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Settlement leaves Willard Bay better off than before fuel spill

02/05/2014 6:55am
The Utah Water Quality Board has approved the Willard Bay Settlement Agreement between Division of Water Quality, Division of Parks and Recreation and Chevron Pipe Line Co. regarding the diesel fuel spill last year at Willard Bay State Park.

Woman gives 3 Illinois waitresses $5K each

02/05/2014 7:33am
Three waitresses at an Illinois restaurant say they could only stare in disbelief when a woman over the weekend handed them each a $5,000 check.

Variable speed limit called a 'great success' in Parleys Canyon

02/05/2014 8:44am
Authorities believe the new variable speed limit in Parleys Canyon is making a positive impact since it began about a month ago.

UTA giving away thousands of free passes

02/05/2014 9:06am
Officials from Utah Transit Authority say they'll be giving riders a bit of a break, and they'll try to help clear the air while doing it.

CVS Caremark plans stop selling tobacco products

02/05/2014 10:18am
CVS Caremark is kicking the habit of selling tobacco products at its more than 7,600 drugstores nationwide.

World-class skiing, accommodations usher in opportunities for Utah real estate

02/05/2014 10:32am
It appears that people are finally catching on to what we Utahns have known for years: We have something special to offer here, from our world-class ski resorts and outdoor recreation opportunities to our friendly business climate and outstanding quality of life. And, from a real estate perspective, these people are not just visiting Utah. In many cases, they are choosing to stay.

Recruit Central: Signing Day 2014

02/05/2014 10:39am
Today is Signing Day for high school athletes from across the country to officially sign letters of intent with the school that they wish to attend.

How to buy something with bitcoin

02/05/2014 10:49am
Bitcoin is a form of internet currency. But how do consumers get it and spend it? It's something few people understand.

BYU gambles on casting wider net

02/05/2014 10:58am
Instead of focusing on Utah and the West, the BYU football program expanded its reach in recruiting this year. It could pay off on the field, but the decision also brings risks with it. But Bronco Mendenhall has earned the right to do as he chooses.

Photos: Experiencing a yurt during winter

02/05/2014 11:01am
Yurting is a great way to enjoy an overnight winter camping trip in relative comfort. Utah boasts more than a dozen yurts scattered throughout the state, nearly all of which are open year round.

Facebook read daily more than Bible

02/05/2014 11:16am
Facebook's numbers are epic. More Americans check Facebook daily than read the Bible and it has more monthly users worldwide than most continents have people.

Flying snakes use UFO shape to glide, study says

02/05/2014 11:45am
Snakes slithering through the air may sound terrifying to some, but now the mystery of how they do it has been solved by a researchers at Virginia Tech.

Tour of Utah expands to Wyoming in 2014

02/05/2014 12:22pm
The Tour of Utah has announced its route, including an expansion into Wyoming, for the August 2014 race.

Lawmakers pass bills on officer injury lawsuits, animal shelter CO use

02/05/2014 12:53pm
Here are the bills Utah lawmakers are currently looking at, including protecting officers from injury lawsuits, limiting the use of CO in animal shelter, whether Utah should look into labeling GMOs and the banning of laws targeting certain dog breeds.

5 restaurants to try from the A-List

02/05/2014 1:02pm
For the last two years, readers have voted on their favorite restaurants, among other things. So, today, we're choosing from the best of the best and listing five of our favorites on the A-List.

Have You Seen This? Bring back ski ballet

02/05/2014 1:12pm
This is ski ballet. If you've never heard of it or seen it, then you're welcome, because it will change your life. I'm not sure how, but you'll never be the same after seeing it.

Romantic movies could save your marriage, study says

02/05/2014 1:30pm
Couples who watched romantic movies together and discussed them were less likely to get divorced.

Poverty will end by 2035, Bill Gates says

02/05/2014 1:43pm
The world is getting better, not worse, says Bill Gates. He debunks three myths of poverty that block help to the poor.

DMC launches 'Save A Drive' program to help clean the air

02/05/2014 2:12pm
The Wasatch Front is plagued by temperature inversions each winter that cause air pollution spikes that are among the worst in the country. DMC is urging readers to do their part to clean the air.

5 of the greatest ensemble casts

02/05/2014 2:26pm
George Clooney's latest directorial effort, "The Monuments Men," is headed to theaters this weekend and features an incredibly strong cast. Here's a look at five of the greatest ensemble casts to ever hit the big screen.

Student who brought pellet gun to school located

02/05/2014 3:23pm
A 16-year-old student faces charges after bringing a pellet gun to school, police say.

House fire started by child with lighter, officials say

02/05/2014 4:54pm
A home was set on fire by a 5-year-old with a lighter, according to officials.

Death after fall on Hawaii ship ruled accidental

02/05/2014 5:10pm
The death of an 87-year-old Utah man who died after falling on a Hawaii cruise ship has been ruled accidental.

Police look for bespectacled credit union robber

02/05/2014 5:31pm
Police are looking for a man who robbed a credit union downtown.

Wednesday’s Child: Gabe and Julian

02/05/2014 7:11pm
There are more than 200 children in the Utah Foster Care system waiting to be adopted. When you add in disabilities, the odds of finding a permanent home drop. This week, KSL met two brothers with special needs, hoping to find their forever family.

Judge orders no jail for teen in fatal car wreck

02/05/2014 7:21pm
A judge on Wednesday ordered a Texas teenager who was sentenced to 10 years' probation in a drunken-driving crash that killed four people to go to a rehabilitation facility paid for by his parents.

Ski camp for teens with amputations opens up to young kids

02/05/2014 7:56pm
A group of kids with amputations had the chance to go skiing Wednesday as part of a unique sports camp.

Refugees navigating new lives with help of Utah librarians

02/05/2014 8:36pm
With over 50,000 refugees in the Salt Lake Valley, about 1,200 arriving each year from all over the world, many organizations have partnered to offer services. Here's what one center is doing and how you can help.

Proposed statewide anti-discrimination law on ice for 2014

02/05/2014 8:59pm
Senate Republicans put the final nail in the coffin of a proposed statewide nondiscrimination law Wednesday, at least for this year.

Sgt. Wride left behind legacy of faith, action, fellow officers say

02/05/2014 9:10pm
Family members, friends, co-workers, fellow law enforcers and a community said goodbye Wednesday to Utah County Sheriff's Sgt. Cory Wride, a man who lived his life to provide service to others — and ultimately protected his community by making the ultimate sacrifice.

How to avoid having too much personal information online

02/05/2014 9:28pm
Many people have a lot of personal information online with different social media accounts, but people may not realize just how much of their information can be accessed by the public.

FrontRunner should operate on Sundays, petitioners say

02/05/2014 9:33pm
A group of Utah residents has started an online petition in the hopes of persuading the Utah Transit Authority to open the FrontRunner train line on Sundays.

Pope pressured to act on abuse after UN rebuke

02/05/2014 9:52pm
Pope Francis came under new pressure Wednesday to punish bishops who covered up for pedophile priests when a U.N. human rights panel accused the Vatican of systematically protecting its reputation instead of looking out for the safety of children.

New wave of heroin claims Hoffman and others

02/05/2014 9:58pm
Heroin was supposed to be an obsolete evil, a blurry memory of a dangerous drug that dwelled in some dark recess of American culture.

Eyewitness assists woman during attempted carjacking, assault

02/05/2014 10:21pm
A Clearfield man was arrested and booked into jail after police said he tried to carjack a woman's vehicle Tuesday morning, and another man said he witnessed the entire incident.

11-year-old girl sexually assaulted on way to school, police say

02/05/2014 10:31pm
An 11-year-old girl was sexually assaulted on her way to school in Orem Wednesday, police said.

Bobsled, skeleton training starts for Sochi Games

02/05/2014 10:42pm
U.S. athletes at the Sanki Sliding Center were in a fairly jovial mood Wednesday, the first day of unofficial training for bobsledders and skeleton athletes. U.S. men's bobsled pilot took a moment to talk to KSL's Dave McCann.

'Biggest Loser' winner: Too thin?

02/05/2014 11:59pm
When Rachel Frederickson, 24, stepped out onto the stage at NBC's "The Biggest Loser" finale Tuesday night, some wondered if she had gone too far. While the show is known for its dramatic weight loss transformations — most winners lose more than 50 percent of their body weight — Frederickson appeared extremely thin.