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New BYU website helps teens grow up safe and smart online

03/19/2014 7:28am
It's estimated that 95 percent of teens are online, but more than half give no thought to the consequences of what they do there. Now a group of BYU graduate students hopes to educate youth about being safe on the Internet.

On time again: Salt Lake airport keeps No. 1 ranking

03/19/2014 7:58am
Salt Lake City International Airport retained its place on top for rankings of both on-time arrival and departure performance at major airports last year.

How to boost your child's social health and sense of security

03/19/2014 9:12am
Routines are important throughout childhood, experts say, because they boost children's development of social and emotional health and their sense of security.

Roommate accused of attempted murder, police say

03/19/2014 9:15am
One man was critically injured after police say his roommate stabbed him in their West Valley apartment.

Shift workers beware: Sleep loss may cause brain damage, new research says

03/19/2014 9:28am
Are you a shift worker planning to catch up on some sleep this weekend? Cramming in extra hours of shut-eye may not make up for those lost pulling all-nighters, new research indicates.

9 more tips to survive if lost, injured in the wilderness

03/19/2014 11:00am
A lost person hoping to survive is in an unanticipated situation. He or she is disoriented, and for a period of time has no way of orienting to the new environment. Here are some tips to learn to survive in the wilderness.

Innovation, entrepreneurial attitude make Utah Valley thrive

03/19/2014 11:12am
Rivalries and opinions aside, while examining local commercial real estate markets, I and many of my colleagues have observed a significant amount of activity in Utah County, including particularly impressive activity in the northern part of the county.

New app may make walking with headphones safer

03/19/2014 11:45am
Deaths and injuries of pedestrians wearing headphones have increased threefold since 2004. Before you give up on the headphones, however, consider the new app from One Llama Labs designed to listen for danger sounds and alert you.

New campaign promotes same-sex marriage with personal stories

03/19/2014 12:14pm
Three prominent Utahns will head a new public awareness campaign to promote same-sex marriage in Utah.

Have You Seen This? Naughty dog hilariously defies the rules

03/19/2014 1:15pm
You can train a dog, but can you train him not to defy the rules when you're not home?

FBI looks into dispute between CIA, Senate

03/19/2014 1:47pm
The FBI has begun a preliminary inquiry into allegations by the CIA that Senate staffers obtained unauthorized access to classified documents related to the agency's now-defunct post-9/11 interrogation program, according to people familiar with the matter.

'Incredibles 2' and 'Cars 3' coming to a theater near you

03/19/2014 2:03pm
Disney has officially added two more sequels to its roster: "The Incredibles 2" and "Cars 3."

Half of Americans believe health conspiracy theories, study says

03/19/2014 2:30pm
Nearly half of adults in America believed at least one medical conspiracy theory, which ranged from vaccinations causing autism to the CIA infecting African-Americans with HIV.

As usual, BYU belongs in the NCAA tournament

03/19/2014 2:52pm
Even though critics balked at it, BYU got into the NCAA tournament as a No. 10 seed. A good reputation and a strong non-conference schedule are two of the reasons the Cougars got in the field, where they've been seven of the last nine years.

Toddler falling from window saved by stranger, mattress

03/19/2014 3:17pm
It's the stuff you might expect only to see on TV or in movies — the upbeat kind with happy endings. Thankfully, that is just what happened in California as a toddler fell from three stories up into a stranger's arms and onto a box spring mattress.

Group of juveniles hit homeowner with stick, police say

03/19/2014 4:24pm
Police are looking for four or five high school-aged juveniles who were involved in the incident Wednesday.

Firefighter injured in Vivint fire hospitalized, but recovering well

03/19/2014 4:58pm
A veteran Orem firefighter remained hospitalized in the intensive care unit Wednesday after an interior wall with steel doors collapsed on him while fighting a business fire on Tuesday.

Child accidentally shot cousin in car, police say

03/19/2014 6:27pm
An 8-year-old boy accidentally shot his cousin in the abdomen Tuesday, according to police.

Summit County house fire causes $100K in damage

03/19/2014 6:37pm
A fire at a home near Wanship caused at least $100,000 in damage.

Utah Senate leader Ralph Okerlund home from hospital after heart problem

03/19/2014 7:01pm
Utah Senate Majority Leader Ralph Okerlund left the hospital Tuesday after experiencing heart failure last week during the legislative session.

High-powered offenses collide in BYU-Oregon NCAA second-round rematch

03/19/2014 7:15pm
BYU and Oregon both rank in the top ten nationally in scoring offense by quickly getting up the court. Only one of the up-tempo offenses will advance to the NCAA round of 32.

Ukraine bows to Crimea seizure, plans for pullout

03/19/2014 7:16pm
Surrendering to Russia's inexorable seizure of Crimea, Ukraine announced plans Wednesday for mass troop withdrawals from the strategic peninsula as Moscow-loyal forces seized control of Kiev's naval headquarters here and detained its commander.

Malaysia, FBI analyze missing pilot's simulator

03/19/2014 7:45pm
The FBI joined forces with Malaysian authorities in analyzing deleted data on a flight simulator belonging to the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, while distraught relatives of the passengers unleashed their anger Wednesday - wailing in frustration at 12 days of uncertainty.

Allergies: For love of pets, and their owners

03/19/2014 7:51pm
Love is about give and take — and sometimes a supply of nose sprays, inhalers, pills and tissues. How far would you go to keep both your love and their pet, even if you're allergic?

Toyota to pay $1.2 billion to settle criminal probe

03/19/2014 7:51pm
Toyota agreed to pay $1.2 billion to settle an investigation by the U.S. government, admitting that it hid information about defects that caused Toyota and Lexus vehicles to accelerate unexpectedly and resulted in injuries and deaths.

Plan proposed to 'interconnect' 7 Utah ski resorts

03/19/2014 7:52pm
A proposal to connect skiers to several of the state's top winter resorts is garnering support while drawing concern from other winter enthusiasts who worry the plan could harm the delicate balance between developed and undeveloped recreation areas.

Count My Vote withdraws initiative petition

03/19/2014 7:54pm
Count My Vote leaders delivered a letter to the lieutenant governor's office Tuesday officially withdrawing their ballot initiative for direct primary elections.

Advanced security systems allow peace of mind 'on the go'

03/19/2014 7:56pm
We've all had those moments: we're on our way to work or even on vacation and wondered if we locked the back door or forgot to turn off the lights. Home security systems are getting more sophisticated, and can now help give some extra peace of mind.

Proposal makes parolees easier to identify

03/19/2014 7:57pm
The Utah Department of Corrections and local police are working to make parolees more easily identifiable to boots-on-the-ground officers, potentially even by merging state driver's license and offender tracking databases, KSL has learned.

Police say Sandy man drugged girlfriend's baby

03/19/2014 8:08pm
A Sandy man was charged with child abuse homicide Wednesday in connection with the August death of his girlfriend's 8-month-old daughter.

Company responds to complaints about ad

03/19/2014 8:30pm
The owner of a Utah company accused of sending a dangerous message to families with young children will be pulling a controversial ad and apologizing, he said.

17-year-old arrested in connection with death of Toquerville woman

03/19/2014 9:08pm
A 17-year-old boy was arrested in Springdale Wednesday in connection with the killing of a Toquerville woman and the burglary of several weapons, police said.

Mechanic who made motorcycles passion sells hundreds

03/19/2014 9:18pm
A Provo man selling a yard full of motorcycles says he hopes someone who loves biking as much as he does will buy them and fix them up like he had planned.

Wednesday's Child: Taylen

03/19/2014 9:30pm
Through "Wednesday's Child," KSL TV brings you the story of a child living in Utah who hopes to be adopted. This week our Chopper 5 pilot got to help play a small role in making one little boy's dreams come true.

Firefighting: It's more than just extinguishing flames

03/19/2014 9:44pm
The Salt Lake City Fire Department invited media members to go through a basic Fire Operations 101 training class Wednesday morning.

New cases have BYU police suspecting serial groper

03/19/2014 10:20pm
A man who has groped several woman on and around the BYU campus struck two more times Wednesday, according to police.

2nd annual 'Love UT Give UT' aims to raise $1M

03/19/2014 10:34pm
The second-annual Love UT Give UT statewide online giving campaign gets underway at 12:01 a.m. Thursday with a goal of $1 million in donations. A flash mob at the City Library Wednesday evening got the momentum started.

Randolph, Gasol lead Grizzlies past Jazz, 96-86

03/19/2014 10:52pm
The Jazz fall to the Grizzlies in Memphis 96-86.

From prisoner to neighbor, new matrix could enhance public safety

03/19/2014 11:00pm
After a parolee was accused of murdering Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Cory Wride during a traffic stop in February, the KSL investigators began digging into what's being done to keep the public safe and improve oversight of Utah's 13,000 parolees.