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BYU wins 3rd-straight rugby national championship

05/04/2014 7:52am
BYU Rugby held off a late Cal rally to win 43-33 for its third-straight national title.

Obama takes humorous jabs at health care stumble

05/04/2014 9:13am
Little was sacred when President Barack Obama tossed out playful but pointed jokes Saturday night — not even his own health care plan.

Organist leaves Roman papal basilica for 'great opportunity' in Utah

05/04/2014 9:58am
Gabriele Terrone is the new head organist at the Cathedral of the Madeleine and assistant director of music at the Madeleine Choir School in Salt Lake City. He was formerly the head organist at the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

'Hospital without walls' to provide 24/7 mental-illness treatment

05/04/2014 10:43am
Salt Lake County plans to launch an assertive community treatment team to bring primary treatment, case management and support to 50 clients with severe, persistent mental illness in their own homes.

A 'club sandwich' may support life on Jupiter's moon Ganymede

05/04/2014 11:27am
NASA researchers, publishing in the journal Planetary and Space Science, have demonstrated that a "club sandwich" phenomenon may be happening on Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system and a satellite of Jupiter.

Why government can't tackle hate speech without shredding First Amendment

05/04/2014 11:31am
Some think governments must combat hate speech. This is a mistake. Free speech not only is a check on the abuse of power, it is a safety valve on the pressure cooker of public thought. The right to speak freely must not be devalued.

Amount of 'mobile addicts' grew 123 percent in 1 year, according to report

05/04/2014 12:12pm
About 58 percent of smartphone users said they don't go an hour without checking their phone, according to a recent study.

Salt Lake City completes initial steps in Google Fiber process

05/04/2014 12:56pm
Salt Lake City announced Friday that the city has completed the first stage in a process that may lead to high-speed Google Fiber service for its residents.

I was an accomplice to my brother's suicide

05/04/2014 1:48pm
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Erin Schwantner, a public relations professional in Seattle, first shared her brother's story on CNN iReport. She runs a blog, 4 The Love of Evan, to bring meaning to his life and educate others about the warning signs of suicide.

Family who lost dog during Sandy finds it at pound

05/04/2014 3:07pm
A New Jersey family whose terrier-pit bull mix escaped from their backyard during Superstorm Sandy went to an animal shelter this week to adopt a new pet and came home with their old dog.

Catch a train from the sky! How vertical travel could transform your commute

05/04/2014 3:31pm
A futuristic proposal flips the traditional designs of today's major train stations vertically.

Utah receives 'D' grade in charter school funding equity

05/04/2014 4:17pm
A University of Arkansas study shows that charter schools in Utah and nationwide receive far less money per pupil than traditional public schools. But the Utah Taxpayers Association says the gap is much smaller.

Utah plays large part in nation's increased geothermal capacity

05/04/2014 4:49pm
The United States added 85 megawatts of geothermal capacity in 2013, and Utah played a role in that growth with the Enel Cove Fort geothermal plant that came online late last year. A report highlights the significant potential for Utah geothermal.

Missing cat reunited with owner 5 years later

05/04/2014 6:04pm
Tootsie the cat was reunited with owner Sheriden Hansen five years after going missing in Kaysville.

Dangers of drunk driving made into 'movie trailers'

05/04/2014 6:27pm
Law enforcement and the Utah Highway Safety Office have teamed up with BYU film students to create "movie trailers" that will be shown at all Larry H. Miller Megaplex theaters and Cinemark theaters during May, June and July.

Marine veteran says he missed exit, hit Mexico

05/04/2014 6:59pm
A Marine veteran jailed in Mexico on weapons charges for allegedly bringing guns across the border said he never intended to leave the country but missed an exit when heading to meet friends in a border town.

Charges filed against accused serial burglar

05/04/2014 7:23pm
A man accused of throwing rocks at the glass doors of businesses to enter and rob them has been charged.

California hiker rescued from The Wave

05/04/2014 8:08pm
A 62-year-old California man was rescued from Kane County's Wave over the weekend.

Why caregivers need care: 5 ways to help

05/04/2014 8:46pm
Caregiving for aging, ill or disabled loved ones is an important task, but it's also physically and emotionally draining. Caregivers need care too.

Acrobats fall during Ringling Bros. circus stunt

05/04/2014 9:20pm
A support frame collapsed during an aerial hair-hanging stunt at a circus performance Sunday.

Fort Lauderdale Temple dedicated

05/04/2014 9:38pm
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in south Florida came together for the dedication of the church's 143rd temple on Sunday.

Man killed in shooting in Magna

05/04/2014 10:20pm
A 40-year-old man was killed in a shooting in Magna Sunday.

Bullied students more likely to bring weapons to school, study finds

05/04/2014 10:22pm
Thousands of high school students who have been bullied have brought guns to school, according to a new study.

KSL's Rod Zundel to compete in 'Dancing with the Salt Lake Stars'

05/04/2014 10:53pm
KSL's Rod Zundel is lacing up his dancing shoes to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Fires may have been burning for eons in southern Utah

05/04/2014 11:11pm
Some fires in southern Utah might have been burning for millions of years.