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Military sex assault reports surge by 50 percent

05/02/2014 7:14am
Reports by members of the military of sexual assaults jumped by an unprecedented 50 percent last year, in what Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel declared a "clear threat" to both male and female service members' lives and well-being.

Student graduates with perfect attendance

05/02/2014 7:34am
Cottonwood High School senior will graduate with a track record few students can match — he hasn't missed a day of school since kindergarten.

Embrace imperfection, Smith tells Utah graduates

05/02/2014 7:42am
A total of 7,947 graduates from all 50 states and 76 countries were honored Thursday during the commencement ceremony at the University of Utah.

Heat lamp catches barn on fire, investigators say

05/02/2014 8:17am
Investigators say a heat lamp started a fire that damaged a barn in Logan and killed some baby chicks.

Adoption of Safe Haven baby changes lives in Orem family

05/02/2014 8:51am
For one Orem family, the adoption of a Safe Haven baby has led to even more lives being changed.

Where local athletes are projected in the NFL draft, week 4

05/02/2014 9:28am
The NFL Draft is now a week away and the draft boards are all pretty much set, with the local athletes having a decent understanding of their spot in the draft.

3 reasons to see 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' in theaters

05/02/2014 9:47am
The summer-movie season has officially kicked off now that "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is in theaters. While the film has some pacing issues and plot holes, it's still a solid effort, and here are three reasons you should see it in the th

Police: Minnesota teen planned school massacre

05/02/2014 9:59am
According to authorities in Waseca, Minnesota, a teenager was going to kill his family, start a diversionary fire, set off bombs at an area school, kill the resource officer there and then shoot students.

10 coaches who won't coach the Utah Jazz

05/02/2014 10:33am
With all of the speculation surrounding candidates for the Jazz coaching job, there are 10 people fans won't have to even discuss.

8 tourist traps that are still worth visiting

05/02/2014 10:49am
Professional globetrotter Gary Arndt perhaps sums it up best when he says, "I had a horrible time at the Pyramids, but I'd go back and recommend people go because ... they're the Pyramids. Some places you just have to suck it up and go visit." Here are eight over-popular places that are well worth a visit anyway -- and a few tips for avoiding the scrum, if you really have to.

Olympus High student named finalist in Google design contest

05/02/2014 10:57am
Olympus High student Bronte Mock is a finalist in a nationwide contest for kindergarten through 12th grade artists to design a Google Doodle.

Online privacy not a concern for millennials, study says

05/02/2014 11:21am
Many Internet users in their twenties are comfortable meeting people online and sharing information about themselves.

Juab High coach resigns after allegations of misconduct with student

05/02/2014 12:16pm
A first-year history teacher and assistant coach of the Juab High School football team has resigned amid a criminal investigation.

3 men assault pharmacist, rob Walgreens, police say

05/02/2014 12:30pm
Police are searching for three men after they allegedly assaulted a pharmacist and robbed a Walgreens Wednesday.

Have You Seen This? Minor national anthem

05/02/2014 1:13pm
"The Star-Spangled Banner" has been sung by almost everyone in America with a voice since it was made the national anthem in 1931. But what if it were sung in a minor key?

Photos: Spring wildflowers in Utah

05/02/2014 1:31pm
It's a beautiful week to visit Utah's southern deserts.  From Kanab to Moab, from the shores of Lake Powell to baseball diamonds of Richfield, the spring wildflowers are blooming.

350 dead, 2,000 missing after landslide buries village in Afghanistan

05/02/2014 1:40pm
A landslide triggered by heavy rain buried large sections of a remote northeastern Afghan village on Friday, killing at least 350 people and leaving more than 2,000 missing. Villagers looked on helplessly and the governor appealed for shovels to help dig through the mass of mud that flattened every home in its path.

First degree: How America recovered from a murder epidemic

05/02/2014 1:45pm
The U.S. homicide rate doubled between 1963 and 1981 from 4.6 to 10.2 per 100,000. Then, to everyone's surprise, murder rates tumbled, falling from 9.5 per 100,000 in 1993 to 5.5 in 2000. But the overall murder rate misses the crux of the story.

Ask a Chef: Easy fiesta foods for Cinco de Mayo

05/02/2014 2:00pm
With Cinco de Mayo around the corner don't settle for just any meal. Make it memorable with some fresh fiesta foods.

UDOT denies PETA's turkey memorial request

05/02/2014 2:16pm
The request for a roadside memorial to be installed at the site where hundreds of turkeys died in a crash was denied by the Utah Department of Transportation Friday.

Free Comic Book Day is for experts and newbies

05/02/2014 2:39pm
On Saturday, head to your local comic book store to celebrate Free Comic Book Day.

American economy bounces back from brutal winter

05/02/2014 3:01pm
The American economy shrugged off the end of a brutal winter last month, rebounding with the biggest hiring surge in two years and suggesting that the job market's gains could endure.

5 comedies to watch on Netflix this weekend

05/02/2014 3:33pm
Here are five comedies to check out on Netflix this weekend that maybe you didn't realize were streaming.

Man arrested after being recognized from video of burglary

05/02/2014 3:57pm
A man involved in several burglaries was arrested after someone recognized him from video surveillance and alerted police.

Glenn Beck gives religious sermon at Liberty University

05/02/2014 4:06pm
Conservative talk show and television host Glenn Beck recently delivered a sermon at Liberty University, the nation's largest Evangelical Christian college, speaking about "miracles" while infusing some Mormon theology.

Nearly 85K Utahns sign up for insurance through Obamacare

05/02/2014 4:47pm
Nearly 85,000 Utahns signed up for the health care insurance available through the Affordable Care Act, well above the enrollment goal of 57,000, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported Thursday.

Men turn themselves in after duck poach attempt, DWR says

05/02/2014 5:01pm
Wildlife officials are asking for help to locate two men who they say attempted to shoot ducks from inside their car.

Victim of hit-and-run found lying in road

05/02/2014 5:49pm
Police were searching Friday for the person who hit a 25-year-old man with their car, leaving him lying in the road with serious injuries. Police identified the man as Mario Cisneros.

Homeless man traveling across US camps in Utah County

05/02/2014 6:31pm
Roy Glieter is a man on a mission. Displaced after Hurricane Katrina, Glieter is traveling the U.S., spreading a message. His most recent stop is Utah County.

Police seek help identifying rape suspect

05/02/2014 7:00pm
Police released surveillance video Friday of a man they believe forcibly raped a female juvenile.

31-year-old killed in motorcycle accident identified

05/02/2014 7:06pm
The man who was killed in a motorcycle accident in Logan Canyon Friday afternoon after driving off the road has been identified.

Huge steam locomotive visiting SL

05/02/2014 7:17pm
One of the largest steam locomotives ever built is making a stop in Salt Lake City on Saturday, and the public is invited to check it out.

'Promposal' pressure is intense for teens

05/02/2014 7:32pm
While prom is a great excuse to dress up, party with friends and mark the passage of another school year, the annual rite of passage also carries a lot of pressure -- to look perfect, arrive in style and have the ideal date on your arm. Promposals can add to the pressure, becoming almost as important as prom itself and raising expectations for young men and women.

Mock car crash delivers real lessons on safe driving

05/02/2014 8:14pm
Students at Salem Hills High School got an attention-grabbing lesson Friday on just how serious a crash can be. To drive home the importance of safe driving, the Utah Highway Patrol and the high school staged a drunken driving head-on crash.

Kids obligated to do chores under proposed law

05/02/2014 8:31pm
Instead of just getting grounded for blowing off household chores, kids in Spain could soon face trouble with the law. Yes, you read that right.

Huntsman said she had '8 or 9' dead infants in her home, warrant says

05/02/2014 8:52pm
When detectives interviewed Megan Huntsman before arresting her, she said there were "eight or nine deceased infant children" inside her home, according to newly released court documents.

Inventor creates devices to help struggling African villages

05/02/2014 9:23pm
Corrine man creates devices in his workshop to help African villages have electricity and clean water.

Inmate charged in '89 killing after finding DNA match

05/02/2014 9:58pm
Unified police investigators believe they have solved a 24-year-old cold case homicide.

Community holds vigil for 10-year-old hit by school bus

05/02/2014 10:22pm
A 10-year-old girl hit by a school bus Wednesday shortly after being dropped off near her home died Friday afternoon with her family by her side.

Robbers threaten, injure employees in Lindon bank robbery

05/02/2014 10:32pm
Police are searching for two men who robbed a bank in Lindon, attacking employees with pepper spray and stun guns.

Officers trained in tracking humans used in search for missing teen

05/02/2014 10:39pm
The Salt Lake City Police Department has a unique resource: human trackers, who were on the hunt for that missing teen this week.

One on One with new BYU president, Kevin J. Worthen

05/02/2014 10:42pm
KSL's Dave McCann went One on One with Kevin J Worthen in his first television interview as president of BYU.