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Bailiff asks reporter to cover shoulders before entering Ogden courthouse

06/10/2014 7:11am
A reporter showed too much skin for the comfort of an Ogden bailiff working the security checkpoint at a courthouse entrance, so he asked her to cover up her arms.

School: Aide told students pet treats were cookies

06/10/2014 7:39am
A Pennsylvania school district says an aide has been suspended after she tricked students into eating pet snacks by telling them they were cookies.

73-day wait for veterans seeking care at Salt Lake VA, audit finds

06/10/2014 7:52am
Salt Lake's Veterans Affairs Medical Center has the ninth-longest wait in the country for new patients seeking primary care, according to an audit released Monday.

Woman named as 'honorary prom queen' dies

06/10/2014 8:05am
A Spanish Fork woman who was recently crowned as an honorary prom queen passed away Sunday night.

Utah wildlife officials: Don't pet or pick up deer

06/10/2014 8:46am
State wildlife officials are warning that young deer and elk tend to venture out of the woods and into Utah neighborhoods during summer months.

Actress' father thriving after receiving historic heart treatment at U.

06/10/2014 9:16am
Six months after a historic heart procedure, Ernie Lively is living up to his name. He moved to Utah in 2011 after he was diagnosed with heart disease. In November, he became the first person to receive retrograde gene therapy treatment in the U.S.

Take these steps to safeguard against skin cancer

06/10/2014 10:01am
Diving into the details of how you can protect yourself from harmful cancer causing agents while soaking up the sun this summer.

Surfers riding the waves of the Colorado River

06/10/2014 10:14am
The Colorado River is seeing historic levels at the Whitewater Park in Glenwood Springs. And surfers are flocking to Colorado to catch a rare wave.

Police ID Utah man who died in Kansas plane crash

06/10/2014 10:44am
Police have identified a Utah man who died in a plane crash in Kansas over the weekend.

Conjoined twins celebrate 18th birthday in Houston

06/10/2014 11:03am
For a set of Texas twins, being joined at the hip is not just a cliche — that was basically the first 10 months of their life.

At least 630 killed in jihadist offensive in Syria

06/10/2014 11:31am
An offensive by a breakaway al-Qaida group in eastern Syria against Islamic rebel factions has killed more than 630 people and uprooted at least 130,000 since the end of April, an activist group said Tuesday.

Chimps beat humans in strategy game, study says

06/10/2014 11:45am
Chimpanzees are better at a computer strategy game than humans, a new study found.

5 reasons to visit Lexington, VA

06/10/2014 11:52am
Lexington, Virginia is a historic town with unique sights including the Washington & Lee University, the resting places of both "Stonewall" Jackson and Robert E. Lee, the Virginia Military Institute, the perfect bookstore, and a great local coffee shop.

Police: Grenade in school leads to mother's arrest

06/10/2014 12:14pm
The mother of an 11-year-old Connecticut boy has been arrested after police say her son brought a grenade to school for a show and tell related to World War II lessons.

Have You Seen This? Old man soccer skills

06/10/2014 1:15pm
When an older man invites himself onto a field for a pick-up game, you don't usually expect him to steal the ball and the show.

Man robbed by couple pretending to be officers, police say

06/10/2014 1:37pm
Salt Lake police officers are searching for a man and woman who falsely represented themselves as police officers to steal a man's wallet, car and cellphone Monday night.

6 ways wireless hotspots can change your life

06/10/2014 2:00pm
As Americans' lives move online, being caught without Internet can be a bit like getting stuck a good two decades in the past. Find out how wireless hotspots can change your life — and make it far more convenient.

Interactive PSA reminds of danger in texting, driving

06/10/2014 2:01pm
A public service announcement released by Volkswagen has gone viral by simulating the dangers of texting and driving.

Police look for man who allegedly assaulted girlfriend

06/10/2014 5:24pm
Police are looking for a man who is accused of assaulting his girlfriend in a parking lot.

Ex-boyfriend stabs man at woman's house, police say

06/10/2014 5:41pm
A man showed up at his ex-girlfriend's house and, after fighting with her, stabbed a man who was there, according to police. Officers arrested the man after he was treated at the same hospital as the victim.

Provo fire may be the work of serial arsonist, chief says

06/10/2014 5:43pm
Investigators are looking into a fire that occurred in an abandoned Provo home. This is the second time since April that the home has been in flames.

5 US troops killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan

06/10/2014 6:01pm
Five American troops with a special operations unit were killed by a U.S. airstrike called in to help them after they were ambushed by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, in one of the deadliest friendly fire incidents in nearly 14 years of war, officials said Tuesday.

Salt Lake man drowns after rafting accident in Green River

06/10/2014 6:15pm
A Salt Lake man drowned Monday in the Green River. The river is running at 10 times the normal rate due to releases from Flaming Gorge Dam, officials said.

Holder endorses shorter sentences for drug offenders now in prison

06/10/2014 6:28pm
As many as 20,000 federal prisoners could see their sentences shortened under a new proposal by the Justice Department.

Vegas gunman made no secret of extreme views

06/10/2014 6:40pm
Jerad Miller, one of the gunmen in a shooting that killed two Las Vegas police officers Sunday, was willing to share his extremist views with anyone, according to a thorough listing of his posts on popular sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Man who allegedly stabbed estranged wife arrested

06/10/2014 6:48pm
Police arrested a Layton father Tuesday who they say murdered his estranged wife Sunday and then fled.

Local runners share love of the Wasatch, Uinta mountains

06/10/2014 7:28pm
Five local runners offer personal insight into why they love running in the Northern Utah mountains.

SL County takes steps to combat crypto spread

06/10/2014 7:49pm
Salt Lake County Health Department officials urge parents and children to "wash your bum" and keep feces out of public pools to avoid cryptosporidium for a healthy summer.

Utah police increase safety diligence after recent ambush

06/10/2014 8:06pm
It's tough to predict ambushes that can be deadly for those that protect us, but Provo Police Chief John King says there are ways to be diligent enough about safety that any officer will be protected while on the job.

Women give birth 'in the wild' on new reality show

06/10/2014 8:29pm
A new reality show from Lifetime will showcase women giving birth "in the wild," without any doctors or midwives to help.

Map shows most popular, iconic soda for each state

06/10/2014 8:58pm
Since the first glass of carbonated water was invented in 1767, people around the world have loved soda.

Alaska man gets life in prison for 1993 Utah murder

06/10/2014 9:11pm
An Alaska man who admitted to brutally killing a 92-year-old woman in 1993 was given a life prison sentence Tuesday.

1 in 14 Utah children witness physical domestic abuse

06/10/2014 9:19pm
Children who witness domestic abuse often suffer more emotional trauma than their parent victims.

Child found chained to bed, father arrested

06/10/2014 9:29pm
An anonymous call to the Logan Police Department resulted in a 6- year-old boy found chained to a bed.

Pot-related auto fatalities have tripled in the last decade

06/10/2014 9:36pm
New research implies driving under the influence of marijuana may be more dangerous than previously thought.

House Majority Leader Cantor defeated in primary

06/10/2014 9:50pm
In an upset for the ages, Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-most powerful man in the House, was dethroned Tuesday by a little-known, tea party-backed Republican primary challenger carried to victory on a wave of public anger over calls for looser immigration laws.

Comfort foods may not comfort you, study says

06/10/2014 9:51pm
Heather Scherschel Wagner of the University of Minnesota conducted a study that indicates time heals all wounds — and your snack cakes have nothing to do with it.

SLC officer resigns amidst Pride Parade assignment dispute

06/10/2014 10:14pm
The Salt Lake City Police Department announced Tuesday it has closed an internal affairs investigation into an officer who they say was unwilling to take a gay pride parade assignment, citing the officer's resignation.

Parents petition school district for more bus rules after alleged assault

06/10/2014 10:42pm
Several parents have started a petition to tighten bus regulations in the Canyons School District after an alleged assault by a bus driver.

School, friends help student after scholarship revoked

06/10/2014 10:56pm
A southern Utah honor student has been denied a full scholarship after it was originally awarded. Dixie State University said the scholarship was taken back after it learned he was not a citizen of the United States.

Despite shootings, skepticism abounds over gun law reform

06/10/2014 11:04pm
After the 74th school shooting since Sandy Hook and the fourth multiple shooting in six days, even some of the staunchest of gun control activists remained skeptical Tuesday that any meaningful reform legislation would ever be approved.

Police: Teen gunman kills student at Oregon school

06/10/2014 11:23pm
A teen gunman armed with a rifle shot and killed a 14-year-old student Tuesday and injured a teacher before he likely killed himself at a high school in a quiet Columbia River town in Oregon, authorities said.

Woman killed in rollover accident identified

06/10/2014 11:31pm
A woman was killed in a rollover accident on I-15 near Hamilton Fort.