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Provo hits Sweet 16 in magazine's 'best place to live' competition

05/29/2014 6:51am
Outside magazine has again turned to its readers to choose America's Best Place to Live, this time with brackets similar to March Madness. Provo, a No. 16 seed, has made it to the Sweet 16. Voting for round three ends at 11:59 p.m., Thursday.

Apple hopes to lift street cred with $3B Beats buy

05/29/2014 7:12am
Apple is striking a new chord with a $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, a headphone and music streaming specialist that also brings the swagger of rapper Dr. Dre and recording impresario Jimmy Iovine.

'Living classroom' gives students hands-on life lessons

05/29/2014 7:35am
Thursday is a big day for a group of environmentally minded elementary school kids in Taylorsville. They're setting free a lot of the animals they have been raising since December.

Rio Tinto removing contaminated soil from subdivision

05/29/2014 8:00am
A big winter storm is the likely culprit for arsenic contamination in West Jordan. Rio Tinto Kennecott has taken the blame and is preparing to remove the soil from about 1,000 feet away from the Sycamores subdivision.

Human cannonball's new adventure spreads message of compassion

05/29/2014 8:25am
David "Cannonball" Smith, a former human cannonball, recently began a journey from Cache Valley to South Carolina by bicycle to spread the message that Christ-like compassion can help end homelessness and hunger.

5 ways pets in vehicles can cause distracted driving

05/29/2014 9:55am
As we head into the summer months, many people are making preparations for a road trip with pets. AAA Utah reviews the most common mistakes drivers make when traveling with dogs so that Utah drivers may arrive safely at their destinations.

Ask a Chef: Sizzling summer marinades

05/29/2014 10:13am
Looking for a quick an easy marinade to impress guests this summer? Look no further, the chefs from Harmons have you covered.

Most people do nothing to protect themselves online, study shows

05/29/2014 10:17am
A survey by Consumer Reports finds that, despite a recent rash of high-profile cyber attacks, 62 percent of those surveyed don't do anything to protect personal information on the Internet.

15 inspirational quotes from Maya Angelou

05/29/2014 10:35am
15 remarkable quotes from Maya Angelou's inspirational life.

County GOP leader not liable for $1 in damages

05/29/2014 10:43am
A judge has ruled that a Utah County Republican Party leader was protected by state law when he made defamatory comments about another member of the party.

6 family-friendly hikes to waterfalls

05/29/2014 11:01am
Want to show your kids some of Utah's natural wonders? Or maybe you're new to the state and ready to explore? Check out these six local waterfalls the whole family can enjoy.

Plan to 'save' UTOPIA advances in WVC

05/29/2014 11:31am
The West Valley City Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of proceeding with Milestone 2 of the Macquarie Proposal, which many see as the savior of UTOPIA.

Quiz: Who should the Jazz draft?

05/29/2014 12:03pm
The Utah Jazz have the No. 5 pick in the 2014 NBA draft. But we want to know who you think the Jazz should draft. This quiz will test what attributes you find most important in the next Jazz player.

Sheriff: Texas polygamists didn't come to South Dakota

05/29/2014 12:14pm
Custer County authorities say there's no indication followers of an imprisoned polygamist came to South Dakota after their Texas ranch was seized last month, but the group that lives in the state is behind on property taxes.

800 volunteers clean, beautify Jordan River Parkway

05/29/2014 12:57pm
The Jordan River is stretch of water that spans Salt Lake County, flowing through a lot of backyards. In recent years, the water has gained a bad rap to some, but on Thursday, hundreds came with shovels in hand to help change that perception

Have You Seen This? BASE jumping dog

05/29/2014 1:14pm
Dean Potter, a famous rock climber and BASE jumper, decided to take man's best friend with him on his latest jump.

Utah veteran donates kidney after seeing Facebook plea

05/29/2014 1:20pm
Dan Webb was already prepared to donate a kidney when he saw a plea on Facebook from a man in Virginia asking for help.

Police seek 3 men tied to beer robbery

05/29/2014 2:04pm
Police are looking for three men who they believe were involved with the theft of two 30-packs of beer from a 7-11.

Family discovers man in home after vacation, police say

05/29/2014 2:11pm
A man was arrested after a family discovered him in their home after returning from vacation on Wednesday.

Rural kids get jumpstart on college for College Savings Day

05/29/2014 3:00pm
It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a state to help those children save money for college. And now every child in the Park Valley, Grouse Creek and Snowville communities has a jumpstart on their college savings plans, thanks to a statewide campaign and a concerned teacher.

Man stops husband from attacking wife in the street

05/29/2014 3:53pm
A man who reportedly was upset with his wife for talking about divorce allegedly assaulted her, attempted to run her over and then stabbed her, according to police.

5 Netflix movies guaranteed to brighten your day after a long week

05/29/2014 4:03pm
Here are five movies streaming on Netflix guaranteed to brighten your day after a long week.

Public invited to comment on possible legalization of crow hunting in Utah

05/29/2014 4:15pm
The recent proposal to legalize crow hunting in Utah has brought varying responses — with one person starting a petition against it.

Obama says sports concussions need more attention

05/29/2014 4:40pm
Saying he wants kids to play sports but play safely, President Barack Obama called Thursday for more and better research into the effects and treatment of concussions in youth athletes. The issue is one of growing concern for parents who spend weekends driving their kids from one game to another.

Car runs stop sign, strikes motorcyclist, UHP says

05/29/2014 4:45pm
A motorcyclist was severely injured when an elderly couple from out-of-state drove through a stop sign Wednesday, police said.

Mike Lee: Same-sex marriage not inevitable

05/29/2014 5:18pm
Sen. Mike Lee says he doesn't know if same-sex marriage will become the law of the land, unlike Utah's senior senator who sees it as inevitable.

High school edits yearbook photos deemed immodest

05/29/2014 5:30pm
A Utah high school is gaining national attention after educators edited yearbook photos considered to be in violation of the school's dress code.

DA files murder charges 26 years after death of toddler

05/29/2014 5:35pm
A cold case investigation into the 1988 death of a toddler has resulted in homicide charges.

New charges not double jeopardy in deputy killing case, prosecutors argue

05/29/2014 5:53pm
Federal prosecutors argue in a new court filing that the charges against a man acquitted in state court of killing a Millard County sheriff's deputy aren't double jeopardy.

LDS Church letter addresses online criticisms about women

05/29/2014 6:36pm
Michael Otterson, spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints, has written and released a letter to online outlets (like Millennial Star and By Common Consent) titled "Context Missing from discussion about women."

Support falters as Shinseki fights for his job

05/29/2014 6:50pm
Support for embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki eroded quickly Thursday, especially among congressional Democrats facing tough re-election campaigns, even as Shinseki continued to fight for his job amid allegations of delayed medical care and misconduct at VA facilities nationwide.

Rockport fencing, reseeding project paying off

05/29/2014 7:11pm
Efforts to prevent mudslides following the Rockport Fire in Summit County last August appear to be working.

30 percent of world is now fat, no country immune

05/29/2014 7:31pm
Almost a third of the world is now fat, and no country has been able to curb obesity rates in the last three decades, according to a new global analysis.

'Reading Rainbow' raises $1M in 11 hours

05/29/2014 7:45pm
A Kickstarter campaign to fund an online version of the iconic "Reading Rainbow" program surpassed its goal of $1 million in less than 12 hours — and the donations keep coming in.

Heavy rescue efforts save a tiny kitten

05/29/2014 8:17pm
Firefighters in Farmington use heavy rescue gear to save a small kitten trapped beneath a large cargo container.

June sucker fish in recovery thanks to program

05/29/2014 8:55pm
The June sucker is a fish that's native to Utah Lake and the Provo River. Efforts over the past decade to help the endangered fish survive appear to be paying off.

Secondary drowning can cause death 48 hours after exposure to water

05/29/2014 9:02pm
Delayed drowning is a rare but scary way children who experience near-drowning can drown, hours later, on dry land.

Stick figure decals on cars unsafe, group says

05/29/2014 9:37pm
The stick figure decals that detail the members of a family on the back of a vehicle may be more dangerous than cute, a search and rescue group says.

Mars rover competition held in S. Utah

05/29/2014 10:08pm
University students from around the globe have come to southern Utah to participate in the University Rover Challenge, including a team from Brigham Young University.

Honorary diploma controversy looms over Stansbury graduation

05/29/2014 10:21pm
Graduation day Thursday proved bittersweet for one Utah mom, who has been in a fight to get her son awarded with an honorary diploma following the teen's accidental death.

Utah fisherman's 'Fight to Survive' part of new documentary

05/29/2014 10:31pm
Thanks to a new film, "Fight to Survive," Dean Ririe's experience of survival can teach other families how to stay safe at the water's edge.

West Bountiful boat completed after 14 years

05/29/2014 10:40pm
A West Bountiful cabinetmaker set out to build an 18,000-pound boat from scratch in his backyard and recently finished his project after 14 years of building.