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Herbert vetoes bill stemming from Swallow investigation, 2 others

04/03/2014 6:53am
Gov. Gary Herbert vetoed three bills Wednesday, including legislation stemming from the investigation into former Attorney General John Swallow.

Texas school bus driver punished for taunting

04/03/2014 7:08am
A South Texas school bus driver has been disciplined after being heard calling a sobbing student "crybaby" and urging other children to chime in and mock the girl.

Oil spills, leaks near Grand Staircase-Escalante under investigation

04/03/2014 7:32am
Multiple spills or leaks from pipelines or valve fractures on oil wells have happened on federal lands at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument or not far from its boundary. The spills go back several years and are under investigation.

Gun owners urged to lock up weapons, educate kids

04/03/2014 7:56am
A new Utah group is pushing gun owners to better lock up their guns, but some would suggest that isn't enough.

Dog escapes Texas backyard, somehow gets to Ohio

04/03/2014 8:19am
A small dog that escaped its fenced-in yard in Texas was found outside a southwest Ohio animal shelter, and its owners have no idea how he traveled more than 1,000 miles in a few days.

Coach accused of giving student steroids

04/03/2014 8:38am
Sheriff's deputies say a Donaldsonville High School teacher and coach is accused of giving steroids to a 16-year-old student athlete.

Poll: Three-fourths of US says pot will be legal

04/03/2014 9:41am
Three-fourths of Americans say it's inevitable that marijuana will be legal for recreational use across the nation, whether they support such policies or not, according to a public opinion poll released Wednesday that highlights shifting attitudes following the drug war era and tough-on-crime legislation.

Choose carefully before you remodel: 5 tips

04/03/2014 9:59am
There are important things to consider before you start the remodeling process: the contractor, the contractor's reputation and the contractor's skills, along with counting up your available coins and recognizing the time you'll be investing.

BYU ranked the hottest, brainiest school in the country

04/03/2014 10:01am
BYU was ranked the hottest and smartest university in the nation, according to Niche data put together by Business Insider.

5 of the best stargazing spots in Utah

04/03/2014 11:01am
With a Utah location recently being ranked as one of the top 10 best places for stargazing in the world, we decided to take the opportunity to look at some of the best spots the state has to offer.

RSL sends 4 players to USMNT friendly prior to 2013 MLS Cup rematch

04/03/2014 11:18am
No MLS club had more players selected to the USMNT roster for Wednesday's friendly against Mexico. All four are expected to play Saturday in Kansas City, Kan.

BYU students design 'stylish' bike helmets

04/03/2014 11:44am
Students at Brigham Young University are working to designed bicycle helmets that they hope are both functional and fashionable.

How 2 women crossed culture, communication for their friendship

04/03/2014 11:57am
Mary Ward leads a comfortable life in Provo, Utah. Elsie Shea lives on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona, and until recently, didn't even have running water or electricity. How can two people from vastly different cultures be such close friends?

Preventing broken marriages from breaking kids

04/03/2014 12:04pm
When parents' relationship shatters, kids are impacted, no matter how amicable and supportive parents are. But if parents don't put the kids first, they are apt to be what breaks.

1st fast-charging station for electric cars

04/03/2014 12:16pm
Utah government leaders are unveiling the Salt Lake City area's first fast-charging station for electric cars.

Larry Krystkowiak to get new 5-year deal

04/03/2014 12:16pm
Utah head coach Larry Krystkowiak agreed Thursday morning to a new five-year deal to coach the University of Utah basketball program, according to Athletic Director Dr. Chris Hill.

Convicted rapist gets 15 years in prison for possession of child porn

04/03/2014 12:47pm
A West Valley man was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison Wednesday after pleading guilty in January to possession of child pornography.

Have You Seen This? Play-by-playing awkward dating

04/03/2014 1:14pm
Let's just get this out there up front: dating is incredibly awkward and there's usually nothing you can do about it. It's like the right of passage to the eventual prize of marriage — or whatever your ultimate prize is.

FDA approves easy-to-use heroin overdose antidote

04/03/2014 1:21pm
Friends and family will be able to take the first step to save a loved one from an overdose of heroin or powerful painkillers called opioids.

TRAX adding extra service for LDS general conference weekend

04/03/2014 1:34pm
The Utah Transit Authority will run additional TRAX service on Saturday, April 5, and Sunday, April 6, to assist riders traveling to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' general conference.

US secretly built 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest

04/03/2014 1:42pm
The U.S. government masterminded the creation of a "Cuban Twitter" — a communications network designed to undermine the communist government in Cuba, built with secret shell companies and financed through foreign banks, The Associated Press has learned.

5 best superhero sequels

04/03/2014 2:04pm
Audiences can't wait for the Captain America sequel, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," to hit theaters this weekend, and it got us thinking, what are the best superhero movie sequels? Here we share the five best.

Missing woman's body found in Provo Canyon, police say

04/03/2014 3:59pm
The body of a missing 20-year-old woman was found in Provo Canyon Thursday, police said. Investigators are considering the cause of death to be "suspicious."

E-cigs' liquid nicotine causing poisonings

04/03/2014 4:04pm
As electronic cigarettes increase in popularity, calls to the nation's poison control centers about exposure to the liquid nicotine used in many of the devices have surged, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

6 tips for traveling internationally

04/03/2014 4:43pm
With the arrival of spring, many people are thinking of summer vacations and spring break trips. Whether you travel close to home or across the globe, it is good to be prepared and to plan ahead. Here are six tips for traveling internationally.

Herbert: 'Fundamentals' are the secret to economic success

04/03/2014 5:22pm
Gov. Gary Herbert met with business leaders Thursday during the annual Governor's Utah Economic Summit at the Grand America Hotel.

Logan woman killed in Idaho crash, police say

04/03/2014 6:24pm
A woman living in Logan was killed and a man was injured in a single- vehicle crash Wednesday, Idaho State Police said.

Firing of Davis County prosecutor upheld by Utah appeals court

04/03/2014 6:42pm
The Utah Court of Appeals has upheld the firing of an assistant Davis County attorney for misconduct in connection with a 2010 aggravated robbery trial.

4 tips to help spring-clean a yard

04/03/2014 7:32pm
Winter can take a tidy yard and turn it into a gray, desolate wasteland. If your yard looks like a scene from the movie "Dune," consider dedicating some time to a hefty spring cleanup.

Vernal man's report of sexual assault disproven, police say

04/03/2014 8:04pm
Vernal police detectives said Thursday that they have been able to "disprove" a man's report that he was sexually assaulted by two other men in March.

Argument may have preceded deadly Fort Hood attack

04/03/2014 8:11pm
The soldier who killed three people at Fort Hood may have argued with another service member prior to the attack, and investigators believe his unstable mental health contributed to the rampage, authorities said Thursday.

What Stephanie Nielson taught me about life

04/03/2014 8:35pm
I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Evanston Regional Hospital Women's Conference along with Stephanie Nielson, the keynote speaker. I knew of her, but didn't know her until we met, and I listened, and I learned three life lessons.

Calculate TV time 'wasted' or well-spent

04/03/2014 8:54pm
A new website helps viewers calculate how much time they have spent with their favorite shows.

Letterman 'wrapping things up,' to retire in 2015

04/03/2014 9:01pm
David Letterman is retiring next year as host of "Late Show."

Aftershocks rattle Chile as military keeps order

04/03/2014 9:01pm
Coastal residents of Chile's far north spent a second sleepless night outside their homes as major aftershocks continued Thursday following a magnitude-8.2 earthquake that damaged several thousand homes and caused six deaths.

Bar fined for serving client too much alcohol before fatal crash

04/03/2014 9:13pm
The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is holding an Ogden bar partially responsible for letting a drunken customer get behind the wheel. Just moments after leaving the club, that driver was involved in an accident, killing another woman.

U.S. airports suffering from global image problem

04/03/2014 9:29pm
Pity the poor U.S. airport -- its self-esteem has taken a beating in recent months.

16-year-old girl, younger brother killed in accident at Thistle turnoff

04/03/2014 9:35pm
A teenage girl and her younger brother were killed Thursday in a crash in Spanish Fork Canyon.

Salt Lake Tribune announces cost-saving push, budget cuts

04/03/2014 9:46pm
The corporate owner of the Salt Lake Tribune announced it is shuttering its national, company-wide digital newsgathering operation in a move that will save $100 million but also signals new budget cuts for the Tribune.

2 Utah dog teams called to search Wash. mudslide

04/03/2014 10:21pm
Two dogs and their handlers from Salt Lake Urban Search and Rescue's Task Force 1 have been called to help rescuers in the Washington mudslide.

More deadly rock falls likely in Rockville, investigators say

04/03/2014 10:24pm
The Utah Geological Survey concludes more fatal rock falls are likely in Rockville, where two people were killed in December. The survey is recommending the town of Rockville purchase the homes, tear down the structures and move people to safety.

Hiker stuck for 12 hours rescued from slot canyon

04/03/2014 10:34pm
A hiker was rescued after being wedged in a slot in Alcatraz Canyon for nearly 12 hours, according to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

New cellphone law tightens restrictions for drivers

04/03/2014 10:39pm
Texting while driving is already illegal. But current Utah law does not ban all kinds of other distracting things with our phones — like searching the Web, picking a song, or even dialing a phone number. Starting May 13, that's all illegal.