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No need to get upset when conflict arises

12/16/2013 6:31am
In this issue of LIFEadvice, coach Kim gives readers a Christmas gift — a system for making sure they see situations accurately and respond with love.

Motorist leads deputies on high-speed chase

12/16/2013 7:18am
Sheriff's deputies arrested a man who led them on a chase at speeds over 100 miles per hour in Uintah County.

Expert recommends discussing holiday finances with kids

12/16/2013 7:38am
As you look over your holiday budget and figure out how much you have left to spend, some financial counselors say it may be a good idea to get your kids involved in the discussion.

Donations light up the holidays for Utah refugees

12/16/2013 8:17am
The Light One Candle project hopes to bring the holiday spirit to newly arriving refugees, who often feel they're strangers in a new home.

Rare gene discovered that doubles Alzheimer's risk

12/16/2013 9:35am
In a study led by Washington University that includes BYU, researchers have identified a gene that doubles one's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. The findings have been published in the journal Nature.

5 tips to have family fun on a budget

12/16/2013 10:13am
We all like to have a good time, but for families with children the cost of fun can add up. In today's society, with so many entertainment options one might be fooled into thinking that entertainment for the family is bound to be expensive, but there are many options for Utah families that are inexpensive and very fun.

Judge proves money can buy injustice for rich Texas teen

12/16/2013 10:28am
One of my law professors once told our class: I'd rather be rich and guilty than poor and innocent. Maybe he was right. In Texas, in the courtroom of Judge Jean Boyd, not only can the wealthy afford top-notch attorneys and experts, they are afforded their very own legal defense. It's called "affluenza."

Teacher to student: You can't be Santa — you're black!

12/16/2013 10:48am
Ho ho — huh? The family of an African- American high school student in New Mexico says he's crushed after a teacher questioned why he was wearing Santa garb during a school holiday dress-up day last week

Local painter documents girl's battle with cancer

12/16/2013 11:09am
A local painter is creating a series of paintings of a girl who was a competitive dancer as she goes through cancer treatment.

Rescued Nevada family describes wilderness ordeal

12/16/2013 11:22am
Family members rescued after spending about 48 hours in the frigid wilderness of northern Nevada last week spoke out publicly for the first time Monday, saying they don't think they would've lasted two more days out in the cold.

5 of Utah’s best yurts

12/16/2013 11:48am
You have numerous options when it comes to renting one of the yurts that are scattered throughout Utah. So whether you want to stay near a mountain lake or in the desert, you're good to go. Here are five of our state's best yurts available

10 fun ways to get out of the inversion

12/16/2013 12:37pm
Here are our 10 favorite activities to help you escape the inversion this winter.

Fake signer at Mandela event accused in mob attack

12/16/2013 1:04pm
Just when it seemed the scandal over the bogus sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial had run its course, a cousin and three friends say he was part of a mob that accosted two men found with a stolen television and burned them to death by setting fire to tires placed around their necks.

Polygamy ruling criticized nationally

12/16/2013 1:48pm
Some social conservatives are blasting Utah's ruling striking down part of that state's law banning polygamy.

Sending kids home for lice unnecessary embarrassment, schools say

12/16/2013 2:28pm
The way schools handle a head lice outbreak among students has changed dramatically over the years. They've found the cost of lice screening is no longer worth the benefit.

Former teacher's aide goes to prison for sex with students

12/16/2013 3:06pm
Andrea Billingsley, 35, a former West Jordan Middle School teacher's aide convicted of engaging in sexual activities with two students, was sentenced Monday to prison.

Free Christmas events in and around the Salt Lake Valley

12/16/2013 3:26pm
Nothing makes the holidays more magical than attending programs and events geared to make the Yuletide gay.

Provo parking to come to head in Tuesday vote

12/16/2013 4:01pm
A city ordinance that allows private parking enforcement companies to tow or boot vehicles without a property owner's consent on the individual violation could be changed at a Tuesday city meeting.

Officer-involved shooting was justified, police chief believes

12/16/2013 4:18pm
West Valley City Police Chief Lee Russo said he believes the officer who shot and injured a 24- year-old man who was brandishing a knife Sunday took the appropriate action.

Budget legislation gains GOP support

12/16/2013 5:42pm
Bipartisan legislation to soften across-the-board spending cuts gained ground among Senate Republicans on Monday and Democrats expressed optimism it would gain the 60 votes needed to pass by week's end.

Armed man shot in West Valley police department sent to prison

12/16/2013 5:42pm
A man who went into a West Valley City Police Department lobby with a gun and was shot after pointing it at officers was ordered to prison Monday. James Ramsey Kammeyer, 40, apparently went to the police station to end his life.

No suspicious devices found at Harvard after email

12/16/2013 6:35pm
Four buildings on Harvard University's campus were evacuated Monday after police received an email claiming that explosive devices may have been hidden inside, but after hours of searches and disruptions to final exams, no suspicious devices were found.

Storms, short shopping season keep UPS workers extra busy

12/16/2013 6:54pm
If you stood in line at a UPS Store Monday, you know why it's considered the single busiest day of the year for mailing packages. This year's short shopping season and a huge snowstorm in the Northeast only adds to the pressure to get everything delivered on time.

Parents plead for person who hit, killed their son to confess

12/16/2013 6:56pm
Five months after their teenage son was hit and killed by a car, the parents of Nate Haun still don't know what happened. They hope someone will come forward so they can have some closure.

FDA seeks tougher rules on antibacterial soaps

12/16/2013 7:10pm
The Food and Drug Administration says there is no evidence that antibacterial chemicals used in liquid soaps and washes help prevent the spread of germs, and there is some evidence they may pose health risks.

Utah drivers not the worst, after all

12/16/2013 7:13pm
Using traffic data from across the nation, a study says Utah drivers are the second best in the nation.

Consider a living Christmas tree

12/16/2013 7:32pm
If you want a traditional Christmas tree, but want a more sustainable option, consider a living Christmas tree. Sure, it involves a little more planning and effort, but the cost of the tree will add value to your landscape.

Lawmaker fights to exempt local nail salons from expensive regulation

12/16/2013 7:50pm
A Utah lawmaker wants to exempt the state's nail salons from a new universal requirement that could cost them each thousands to tens of thousands of dollars if they open for the first time or remodel starting in 2014.

2 school buses involved in separate accidents

12/16/2013 8:01pm
Several students were injured when a bus carrying them crashed into a tree.

Man injured in officer-involved shooting sent back to jail

12/16/2013 8:14pm
A man who was arrested Friday after exchanging gunfire with an Iron County Sheriff's deputy and hospitalized the next day with bleeding in his brain is back in Iron County Jail.

Ogden couple hopes further search can locate missing plane

12/16/2013 8:40pm
A Utah couple plans to keep looking for a plane that disappeared in the Idaho backcountry two weeks ago. Their grandson and his fiancée were two of the six people on board.

Family feels 'power of all the prayers' for critically ill 4-year-old

12/16/2013 9:38pm
Less than a week later after 4-year-old Isaac Dansie first spiked a fever, he was being flown by helicopter to Primary Children's Hospital with pleural empyema. His family says they can feel the power of all the prayers on his behalf and hope a miracle will bring the boy home before Christmas.

LeBron scores 30, Heat roll past Jazz 117-94

12/16/2013 9:56pm
The Jazz kicked off their road trip against the Miami Heat and fall to the defending world champions, 117-94.

Spot the fraud: consumer alert about package delivery schemes

12/16/2013 10:08pm
As if package theft wasn't a big enough problem to worry about, FedEx is warning of another big holiday scam — this one is delivered to our email.

Tabiona teacher suspended amid apparent police investigation

12/16/2013 10:18pm
A popular teacher and coach at Tabiona High School is apparently the subject of a police investigation and has been suspended from his job.

Nearly $60K in donations raised for new father's grieving family

12/16/2013 10:35pm
It's been less than a week since Josh Robison died, just hours after his wife gave birth. His family is still healing. It will take time, they say, but the community is helping them get through.

Driver sentenced to prison for hitting, killing girl in crosswalk

12/16/2013 10:45pm
Natalie Amalathithada walked into court Monday hoping for two things: an apology from the driver who struck and killed her 6-year- old daughter last year, and a prison sentence of six years, seven months and three days.

Roofing truck hits UHP car, tow truck ramp

12/16/2013 11:59pm
A severe traffic accident left roofing nails spilled across the road, causing the closure of northbound I-15 Monday evening.