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Unions angered by Postal Service's Staples outlets

01/20/2014 2:36am
The opening of Postal Service retail centers in dozens of Staples stores around the country is being met with threats of protests and boycotts by the agency's unions.

Repair your marriage: Part 3 — Giving is the key

01/20/2014 6:38am
In this part of repairing your marriage, Coach Kim explains how seeing yourself accurately, forgiving and giving are the key to creating a strong relationship.

Competition between women appears prevalent, study shows

01/20/2014 7:38am
Women can be aggressive toward those they see as competition. While this idea may not be new, a new study published in the journal Aggressive Behavior says this behavior can be subversive and is prevalent.

Police: Ex-student sold gun in Pa. school shooting

01/20/2014 9:43am
A 17-year-old who shot two classmates got the gun only moments before from an ex-student who bypassed metal detectors as a "guest" at the Philadelphia charter school, police said Monday.

Obama: Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol

01/20/2014 9:59am
President Barack Obama said he doesn't think marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol, "in terms of its impact on the individual consumer."

How Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank changed the world

01/20/2014 10:08am
Both Martin Luther King and Anne Frank would be celebrating their 85th birthdays in 2014 if the world had been more readily accepting of King's dream during their respective lifetimes.

BYU demonstrates versatility during 5-game win streak

01/20/2014 10:35am
After winning five straight West Coast Conference games — the most recent a 91-81 victory at Santa Clara — BYU looks poised to make a run at the conference championship.

The greatest MLK speeches you never heard

01/20/2014 11:10am
Can you name any of his great speeches or written works without citing "I Have a Dream" or the "Letter from Birmingham Jail"? Most Americans would likely flub this quiz.

Parents stunned when son reveals 130 lb weight loss

01/20/2014 11:29am
When son Lucas couldn't come home during summer break, Susan and Jeff Irwin were disappointed but understanding. They didn't know it was all part of Irwin's plan to give them an unforgettable Christmas revealing his 130 lb weight loss.

Dry air in Utah same as Sahara Desert, study says

01/20/2014 12:50pm
Salt Lake City and Ogden are featured on a top ten list of cities with the driest air in the United States.

Wedding insurance expands as nuptials get pricier

01/20/2014 1:05pm
Worried about the groom getting cold feet? There's an insurance policy for that.

Have You Seen This? NFL meets WWE

01/20/2014 1:12pm
The Super Bowl has been set after a great weekend of football games. Although the games were more than entertaining, it's the post- game interview of Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman that has everyone talking.

N.J. official calls mayor's Christie allegations 'false'

01/20/2014 1:56pm
New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno on Monday called allegations that she issued an ultimatum to Hoboken's mayor to support a redevelopment plan backed by Gov. Chris Christie or lose Hurricane Sandy recovery aid "false" and "illogical."

Katie Couric makes documentary debut at Sundance

01/20/2014 2:17pm
Along with her soon-to-end daytime talk show, fall engagement and recent move from TV to the web as Yahoo's global anchor, Katie Couric also made a documentary feature shown at Sundance.

Legislation proposed in WV to regulate chemicals

01/20/2014 2:17pm
West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin and U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin are urging tighter regulation on chemical storage facilities after a spill contaminated drinking water for 300,000 people.

70-year-old man in serious condition after being hit by car

01/20/2014 2:32pm
Police are investigating an auto-pedestrian accident that left a 70-year-old man in serious condition Monday.

Hurricane approves measures to increase mountain biking tourism

01/20/2014 3:18pm
In Southern Utah, Hurricane may be rising up as a prominent mountain biking destination.

Report: NV hospital shooter wanted murder-suicide

01/20/2014 4:21pm
An 88-year-old man who shot his wife in the chest in a Carson City hospital on Sunday told police he was trying to carry out a murder-suicide because the woman was paralyzed and didn't want to live, authorities said.

Grieving mother helps families after losing a child to heart defect

01/20/2014 5:22pm
Amanda Zornes lost her 3-day-old daughter, Abigail, to a congenital heart defect that was undetected in utero. Amidst her grief and feelings of loneliness, Zornes decided to help others who have children with CHD.

Enoch horse found starving, frozen to ground dies

01/20/2014 5:50pm
Elsa, a horse found frozen to the ground earlier this month in Enoch, passed away Saturday afternoon.

Court to decide on child porn victim restitution

01/20/2014 6:27pm
A woman whose childhood rapes by her uncle were captured on camera and widely traded on the Internet wants the Supreme Court to make it easier for victims of child pornography to collect money from people who view the brutal images on their computers.

Utah filmmaker's 'bizarro' art goes on exhibit

01/20/2014 6:31pm
The props used in a cult sci-fi movie based on a historic Mormon story are on display at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

10 things every landlord should know

01/20/2014 7:31pm
Real estate can be a great way to invest your money, but there are a few things you need to know if you want to be a landlord. Here are some do's and don'ts of managing your real estate investments.

Utah company to send technology to 1st drilling mission to Mars

01/20/2014 7:44pm
A Utah company is contributing to a 2018 space exploration and the search for life on Mars with their holographic gratings.

Bad air quality becomes a 'turn off' for Utah visitors

01/20/2014 7:46pm
The deterioration of Utah's air quality this week is not going unnoticed by visitors to Utah.

Martin Luther King Jr. contest highlights standing for something

01/20/2014 7:54pm
Eighteen junior high and high school students were recognized Wednesday for winning an essay and video contest focused on Martin Luther King Jr.

More people getting student loans but not degrees

01/20/2014 8:00pm
Recent reports show there is a growing number of people with student loan debt, but not all of those people are finishing school. Financial counselors say this debt could become a bigger problem for dropouts.

Teen identified as malware author after Target hacked

01/20/2014 8:01pm
A security firm has identified a teenager in Russia as the author of the malware used in the cyber attacks against Target and Neiman Marcus, and warned retailers to be prepared for more potential breaches.

Richfield man arrested Sunday after barricade, standoff

01/20/2014 8:22pm
A man, armed and allegedly suicidal, was barricaded in his home Sunday when Richfield City police officers responded to a call of reported threats.

'Babies Ruin Bodies' blog post resonates with thousands

01/20/2014 8:28pm
Even before she got pregnant, someone told N'tima Preusser that "having a baby will ruin your body." After the birth of her first daughter in 2013, Preusser came to see and love herself through her daughter's eyes.

Thieves steal 3 idling cars within 3 hours in Cottonwood Heights

01/20/2014 8:30pm
Cottonwood Heights police are investigating three vehicle thefts Monday that occurred in less than three hours and involved vehicles that had been left unattended and unlocked while warming up.

New spider species discovered by USU students

01/20/2014 8:58pm
USU alumnae Stephanie Cobbold and Lori Spears are credited as having discovered a new species of spider that, so far, has only been found in Cache County.

Car and TRAX train collide

01/20/2014 9:20pm
A car and a TRAX train collided at West Temple and South Temple Monday morning.

Lone Peak prepares to win 4th state championship

01/20/2014 10:15pm
A year ago, TJ Haws was a starter for the only high school basketball team in Utah history to win a National championship, and now he is trying to make history again with the Lone Peak High basketball team.

Man arrested after allegedly abducting wife, son

01/20/2014 10:29pm
A woman and her teenage son were taken into protective custody Monday morning after allegedly being abducted.

'They were my whole world,' says father of Spanish Fork victims

01/20/2014 10:39pm
Jeff King lost his only daughter, his grandchildren and ex-wife Thursday when police say Joshua Boren shot and killed his wife, children and mother-in-law at home in Spanish Fork. King said he is struggling to understand and cope with the deaths.

Living Planet Aquarium grand opening delayed

01/20/2014 10:46pm
Living Planet Aquarium representatives hoped the Draper facility would be up and running by the end of December, but the project has been plagued with delays and setbacks.

Cause of deadly Omaha plant explosion unknown

01/20/2014 11:07pm
Authorities will return to an Omaha manufacturing plant Tuesday, one day after a blast killed two people, injured 10 and caused much of the building to collapse.