014 10:34pm
A 4-year-old girl was flown to Primary Children's Hospital with a head injury after she was hit by a falling tree at Moon Lake in Duchesne County, authorities said.

Brad Pearce reflects on Wimbledon glory

07/02/2014 10:52pm
The world's most prestigious tennis tournament is underway at Wimbledon. And while it's almost 5,000 miles away from Salt Lake City, it's never too far from home for Provo's Brad Pearce.

Utah designates a day to reach out to military heroes

07/02/2014 11:18pm
A resolution passed during the 2014 Legislature designates July 3 as "Call Your Military Hero Day" in Utah.