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Store clerk robbed with knife, motorist threatened with baton

02/25/2014 7:43am
Police investigated two incidents overnight — a convenience store clerk robbed after being threatened with a knife, and an attempted carjacking blocks away but perhaps unrelated. convenience store after threatening the clerk with a knife.

Fitbit recalls activity tracker due to skin rashes

02/25/2014 7:51am
Complaints of of itchy, irritated wrists have prompted Fitbit to voluntarily recall all of its Fitbit Force wristband activity trackers.

Bill offering financial help for infertility advances

02/25/2014 8:31am
A bill is moving forward on Utah's Capitol Hill that would allow insurance companies to pay for infertility treatments for married couples.

Questions about Native Americans? Event provides answers

02/25/2014 9:20am
A group of Native American students is trying to break down stereotypes they say they face every day. So they've set up a series of lectures and discussions.

Response to same-sex marriage appeal due

02/25/2014 10:13am
The plaintiffs in the case against Utah's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage are on deadline to respond to the state's appeal.

USDA spending $3M to feed honeybees in Midwest

02/25/2014 10:22am
The U.S. Department of Agriculture will spend millions of dollars to help farmers and ranchers improve pastures in five Midwestern states to provide food for the nation's struggling honeybees under a program to be announced Tuesday.

Photos: The varying colors, textures of Utah's landscape

02/25/2014 11:01am
I have heard people say that Utah is too brown and dusty to be beautiful. However, as these photos show, the textures and colors of Utah have a wide range. From the red rocks of southern Utah to the cracked surfaces of the Salt Flats, there is diversity and beauty to be found all over Utah.

6 rescued after ice breaks apart

02/25/2014 11:05am
Six fishermen were rescued Monday after the sheet of ice they were fishing on broke off and drifted away from the bank.

Hayward doing the little things for the Jazz

02/25/2014 11:38am
Gordon Hayward has struggled with his shot this season, but his ability to do the little things has allowed him to have a successful season.

Airing it out with Ty Detmer: Part I — Ty's college days

02/25/2014 11:56am
During his record-breaking career at BYU, Ty Detmer led the Cougars to three WAC championships and won the Heisman trophy in 1990. In Part I of a three-part series, Detmer sat down with and talked about his playing days in Provo.

Confused Japanese tourists led to a UHP chase, trooper says

02/25/2014 12:24pm
A Japanese tourist confused about what to do when police lights came on behind her sparked a chase by the Utah Highway Patrol. Officers originally suspected the driver was intoxicated based on her driving.

South Jordan city contemplating split from Jordan School District

02/25/2014 1:08pm
South Jordan city leaders are moving forward with exploring splitting away from the Jordan School District. They say they are serious about the idea to split because they want more local control and need more school buildings.

Have You Seen This? Mission-control dad

02/25/2014 1:12pm
Father's Day is still a few months away, but one dad has just made all the rest of the dads in the world look like amateurs.

'Revenge porn' bill clears another hurdle; House committee backs prison move

02/25/2014 1:45pm
Lawmakers are the currently looking at bills to add a fine to state lawmakers who report their campaign contributions late, add more parents to the statewide testing materials review board and a bill to extend the school day for children in poverty. A bill to make 'revenge porn' illegal and the resolution to move the Draper prison also cleared hurdles in committees.

The Atlantic, Deseret News collaborate on The Father Factor series

02/25/2014 3:01pm
Media insiders noted the launch this week of an unlikely collaboration between The Atlantic and the Deseret News. Each organization is contributing two stories to a four-part series called The Father Factor.

3 ways to prep your garden in the early spring

02/25/2014 3:52pm
Many Utahns lament a short growing season, but by planning ahead, gardening can be a successful and fruitful endeavor in the Beehive State.

Man chokes, stabs woman outside homeless shelter

02/25/2014 3:59pm
A woman was stabbed multiple times outside a homeless shelter Monday.

Herbert asks Hagel not to include National Guard in defense cuts

02/25/2014 4:57pm
Utah's governor is pleading for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to spare the National Guard from cuts that promise to sharply trim the Air Force, Army and Navy.

More invasive quagga mussels found in Lake Powell

02/25/2014 6:14pm
The National Park Service and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources announced Tuesday the discovery of "thousands" of additional adult quagga mussels in Lake Powell.

Acetaminophen in pregnancy linked to 'ADHD-like behaviors,' study says

02/25/2014 6:55pm
A new study out of Denmark suggests the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy could be associated with ADHD-like behavioral problems in children.

Leopard on the prowl panics bustling Indian city

02/25/2014 6:55pm
Forestry officials and police armed with tranquilizer darts searched for a leopard that injured six people and drove residents indoors in a bustling northern Indian city, police said Tuesday.

Panhandling bill would impact honk-and-waves, too

02/25/2014 6:55pm
Panhandling is one step closer to being banned on the sides of Utah's roads, but so are other activities like honk-and-waves and Fill the Boot campaigns.

New resolution promises safer roads in Emigration Canyon

02/25/2014 6:56pm
Salt Lake County leaders have passed a resolution to make Emigration Canyon safer for both cyclists and residents.

SLC Police summit addresses 'alarming trend' of bank robberies

02/25/2014 7:04pm
Noting that the Salt Lake Valley had experienced a spike in bank robberies recently, Salt Lake Police Chief Chris Burbank hosted a Bank Safety Summit Tuesday to discuss the 'alarming trend.'

SLC paramedics save baby with toy lodged in throat

02/25/2014 7:13pm
Two Salt Lake City paramedics exhibited grace under pressure over the weekend when they saved the life of a 6-month- old boy in what many would consider an extremely stressful situation.

Tips on removing 8 tough, common stains

02/25/2014 7:29pm
Whether it be grass, red liquids or permanent marker, stubborn stains on your favorite clothes can ruin them if you don't act fast. Don't just spray on stain remover, throw in the washer and hope for the best — try these tips for getting out the toughest stains.

Should you ask permission before posting photos of kids on Facebook?

02/25/2014 8:28pm
Should you keep pictures of your kids off Facebook until they are old enough to have their own account? People are just starting to talk about the concept digital boundaries. Of course other parents ask permission to take your kids to the park or even give them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But do they ask if it's OK to post photos of your kid online?

Utah Supreme Court reverses decision about father's rights in adoption case

02/25/2014 8:29pm
The Supreme Court of Utah ruled Tuesday that a district court judge should not have dismissed a biological father's challenge to the Utah Adoption Act.

Detroit program gives away houses to aspiring writers

02/25/2014 8:47pm
For aspiring writers, sometimes the hardest part of starting a career is paying for living costs while waiting to find a publisher.

New bill could hurt funding for poison control center

02/25/2014 9:01pm
A bill meant to expand 911 emergency services in rural Utah could actually stifle services for the Utah Poison Control Center.

Rep. Brad Dee invites fourth-grader to legislative session

02/25/2014 9:22pm
Fourth-grader Savana Olsen had an unusual experience Tuesday when she joined lawmakers at the Capitol.

Man dies, crashes on way to emergency room

02/25/2014 9:27pm
A Cedar City man died Monday while driving himself to the emergency room.

Man arrested in connection with 3 bank robberies

02/25/2014 10:32pm
Detectives on Tuesday arrested a man they believe is responsible for three recent bank robberies.

Senate GOP considers taking federal Medicaid expansion money

02/25/2014 10:33pm
Senate Republicans are considering a proposal to partially expand Medicaid with available federal dollars, putting them at odds with the House GOP, which wants to reject the money.

GM adds 842,000 vehicles to ignition switch recall

02/25/2014 10:38pm
General Motors on Tuesday doubled to 1.6 million the number of small cars it is recalling to fix faulty ignition switches linked to multiple fatal crashes.

Victim of abuse says guard's sentence brought 'no closure'

02/25/2014 10:41pm
Several victims were outraged Tuesday over the sentence for a former Utah jail guard, who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting female inmates.

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