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5-month-old dies of flu 2 weeks before H1N1 vaccine qualification

02/12/2014 6:50am
At only 5 months of age, Violet Villalobos died from flu-related complications in January. She was two weeks away from being old enough to receive the H1N1 vaccine.

Woman with chemical allergies lives outdoors to avoid illness

02/12/2014 7:00am
Mainstream doctors are dubious about the diagnosis, but many people say they suffer from extreme sensitivity to household chemicals and fragrances.

New game created by BYU students encourages reading in children

02/12/2014 7:40am
A new game built by students at BYU aims to kindle the fire of reading among young children.

Man arrested for lewdness; police urge caution by parents

02/12/2014 8:02am
A 23-year-old man arrested for investigation of multiple lewdness incidents in Layton stores was arrested Tuesday.

Buyer has few options when just-purchased used car breaks

02/12/2014 9:02am
How would you like to buy a used car from a dealer only to have it break down within a few miles? Then you discover you can't get your money back.

Your secret permanent records that are up for sale every day

02/12/2014 9:20am
Data brokers are gathering more information on people and packaging the data in ways that may surprise consumers.

For monster truck driver, going to work every day is 'a rush'

02/12/2014 9:47am
A career as a monster truck driver might not appeal to everyone, but for Alex Blackwell, it's been his life for the last 10 years.

Davis County OKs regulations for e-cigarettes

02/12/2014 10:08am
Davis County isn't waiting for Utah lawmakers to take action to regulate e-cigarettes.

Photos show man who tried to rob bank, police say

02/12/2014 10:34am
Police asked for the public's help to find the man who tried to rob a bank in Midvale Tuesday.

Meet your (legal) match: tips for finding the right attorney

02/12/2014 10:39am
Are you looking for legal counsel in all the wrong places? We get it. Finding a good lawyer is like finding a romantic partner — it takes work, trust and it sure doesn't hurt if the two of you can carry on a conversation. And just like a significant other, it's important to know that your attorney has your best interests at heart. If you're currently clueless about finding the right match for your legal needs, take these tips into consideration.

How tough is the BYU football coaching job?

02/12/2014 10:55am
Given BYU's place in the college football atmosphere, some would say Bronco Mendenhall has the toughest coaching job in the country. It's not a completely difficult road, as there are some benefits. But do those advantages outweigh disadvantages?

Basketball hoops to be restored after boy's letter

02/12/2014 11:17am
A fourth-grade student learned a lesson in community involvement after writing a letter to his principal about bringing basketball hoops back to his elementary school.

9 of the best Valentine's Day offers on KSL Deals

02/12/2014 11:30am
Looking for a unique gift to make your special someone's day this Valentines?

Crocodiles can climb trees, study says

02/12/2014 11:45am
Crocodiles don't just spend their time lurking in the water waiting for prey, they also climb trees, according to study released Monday.

Alex Smith named U commencement speaker

02/12/2014 12:18pm
University of Utah graduate and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith will address the 2014 graduating class of his alma mater.

Is high stress taking a toll on your life?

02/12/2014 1:25pm
Stress. Few people are immune to it in an age where families are juggling more than ever before with work, school and social obligations.

5 great places to ice fish throughout Utah

02/12/2014 2:01pm
Great outdoorsmen will tell you that the winter months can offer some of the best fishing of the year. For those who haven't had the opportunity to go ice fishing, here are five good places to give a try.

5 reasons 'Robocop' might be worth a rental

02/12/2014 2:21pm
"Robocop" is hitting theaters this week, and we have five reasons you may want to consider renting it one day.

Have You Seen This? A real-life Disney princess

02/12/2014 2:54pm
Annie Leibovitz's series of celebrities portraying Disney characters continues, this time with the feisty redhead Merida.

Police: Man arrested for attacking employee, officers at homeless shelter

02/12/2014 3:33pm
A man who police say tried to attack an employee at the homeless shelter and then police was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Tuesday.

Police: Armed car theft, pursuit, ends in arrest

02/12/2014 4:26pm
A man who allegedly stole a vehicle from a car dealership Saturday and led police on a vehicle pursuit Tuesday was arrested, police say.

Lunch workers back in the kitchen following lunch-trashing debacle

02/12/2014 5:32pm
The Salt Lake City School District announced Wednesday that Uintah Elementary School's cafeteria manager and her supervisor will be returning to work.

Utah man's story highlights a growing fraud problem

02/12/2014 6:29pm
A Utah man's story is highlighting a growing problem that stems from recent hacker attacks on major retailers.

Burglars break into pawn shop, stole firearms

02/12/2014 6:36pm
Police in Logan are looking for two people who broke into a pawn shop and stole firearms.

Utah men create 'dates in a box' that come to your door

02/12/2014 7:27pm
Two Utah men with a mission to make people's relationships better is starting up a service that delivers date activities right to your door.

Charges dismissed against man involved in fatal BASE jumping accident

02/12/2014 7:38pm
Charges have been dropped against a man whose wife died in a BASE jumping accident in Zion National Park

Bomb threat in Kearns a hoax, police say

02/12/2014 7:43pm
A man already facing forgery and assault charges was arrested Wednesday after allegedly making a bomb threat that prompted the evacuation of several homes and the lockdown of an elementary school.

Utah beef jerky recalled for undeclared allergen, officials say

02/12/2014 7:54pm
Approximately 90,000 pounds of beef jerky products were recalled by a Utah company for misbranding and an undeclared allergen, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Forecast rain has flood victims concerned about a second hit

02/12/2014 7:55pm
The chance of more rain has some Eagle Mountain homeowners on edge Tuesday, and they hope they're prepared enough to prevent a repeat of what happened over the weekend.

Sinkhole swallows cars at Corvette Museum in Ky.

02/12/2014 8:18pm
It was a sight to make a classic car lover weep: A gaping sinkhole opened beneath the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky and swallowed eight prized cars like they were toys, piling them in a heap amid loose dirt and concrete fragments.

New emails confirm evidence against John Swallow, House Committee says

02/12/2014 8:20pm
The Utah House Special Investigative Committee says newly discovered emails confirm its findings that former Attorney General John Swallow engaged in a host of improper dealings during his 2012 election campaign.

4 types of dreams and how they affect your happiness

02/12/2014 8:44pm
Dreams come in different shapes and sizes. Learn to identify four different types of goals and how accomplishing them can relate to your happiness.

Pikus-Pace balances skeleton, motherhood

02/12/2014 8:50pm
Utah resident Noelle Pikus-Pace is both a mother and an Olympic athlete, and balances both.

Man injected baby sitter, put her body in garbage bag, prosecutor says

02/12/2014 8:58pm
Prosecutors call witnesses to testify in the case against Eric Millerberg, who is accused of killing and disposing the body of 16-year-old Alexis Rasmussen.

Dead Sea Scrolls exchanged for 10 new ones at Leonardo Exhibit

02/12/2014 9:27pm
The cultural exchange of the Dead Sea Scrolls moves forward with 10 new scrolls arriving at the Leonardo in Salt Lake City.

Businesses, city governments doing their part to fight dirty air

02/12/2014 9:41pm
The air quality Tuesday was good, but Utahns across the Wasatch Front have experienced those murky skies in the last few weeks. The state's bad air is certainly top of mind right now, and some companies and city governments are making some changes.

Father finding peace as woman is sentenced for role in son's death

02/12/2014 10:07pm
A father who lost his son to a drug overdose is finding some peace after a woman who failed to help his son or call for help was sent to prison.

Burks lifts Jazz to 105-100 win over 76ers

02/12/2014 10:10pm
The Jazz win three straight for the first time this season by taking down the 76ers 105-100.

Man caught entering jewelry store through ceiling, police say

02/12/2014 10:31pm
A man was arrested on suspicion of burglary after he entered a Sierra- West Jeweler through the ceiling of a neighboring store and attempted to steal various items, police said.

Wet conditions major factor in accident, police say

02/12/2014 10:47pm
Wet road conditions contributed to a car accident on northbound I-15 near Kaysville Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Utah native manages Olympic Athletes' Village

02/12/2014 11:00pm
Utah native Dan Merkley manages the Athletes' Village for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Truck hit by FrontRunner train stopped halfway on tracks, police say

02/12/2014 11:00pm
A collision between Frontrunner and a semitrailer truck injured one and halted trains Wednesday.

Provo approves $108M bond to rebuild 5 schools

02/12/2014 11:59pm
School district officials have approved a $108 million bond proposal to go onto the November ballot.

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