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Man accused of hoarding dogs, abandoning them

01/14/2014 7:20am
A 48-year-old man is accused of hoarding 13 dogs and then abandoning them in a dirty home in St. George.

MTV's '16 and Pregnant' led to fewer teen births, study says

01/14/2014 7:46am
The next time your teen turns on MTV's "16 and Pregnant," avoid any disparaging remarks. The show may actually encourage him or her to practice safer sex, according to a new study.

Man pleads not guilty to lying to get VA benefits

01/14/2014 8:08am
A man who worked for a Utah congressman through the Wounded Warrior Project pleaded not guilty Monday to charges that he lied about being injured in the Iraq War to collect disability benefits.

Utah gets a D+ for education policies, group says

01/14/2014 8:17am
A new report card is giving Utah a D plus when it comes to its public education policies.

'Lucky' snowmobiler survives avalanche, forecaster says

01/14/2014 9:20am
Another Utahn has survived being buried in a avalanche, and forecasters say luck was on his side.

Parole officer accused of inappropriate relationship with fugitive

01/14/2014 9:46am
Parole officer Cori Price, 42, was charged with custodial sexual relations for allegedly having a relationship with a man who was on parole.

Sidekicks and lackeys create another kind of hero

01/14/2014 10:13am
Believing in and favoring a sidekick has effects on younger people, experts say. Instead of aspiring to be the morally flawed and unstable hero, those who place their faith in sidekicks and lackeys often become more reasonable and logical.

Unclassified documents reveal more details about Benghazi attack

01/14/2014 10:15am
The House Armed Services Committee on Monday released hundreds of pages of transcripts of previously classified testimony about the September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.

UTA aims to improve riders' experience in 2014

01/14/2014 10:37am
UTA's top executive said the agency is now targeting ways to make riding trains and buses more accessible to more residence along the Wasatch Front as well as providing a more enjoyable experience.

Tips to have a successful, warm snow campout

01/14/2014 11:01am
Few things are more beautiful than a snowy backcountry night, but unless you know what you're doing, spending a winter night in the woods can be uncomfortable. Here are some tips and tricks to make your winter camping trip more comfortable.

5 Utah shops to make you love sushi

01/14/2014 11:15am
Discover a new love of sushi for the new year at these Utah shops.

Open house and dedication dates set for LDS temple in Florida

01/14/2014 11:26am
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced its Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple will be dedicated in May. An open house for the public will lead up to that.

World's best ski runs: 100 to 1

01/14/2014 1:00pm
What great beaches are to summer, ski runs are to winter. To make sure the snow hounds among us get equal treatment as the beach bums, we asked some of the world's top skiers, snowboarders and winter sports journalists to name their favorite ski runs.

Have You Seen This? Seeing double?

01/14/2014 1:07pm
Being a twin certainly has its benefits — there are tons of practical jokes that can be played. But sometimes seeing twins is just way too confusing, especially for young children.

Beyoncé: Gender equality is a myth

01/14/2014 2:01pm
When Beyoncé tells people to "bow down," they listen. Now the star is hoping to bring the same show-stopping power to the issue of gender inequality with an essay on Maria Shriver's website, The Shriver Report.

Obama: On economy, focus is on executive actions

01/14/2014 2:16pm
Calling for "all hands on deck" to assist the economy, President Barack Obama is urging his Cabinet to identify ways to keep his administration relevant to people struggling in the up-and-down recovery.

Woman killed in Wellsville head-on crash

01/14/2014 3:50pm
A Hyrum woman was killed Tuesday after a head-on collision in Cache County.

Before Sochi, Norway, US top medalists at Olympic Games

01/14/2014 4:08pm
Since 1924, more than 2,500 medals have been handed out to victors of their winter sport. In February, approximately 250 more meals will be awarded to athletes in Sochi, Russia.

Blazing car causes $100K in damage to Price auto shop

01/14/2014 4:22pm
Investigators are trying to determine what sparked a car fire Monday night that did an estimated $100,000 damage to a Price tire shop.

Man shot by police released from hospital, booked into jail

01/14/2014 5:04pm
A man shot by a West Valley police officer has been released from the hospital and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail.

Body found in pickleball complex not suspicious, police say

01/14/2014 5:23pm
A body that was found in a pickleball complex in St. George was deemed not suspicious by police Tuesday.

Possible attempted abductions reported near West Jordan school

01/14/2014 6:43pm
Police have beefed up their patrols around Jordan Hills Elementary School following a report of a possible abduction attempt.

US ski, snowboard teams campaign to prevent underage drinking

01/14/2014 6:44pm
The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association and ParentsEmpowered have teamed up for a campaign to prevent underage drinking.

Slain girl watched movies at apartment, roommate says

01/14/2014 6:57pm
Two of the men living with Esar Met at the time the refugee from Myanmar allegedly killed a 7- year-old neighbor girl testified Tuesday that they did not see Met or the girl the day she went missing and the day she was found.

Girl Scout cookie championship: Which is your favorite?

01/14/2014 7:07pm
Every January, thousands of young girls don their blue, brown or green uniforms and pitch their goods to family, friends and neighbors.

Cost of John Swallow investigation exceeds $3M, continues to rise

01/14/2014 7:08pm
The cost of the House investigation into former Attorney General John Swallow is already "well above" the anticipated $3 million price tag and is continuing to climb as experts hired by the state finish their final report.

2 arrested in Utah in connection with Idaho ATM theft

01/14/2014 7:10pm
Two men were arrested in Utah after an ATM theft and shots were fired at officers in Idaho, police said.

Woman rescued from alleged kidnapper after Facebook plea

01/14/2014 7:27pm
A Minnesota man is accused of holding a woman against her will for six months in Mesquite, Nev. Her alleged ordeal came to an end over the weekend.

We know it can kill us: Why people still smoke

01/14/2014 7:28pm
Smoking can kill you. We've known that for at least 50 years — and yet millions still smoke, and thousands more pick up the habit every year. Why? Their stories involve strong addictions, passionate defiance — and billions spent to make people act against their own best interest.

Chase through Sandy causes multiple accidents; driver arrested

01/14/2014 7:45pm
A police chase through Sandy caused multiple accidents, investigators said.

Newlywed given 50 percent chance of surviving flu

01/14/2014 7:48pm
After seeing a recent KSL report, a newly wedded Utah woman made her sick husband go to the hospital to get checked out and now he's in the Intensive Care Unit fighting for his life.

US judge strikes down Okla. same-sex marriage ban

01/14/2014 8:14pm
A federal judge struck down Oklahoma's gay marriage ban Tuesday, but headed off any rush to the altar by setting aside his order while state and local officials complete an appeal.

Man turns to Internet to help name baby daughter

01/14/2014 8:32pm
A dad-to-be launched a naming campaign on the popular user- generated news site Reddit; so far over 75,000 votes have been cast for the first and middle name of the unsuspecting wee one.

Accused credit card thief arrested in Sandy

01/14/2014 8:59pm
A California man who was allegedly making fraudulent credit cards using real credit card numbers was arrested over the weekend in Sandy.

3 bodies discovered in Syracuse home

01/14/2014 9:45pm
Three dead people were discovered in a Syracuse home Tuesday night.

Vigil draws hundreds after New Mexico shooting

01/14/2014 10:21pm
A 12-year-old New Mexico boy drew a shotgun from a band-instrument case and shot and wounded two classmates at his middle school Tuesday morning before a teacher talked him into dropping the weapon and he was taken into custody, officials and witnesses said.

Man fatally shot at Fla. theater over texting

01/14/2014 10:26pm
Two Florida men's lives collided in a movie theater altercation Monday that left one dead and the other in jail.

Lost dog abused after stranger claims her

01/14/2014 10:47pm
Police are investigating a disturbing case of animal abuse after a man's two dogs went missing and a stranger wrongfully claimed one of the pets.

On 15-year anniversary, KSL employees remember Triad shooting

01/14/2014 11:06pm
Fifteen years ago Tuesday, a woman walked into KSL Broadcast House and asked to get into the KSL newsroom. When she couldn't, she took out a gun and started shooting.