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New charges filed against man accused of driving up Capitol steps

01/09/2014 6:56am
New charges were filed Wednesday against the man police say drove up the steps of the Utah Capitol in an incident that ended in an altercation with an officer last year.

Mexican fishermen find conjoined gray whale calves

01/09/2014 7:08am
The Mexican government says fishermen found two rare conjoined gray whale calves that died shortly after being born.

Man shot by officers faces attempted murder charge

01/09/2014 7:25am
A man who allegedly threatened an officer and was shot by police has been charged with attempted murder.

Iowa man arrested after fight over PB&J sandwiches

01/09/2014 7:46am
Police say an Iowa man was arrested after he pulled a knife on his brother during a fight over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Board OKs air quality plan as critics call for tougher measures

01/09/2014 8:16am
The Utah Air Quality Board on Wednesday adopted the final part the state's plans to improve air quality, despite several Utahns' assertions that the measures are not strict enough.

The 3 obstacles to change (and how to overcome them)

01/09/2014 8:31am
While January is typically the month for change, amidst the chatter on how to make it happen we might overlook what keeps us from starting. Consider lack of vision, abundance of doubt and dealing with naysayers as you overcome obstacles to change.

Authorities: Okla. man suffocated with underwear

01/09/2014 8:43am
A 33-year-old man in Oklahoma allegedly killed his stepfather after a fight over the holidays by yanking underwear up the stepfather's back and over his head so that the waistband was around his neck, authorities said.

Schools earn over $10K by saving energy

01/09/2014 9:19am
A five month energy consumption challenge ended up with big utility savings for the Salt Lake School District.

Ask a Dietitian: The truth about salt

01/09/2014 9:35am
Every week in January one of Harmons four registered dietitians will be responding to your health and nutrition questions. This Week: How can I reduce my salt intake while still eating flavorful, delicious food?"

Will Utah's change of coordinators really make a difference?

01/09/2014 10:06am
For the sixth time since 2008, the Utah football program has changed offensive coordinators. This time it is Dave Christensen replacing Dennis Erickson and Brian Johnson. But in the end does it really matter? Good coaches still need good players.

Swearing toddler in 'thug' video taken into protective custody

01/09/2014 10:28am
A Nebraska toddler who repeated a slew of profanities in an online video has been taken into child protective custody, Omaha police said Wednesday.

Ballerina showcases pregnancy with spectacular photos: 'It's a beautiful time'

01/09/2014 10:36am
At nine months pregnant, most women find themselves too big and exhausted to think about exercise. But ballerina Mary Helen Bowers was dancing all the way up until the day she gave birth a few weeks ago.

Teen dies stopping suicide bomber at school in Pakistan

01/09/2014 10:55am
A 14-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero in Pakistan for tackling a suicide bomber — dying at the main gate of his school and saving schoolmates gathered for their morning assembly.

Is religious affiliation the driving factor in charitable giving?

01/09/2014 11:04am
For decades the philanthropic world was divided into two communities: the religious and the secular. But this division may no longer exist.

Helping teens build a healthy body image

01/09/2014 11:48am
Six years ago, Dawn Larkin-Wallace, a mom of three, took up running to lose that 10 to 20 pounds of baby weight that just wouldn't go away. What she could have never imagined is that she'd become a marathon runner who inspired her three children to start running, too.

Judge: Man accused of killing parents still incompetent to stand trial

01/09/2014 12:24pm
A Castle Dale man accused of killing his parents in 2009 is still incompetent to stand trial, a judge ruled Thursday.

Have You Seen This? This 'Frozen' song will melt your heart

01/09/2014 1:11pm
Take adorable, multiply it by twins and loud singing and you've got the cutest thing currently on the Intrawebs.

8 elegant U.S. mansion hotels

01/09/2014 1:31pm
Ever dreamed of living in a grand house with 30-foot ceilings, a fireplace in every room and a backyard so big you need a map to find your way around? For the cost of a night's stay you can, at these landmark estate hotels that were once the posh private residences of wealthy politicians, cotton barons and the like.

7 winter driving tips to help you arrive safely

01/09/2014 2:32pm
Though it sounds pretty idyllic, most of us won't be "walking in a winter wonderland" anytime soon. With our busy schedules, we'll likely be driving to work or school or the grocery store. And that means that we'll all be navigating those snowy, icy winter roads together — which can be a challenge in itself.

Attorneys fire back at Steven Powell's motion to dismiss $1.8M judgement

01/09/2014 2:47pm
Attorneys representing two young girls who were secretly photographed by neighbor Steven Powell have fired back at Powell's motion to dismiss the $1.8 million civil judgment against him.

The most anticipated films of 2014

01/09/2014 3:17pm
John Clyde and Travis Poppleton of the Flicks Junkies podcast have come up with their personal lists of must-see movies of 2014.

Consumer Electronics Show brings 'smart' world to life

01/09/2014 4:05pm
CES 2014 showcased a world where you can text your fridge to ask what groceries to buy, drive a car with solar panels and wear "smart" socks.

Utah ranks 49th for women in politics

01/09/2014 4:39pm
Utah was recently ranked as number 49 of 50 for women in politics and research by a Utah Valley University professor offers some explanations for the dismal numbers.

Burglars arrested after man captures them on home surveillance, sheriff says

01/09/2014 4:58pm
Four men were arrested on suspicion of burglary after a homeowner caught them on his surveillance system, according to the Summit County Sheriff's Department.

Top 5 weight loss apps for 2014

01/09/2014 6:31pm
The secret to losing weight this year could already be in your back pocket.

Paying kids to eat healthy boosts produce consumption, BYU study shows

01/09/2014 6:38pm
Researchers at Brigham Young University have recently found a way to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables: pay them to do it.

Largest security operation in Olympics history set for Sochi

01/09/2014 6:54pm
Sochi was put under maximum security Tuesday, with only approved vehicles being let into the greater Sochi municipality.

Evidence, findings from scene described at Esar Met trial

01/09/2014 7:05pm
The third day of trial in the case of a man charged with killing his young neighbor included evidence from the girl's uncle, police officers and others who responded to investigate the crime scene.

Semitrailer crash injures driver and passenger on I-15, closes 1 lane

01/09/2014 7:08pm
The driver of a semi was injured when the truck crashed on I-15 Thursday.

Man allegedly forged fake money, checks, IDs to buy meth

01/09/2014 7:25pm
Police have arrested an Orem man they say was involved in forging checks, money and identifications so he could buy meth.

Midvale fertility worker allegedly switched sperm sample with his own

01/09/2014 7:34pm
One family got more than they bargained for when they decided to test their DNA for genealogy research.

Roosevelt trucking company fined for manure spill

01/09/2014 8:16pm
A Roosevelt trucking company owned in part by a Duchesne County commissioner has agreed to pay a fine for spilling an unknown amount of cow manure into a stream.

Crews begin demolition of Deseret Chemical Depot

01/09/2014 8:43pm
A demolition crew has begun tearing down the U.S. Army's chemical weapons incinerator complex in Utah. The plant has finished the job it was built for two decades ago, destroying almost half the nation's stockpile of chemical weapons.

City, business leaders look for solutions for Utah's drought

01/09/2014 9:20pm
More city and business leaders are looking for long-term water solutions for their communities as the latest winter storms fail to restore hope in an end to Utah's drought.

iPhone celebrates 7 years of revolutionizing technology

01/09/2014 9:37pm
Seven years ago Thursday, the world changed. Apple founder Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone.

Drivers advised to give snowplows space on roads

01/09/2014 9:56pm
As state plows hit the roads to clear the snow Thursday afternoon, plow drivers described the kind of dangers they run into every time they're plowing snow in traffic.

Body discovered at Snowbasin identified; 4 arrested for alleged homicide

01/09/2014 10:12pm
Four people were booked into jail for investigation of kidnapping and shooting a man found dead near Snowbasin this week.

Bingham HS student arrested after alleged terroristic threat

01/09/2014 10:21pm
A juvenile who allegedly made undisclosed threats of actions toward Bingham High School has been arrested, police said.

Plaintiff in same-sex lawsuit calls for civility from both sides

01/09/2014 10:24pm
A man at the heart of Utah's same-sex marriage case calls for civility on social media from both sides.

Christie fires aide, apologizes for traffic jams

01/09/2014 10:25pm
Republican Gov. Chris Christie fired one of his top aides on Thursday and apologized repeatedly for his staff's "stupid" behavior, insisting during a nearly two-hour news conference that he had no idea anyone around him had engineered traffic jams as part of a political vendetta against a Democratic mayor.

Man who told police his wife committed suicide charged with murder

01/09/2014 10:31pm
A Midvale man who told police his wife shot herself in a car on State Street has been charged with murder.

'Honesty is the best policy' when faced with crisis, adviser says

01/09/2014 10:45pm
Historically, when people with fame, position or power face crises, they often turn to tactics of denial rather than owning up to their mistakes.

Body of SLC woman missing since 1982 identified in Ohio

01/09/2014 10:54pm
A Salt Lake City woman missing since 1982 has been identified by Ohio police.