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5 ground rules for a better marriage

05/19/2014 6:15am
"My marriage is falling apart and it is so painful. There are years of resentment between us and we are basically just living together without intimacy or connection. I can't seem to forgive my husband for his past wrongs and even feel attracted to him. Are we a lost cause?" Coach Kim explains the five steps you must take if you want to improve, save or repair your marriage.

5 stories you may have missed this weekend

05/19/2014 7:06am
There were several big stories this weekend. Here are some you may have missed.

Proposed Farmington subdivision raises stability concerns

05/19/2014 7:26am
A proposed subdivision in Farmington is raising a few eyebrows. Some residents question whether the soil it would be built on is stable.

Unusual scholarships often overlooked, unknown

05/19/2014 9:03am
A college degree opens doors, but finding the money to get a degree isn't always easy. However, some wacky scholarships may put a little fun into the stress of paying for college.

Scouting 10 players the Jazz may draft

05/19/2014 9:34am
A look at 10 players that could be available on the board when the Jazz draft and what you should know about each of them.

America's weirdest rock formations

05/19/2014 10:45am
Our planet is chock full of the beautiful and bizarre. Give nature millions of years to work its magic and some pretty weird formations emerge from solid rock.

Studies: Wildfires worse due to global warming

05/19/2014 11:12am
The devastating wildfires scorching Southern California offer a glimpse of a warmer and more fiery future, according to scientists and federal and international reports.

'They'll have to run me off,' Utah rancher says of BLM

05/19/2014 11:21am
Ask most Utah ranchers about their relationship with the federal government, and they'll tell you it's rocky at best. While most view Cliven Bundy as extreme, they still sympathize with their neighbor in Nevada.

How families can turn binge watching into family time

05/19/2014 11:32am
According to Time magazine, it takes 4 days and 20 hours to binge watch "The West Wing." With research saying that less time spent with family coincides with a spike in Internet use, how does binge watching affect kids and family time?

Scientists create plastic that bleeds and heals

05/19/2014 11:45am
Scientists create a plastic that heals much like living tissue.

Angels Landing offers beautiful views, strenuous hike

05/19/2014 12:02pm
Utah has a variety of beautiful mountain ranges and hills that make for a great pastime. If hiking is your thing, check each Monday for the "Hike of the Week" to get new ideas of where you can go exploring.

5 moments that made someone's day

05/19/2014 12:37pm
Each Monday, we hope to share moments from our readers' lives that made their days great. Whether it is a sweet note from a loved one, an act of kindness or a person with an inspiring attitude, we want to hear about it.

Layton woman killed, another injured in accident on I-80

05/19/2014 12:54pm
A Layton woman was killed in a rollover accident Sunday near Green River, Wyoming.

Police commissioner resigns in wake of Obama slur

05/19/2014 12:58pm
A town police commissioner has resigned after he admitted using a racial slur to describe President Barack Obama, an official said Monday.

Have You Seen This? Aerobic dance battle

05/19/2014 1:16pm
A dance battle featuring new cars, fresh beats and 1980s throwback ensembles will get your toes tapping, and it was all filmed in Utah.

Susan Powell considered alive for life insurance money distribution

05/19/2014 1:50pm
A Washington judge says it may be "legal fiction," but for the purposes of handling the life insurance policies of Josh and Susan Powell, Susan Powell is still alive.

Police: Dropout threatened graduation ceremony

05/19/2014 2:11pm
A woman trying to keep her family from learning she had dropped out of college called in bomb threats to a commencement ceremony at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, police said Monday.

Witnesses claim it took crews too long to respond to drowning

05/19/2014 2:19pm
Witnesses say they were on hold with 911 for a long time Sunday night after a young man went under the water and claim it took too long for dispatch crews to arrive but officials say they got to the scene as quickly as they could.

Training F-22s shake up Wasatch Front

05/19/2014 5:28pm
A team of F-22 fighter jets training over the Hill Air Force Base test range caused a stir along the Wasatch Front on Monday.

Murray High music teacher leaves retirement to aid colleague

05/19/2014 6:13pm
Cancer is preventing a longtime music teacher at Murray High School from finishing the school year, so a retired music teacher offered to teach the remainder of the school year.

1,000 pounds of drugs seized by UHP troopers in recent weeks

05/19/2014 6:28pm
Utah Highway Patrol troopers seized nearly 1,000 pounds of drugs resulting from traffic stops over a recent five-week stretch.

Oregon ruling throws out same-sex marriage ban

05/19/2014 6:32pm
A federal judge threw out Oregon's same-sex marriage ban Monday, marking the 13th legal victory for gay marriage advocates since the U.S. Supreme Court last year overturned part of a federal ban.

DUI crash 'not an accident,' DA says

05/19/2014 6:46pm
A man accused of causing a fatal traffic accident during an alleged drunken rampage was charged with murder on Monday along with 14 other charges.

Day at Disneyland now $96

05/19/2014 6:49pm
The price of a ticket at Disneyland is creeping closer to triple-digits.

Family petitions FDA for experimental cancer treatment

05/19/2014 7:20pm
A local family's endeavor to treat their toddler's fast-growing brain cancer has led them to apply for the emergency use of an investigational new drug.

Federal judge orders recognition of same-sex marriages performed in Utah

05/19/2014 7:39pm
A federal judge ruled Monday that Utah must recognize same-sex marriages performed in the state during the brief time it was legal in late December and early January.

UTA adds cameras to buses, trains and stations

05/19/2014 7:42pm
Utah Transit Authority will put cameras on all trains, in stations and in buses to assist in cases of accidents and incidents on its vehicles.

$1 defamation suit making its way through Utah court

05/19/2014 8:13pm
A member of the Utah County Republican Party is suing a party leader for defamation and asking for just $1 in damages. Both she and the defendant say the case is about much more than money.

Box Elder beekeeper dies from dozens of stings

05/19/2014 8:47pm
A Box Elder County beekeeper is dead after family members say she was stung by bees she kept in her backyard.

US charges Chinese officials in cyberspying case

05/19/2014 8:50pm
Accusing China of vast business spying, the United States charged five military officials on Monday with hacking into U.S. companies to steal vital trade secrets in a case intensifying already-rising tensions between the international economic giants.

How to treat irritating (and sometimes dangerous) hangnails

05/19/2014 9:03pm
Do you have hangnails? You're not alone. These annoying, sometimes painful, torn pieces of skin at the root of your fingernails or toenails are very common. They can also become very dangerous if not treated correctly.

100 officers could be added to Pioneer Park area, coalition says

05/19/2014 9:24pm
The Pioneer Park Coalition is urging members to support a proposed reorganization of the Salt Lake City Police Department that would shift 100 officers to a Pioneer Precinct.

4 charged in massive heroin bust

05/19/2014 9:45pm
Four of the 10 men arrested last week in what police called a "drive- up" heroin operation are facing felony charges.

Out-mussel-ed: Lake Powell officials seek to protect other waters

05/19/2014 10:09pm
Those charged with protecting Utah's water at the local, state and federal levels met Monday to discuss the Quagga mussel infestation at Lake Powell and how to protect Utah's other waters.

Utah officers wearing expired bulletproof vests

05/19/2014 10:43pm
When shots are fired, an officer's first line of protection is a bulletproof vest, but many bulletproof vests worn by Utah law enforcement officers are expired and worn out.

No evidence of abuse on Draper school bus route, police say

05/19/2014 11:00pm
Draper police say they have not found any evidence of abuse in their city from a former bus driver who is under investigation in Sandy.

2 teens from Snow Canyon High killed in separate accidents

05/19/2014 11:03pm
It's the last week of school at Snow Canyon High, but it's a somber time for the students there. Two of their classmates, senior Brooks Johnson and junior Austin McElyea, both died suddenly while enjoying time with their friends.