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Elementary school students evacuated due to gas leak

05/14/2014 6:46am
A natural gas leak forced the evacuation Tuesday of Davis Elementary School in Naples.

Man suspected of robbing Ogden bank arrested in St. George

05/14/2014 7:12am
A man suspected of robbing a bank in Ogden Tuesday was arrested boarding a bus in St. George early Wednesday morning.

Man faces charges in Roosevelt firearms robbery

05/14/2014 7:31am
A Ballard man was charged with a June robbery in an indictment unsealed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City.

Growing number of teens don't want summer jobs, data shows

05/14/2014 8:15am
Recent data shows an interesting trend among teens. Analysts say a growing number of them don't want to have a summer job.

Troopers warn over 150 drivers on first day of new cellphone law

05/14/2014 8:29am
The first day of a new hands-free driving law in Utah is in the books, and statistics show many motorists received warnings to put their phones down while driving.

Woman overcomes suicidal thoughts, handwrites 'lovely letters' to thousands around the world

05/14/2014 9:07am
When she found herself laying on her bedroom floor with 300 pills in hand, Jodi Ann Bickley made a decision that would affect thousands around the world.

Police ID body found on I-80

05/14/2014 9:46am
Police identified Christian Gutierrez, 20, of Wendover, as the man whose remains they found on I-80 near Wendover Monday morning.

Delivering hope with In Vitro Fertilization

05/14/2014 10:00am
How In Vitro Fertilization gave one family great hopes.

Scammers still profit by posing as relative in trouble

05/14/2014 10:24am
It's an old scam that preys on trust and love, and thieves are still making money at it. A Murray woman learned con artists may pose as a relative in distress.

Supreme Court upholds conviction of teen mother who killed son

05/14/2014 10:47am
The Utah Supreme Court has upheld a jury's 2009 murder conviction of a teenage mother who killed her young son. Adrianna Lucero questioned evidence admitted at trial and argued that she had ineffective defense attorneys.

Explorer: Shipwreck off Haiti may be Santa Maria

05/14/2014 10:53am
A shipwreck off northern Haiti may be the remains of Christopher Columbus' flagship vessel the Santa Maria, an explorer said Tuesday, though experts expressed caution about a discovery that was far from confirmed.

3 kid hurt when wind blows bounce house into air

05/14/2014 11:10am
Two New York boys are hospitalized after a strong gust of wind blew an inflatable bounce house high off the ground while they were playing inside it.

Are outside influences pushing BYU football to irrelevance?

05/14/2014 11:21am
BYU may get squeezed out from being allowed to play teams from the Atlantic Coast and Southeastern conferences, which decided each of its teams has to play one non-conference game against one of the five recognized power conferences.

Solar-powered roads: Coming to a highway near you?

05/14/2014 11:58am
A couple in Idaho is proposing to replace asphalt with solar-powered roads that have the capability to produce energy, clear snow off the road more quickly and illuminate road lines.

Driver injured in motorcycle crash

05/14/2014 1:08pm
A motorcycle driver was injured when he crashed at 4700 West and California Avenue Wednesday morning.

Have You Seen This? Baby elephant rescue

05/14/2014 1:16pm
A baby elephant gets into trouble while crossing a swiftly moving river, but the herd's matriarch comes to the rescue.

Utah man to be honored for 30 days of kindness

05/14/2014 1:33pm
After Daniel Smith lost his job, he decided to focus on others by committing small acts of kindness — now he is going to be honored at a book launch.

Lyft ride service in SLC gaining support

05/14/2014 1:52pm
The recent arrival of driving service, Lyft, has been met with general enthusiasm from Salt Lake residents, drivers for the company s

Local musicians make sounds of a 'sad robot'

05/14/2014 2:04pm
Sound spotlight: Electronic duo Seve vs. Evan is a dance-worthy duo that mixes electronic beats with melancholy lyrics.

5 of the greatest movie monsters

05/14/2014 2:31pm
"Godzilla" is just a few days away from opening, so in preparation for the big summer flick we thought we'd take a look at five of the best monsters from movies.

Kid's viral bullying video shows how frustrated parents can get

05/14/2014 3:06pm
Sarah Cymbaluk of Fosston, Minnesota, is a frustrated mom who took matters into her own hands. After claiming that her daughter was repeatedly bullied on the school bus and the school did nothing about it, she posted a video on Facebook.

Agent testifies at Utah electrician's arson trial

05/14/2014 4:42pm
An electrician charged with arson in a downtown Salt Lake City fire contacted a federal investigator days after the February blaze to offer information, the investigator testified Wednesday in federal court.

Ex-teacher accused of abuse ordered to surrender passport, wear GPS monitor

05/14/2014 4:47pm
A former South Summit Middle School teacher accused of inappropriately touching four female students was ordered to hand over his passport and wear a GPS ankle monitor.

Esar Met sentenced to life in prison for killing 7-year-old

05/14/2014 4:57pm
Esar Met was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for kidnapping and murdering a 7-year-old neighbor girl that he would often play with. A judge called him "extremely dangerous," but he denies killing the child.

Dracula's Castle available for sale

05/14/2014 5:20pm
Sitting high atop a hill on the border of Transylvania, the castle that inspired the home of the world's most famous vampire is available for purchase.

Man in critical condition after Heber City crash

05/14/2014 6:01pm
A man is in critical condition after two cars collided in an intersection Wednesday afternoon.

Idaho scrambling over same-sex marriage ban ruling

05/14/2014 6:10pm
A federal judge's decision to allow same-sex marriages in Idaho starting Friday has attorneys for the state scrambling to appeal and gay rights advocates planning their next steps.

Missing inmate arrested in Ogden

05/14/2014 6:33pm
Wednesday morning, Ogden Police Department got a call about a man trespassing at the 1100 block on 16th Street in Ogden. The man was identified as Joseph Wayne Cook, a recently escaped inmate.

Wednesday's Child: Bowen

05/14/2014 7:17pm
This week's Wednesday's Child is Bowen. He's a 13-year-old boy who is non-verbal, but his smile makes up for it.

Emotional affairs, part 3: Moving forward and thriving

05/14/2014 7:31pm
If an emotional affair takes place, a couple can take steps that can make themselves and the relationship even better than it was before the affair. Following these steps consistently will help the relationship thrive and prevent future affairs.

Witnesses rescue 2 men from overturned truck on Highway 91

05/14/2014 7:51pm
Two men were rescued by eyewitnesses after a car accident Tuesday morning.

Pregnant drivers have higher risk of car accidents, study says

05/14/2014 8:04pm
A recent study has found that women in their second trimester of pregnancy are at greater risk for being involved in a car accident.

Student fight ends in stabbing at Duchesne High School

05/14/2014 8:09pm
One student was injured and another was taken into custody Wednesday after a fight at Duchesne High School escalated to a stabbing, authorities said.

My hesitation with the new Entrepreneur Barbie

05/14/2014 8:38pm
Reluctantly, Barbie dolls are apart of my daughter's life. Thankfully she's not crazy about them, and I'm glad Mattel manages dolls more interesting than just Beach Barbie. But with the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie next month, I'm underimpressed.

Hill Air Force Base exercise simulates mass casualty incident

05/14/2014 9:03pm
More than 20 agencies were involved in a mass casualty exercise in preparation for the upcoming air show at Hill Air Force Base.

Utah's German-speaking community third largest in state

05/14/2014 9:34pm
A new graphic representation of languages spoken in each state reveals Utah has lots of Spanish and German speakers.

Scammers target online job-seekers for international theft operation

05/14/2014 10:21pm
A part-time job with little work and a big payoff is tempting for many online job-seekers, but what if the job puts you smack dab in the middle of an international theft operation?

2 Scouts call police after unknown man offers them ride

05/14/2014 10:22pm
Two Cub Scouts called police after they said a man they didn't know offered them a ride home.

Sandy school bus driver investigation now extends to Draper

05/14/2014 10:32pm
Police in Draper are now investigating whether a former school bus driver under investigation in Sandy for allegations of child sex abuse on the bus may have also committed crimes in their jurisdiction.

Wildfire burns homes in San Diego County

05/14/2014 10:33pm
At least a half-dozen wildfires scorched San Diego County on Wednesday, forcing thousands to flee burning homes and prompting the closure of a college campus and Legoland California. No major injuries were reported.

274 dead in Turkey's worst-ever mine disaster

05/14/2014 10:41pm
Amid wails of grief and anger, rescue workers coated in grime trudged repeatedly out of a coal mine Wednesday with stretchers of bodies that swelled the death toll to 274 — the worst such disaster in Turkish history.

Rescuer recounts ‘miracle’ in finding missing hiker

05/14/2014 10:44pm
Search and rescuers say it's a miracle that a lost hiker was found in southern Utah. The man had been missing two nights when a Kane County searcher found him a remote area near The Wave hiking trail.

Life's work of Utah's 'Monument Man' goes on display

05/14/2014 10:45pm
For six years, Lennox Tierney worked to save Japan's artistic and cultural heritage. He took more than 250,000 photographs for that work, and part of that collection goes on display Thursday.