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Arctic air eases its grip on much of the US

01/08/2014 6:55am
An arctic blast eased its grip on much of the U.S. on Wednesday, with winds calming and the weather warming slightly a day after temperature records _ some more than a century-old _ shattered up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

Moose chase leads to fine for snowboarder

01/08/2014 7:24am
Two Montana snowboarders thought they were having a little fun as they chased a moose down a mountain.

Car fire doused prior to snowy commute

01/08/2014 8:13am
Crews used water to extinguish a car fire on I- 215 near 2100 South Wednesday morning, then used brine to reduce the risk of ice on the road.

9 notable alumni of Weber State University

01/08/2014 8:49am
What began as a school of 100 students in a red brick church has expanded to three campuses accommodating 25,000 students. As Weber State University has grown in the last 125 years, the school has educated many notable individuals.

Man in toddler-slapping plane case gets 8 months

01/08/2014 8:55am
A federal judge on Monday sentenced a man who pleaded guilty to slapping a crying toddler on an Atlanta-bound flight to serve eight months in federal prison.

Getting out of a contract can be difficult, customer learns

01/08/2014 9:09am
Getting out of a contract can be a lot tougher than getting into one. That's what a Bountiful man discovered when he tried to cancel his garbage pick up service.

Woman caught sneaking into U.S. in suitcase

01/08/2014 9:45am
Customs and Border Protection officers foiled a smuggling attempt at the U.S.-Mexico border when they discovered a woman contorted and hidden inside a suitcase.

10 tips to protect small businesses from cyber attacks

01/08/2014 10:02am
Cyber threats are an issue for everyone and every business, but small businesses are becoming more common targets.

Utah's newest OC looking to 'enhance' football program

01/08/2014 10:14am
Dave Christensen joins the program as its seventh coordinator in seven years. And while there has been a lot of turnover on offense, Christensen said he's not coming to the university to make a lot of changes but to improve what's already in place.

Utah product designed to make fly fishing easier

01/08/2014 11:01am
Tacky Fly Fishing is a local start-up that has their sights set on changing the fly fishing world. They hope their new fly box will allow fishermen keep their flies on the water.

Bill Nye to visit Creation Museum for debate

01/08/2014 11:10am
Bill Nye "The Science Guy" is set to visit Kentucky to debate evolution and biblical creation with the founder of the Creation Museum.

Tipping model may be changing, report says

01/08/2014 11:15am
A new trend report of restaurants indicates that many upscale restaurants may be ready to shift away from America's traditional gratuity-based pay system.

Supreme Court stay on marriage shows desire for slower process

01/08/2014 11:34am
The Supreme Court's decision to put a hold on a lower court's decision striking down Utah's marriage law indicates the court hopes to see a slower, more incremental, more orderly process, some legal experts say.

Ex-sergeant gets 30 days in jail for stealing drugs from sheriff's office

01/08/2014 11:52am
A former Carbon County sheriff's sergeant will serve jail time for taking drugs from the evidence locker at the sheriff's office without authorization.

New documents released in ongoing Shurtleff, Swallow investigation

01/08/2014 12:16pm
Two new search warrants and a subpoena were made public Tuesday as part of the ongoing investigation into former Utah attorneys general John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff.

Have You Seen This? NFL sized zipline

01/08/2014 1:12pm
Local filmmaker Devin Graham made yet another video of stuff that looks awesome. This time it's jumping from the top of an NFL stadium and then riding a zipline all the way down.

Starving horse saved from ice, mud; police investigate owner

01/08/2014 1:27pm
A horse owner is under investigation for animal cruelty after a starving horse was pulled from ice and mud in southern Utah.

25 photos showcasing why Utah has the 'Greatest Snow on Earth'

01/08/2014 1:46pm
This video montage features 25 of our favorite winter photos showcasing what makes Utah's snow the greatest on Earth.

Weight-loss companies charged with false advertising

01/08/2014 2:10pm
That "miracle" weight-loss product you've seen on TV may not live up to the hype. The Federal Trade Commission has charged four companies with deceptive advertising related to their weight loss products.

5 movies to watch on Netflix this week

01/08/2014 2:59pm
Here are five movies to check out on Netflix streaming this week to keep you sane while you're stuck inside because of the cold.

4th person admits to role in slaying of Grand County man

01/08/2014 3:55pm
A fourth person has admitted to playing a role in the March 2013 shooting death of a Grand County man. Bluesette Elizabeth Ossana pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of obstruction of justice, a second-degree felony.

Teens healing from concussions should be given less homework, study says

01/08/2014 4:26pm
A recent study suggests going easy on teens who have incurred a concussion, at least as far as homework goes.

Woman killed by TRAX train identified

01/08/2014 4:45pm
Police have identified the woman hit by TRAX earlier this week.

Pennsylvania road-rage killer may strike again, police say

01/08/2014 5:12pm
A motorist who shot and killed a man near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border in an apparent fit of road rage was being sought Wednesday. Authorities believe the shooter might strike again.

Wednesday's Child: Zane

01/08/2014 5:59pm
Some foster children in Utah enter the system when life with a biological parent becomes unsafe. That was the case with 15-year-old Zane.

Fire destroys $300K worth of supplies at USU extension

01/08/2014 6:29pm
Firefighters responded Wednesday to flames and smoke at the USU's Washington County Extension in St. George.

'It's the biggest loss of my life,' say parents at Esar Met trial

01/08/2014 6:32pm
The father of the 7-year-old girl that was sexually assaulted and killed took the stand in court Wednesday morning for day two of the Esar Met murder trial.

Conservative political activists gather to 'defend traditional marriage'

01/08/2014 6:48pm
Belinda Jensen can't stay on the sidelines any longer. The Pleasant Grove mother of six said she's past the point of concern about what's going on in Utah, particularly when it comes to marriage.

Snowstorms may cause difficulties for commuters

01/08/2014 7:38pm
The Wasatch Front got its first taste Wednesday of a series of winter storms that will plague commuters into the weekend.

Brother, sister allegedly smuggled rare boa constrictor into US

01/08/2014 7:50pm
A Utah brother and sister face criminal charges for allegedly smuggling a rare boa constrictor into the United States to breed and sell the offspring for tens of thousands of dollars.

Same-sex marriage recognition 'on hold,' state says

01/08/2014 8:03pm
State recognition of Utah's same-sex newlyweds is on hold based on counsel from the Utah Attorney General's Office, Gov. Gary Herbert's chief of staff said Wednesday in a memo to state officials.

Poor air quality puts physical, economic health at risk, SLC mayor says

01/08/2014 8:18pm
Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker focused his 2014 State of the City address on measures he believes the city and the state must take to improve air quality.

Ogden woman, 2 dogs attacked by pit bulls, police say

01/08/2014 8:54pm
An Ogden woman and her two small dogs were attacked by pit bulls on an early morning walk, police say.

Celiac disease: Get a diagnosis

01/08/2014 9:14pm
Celiac disease is an inherited, autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged by eating gluten and other proteins found in many grains. Left untreated, the condition can lead to myriad serious health problems.

Utah soldier dies in accident at Fort Riley

01/08/2014 10:06pm
A Utah soldier was killed in an accident Tuesday in Fort Riley, Kan.

US Freestyle Ski team unveils uniforms for Sochi Olympics

01/08/2014 10:40pm
Team USA unveiled some of the athletes' uniforms Wednesday in preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

UDOT urges drivers to be prepared in snowy conditions

01/08/2014 10:40pm
What do you do if you get stranded in the snow? With more storms in the forecast and much of the country in a deep freeze, it's something we all should know the answer to.

Flammable liquid causes explosions, $175K damage in fire

01/08/2014 10:56pm
Flames consumed a home in Promontory Wednesday, causing an estimated $175,000 in damage.

State water levels 2nd lowest in 20 years, hydrologist say

01/08/2014 10:57pm
Many Utahns are not excited about the recent snowy conditions, but state hydrologists are hoping more storms will hit Utah to increase the water levels.

2 trains derail in Weber Canyon

01/08/2014 10:58pm
Just before 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, a Union Pacific train traveling through Weber Canyon near I-84 struck the rear railcar of another train, causing both to derail according to Union Pacific.