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No. 24 Fresno St beats Utah St 24-17 for MW title

12/08/2013 1:37am
All the records and accolades Derek Carr earned became secondary in a sea of red at Bulldog Stadium when fans poured out of the stands to celebrate a long-awaited conference championship.

Survivors recall Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

12/08/2013 2:54am
For the first time since the war, Alvis Taylor returned to Pearl Harbor and recalled the surprise Japanese air attack that plunged America into World War II.

Snow College names longtime Utah educator as interim president

12/08/2013 9:33am
As outgoing president Scott Wyatt takes the helm at Southern Utah University, the state board of regents has called on a longtime educator to serve as the interim leader at Snow College.

NYC good Samaritans risk it all to save strangers

12/08/2013 10:16am
In New York City, which often has a keep-to-yourself, don't-get- involved reputation, at least a dozen good Samaritans this past year were willing to risk their own safety to save a stranger.

New UDOT program recruits citizen reporters

12/08/2013 10:48am
The Utah Department of Transportation Citizen Reporting Program enlists volunteers to report on current road conditions along specific roadway segments across Utah.

Gene therapy scores big wins against blood cancers

12/08/2013 11:54am
In one of the biggest advances against leukemia and other blood cancers in many years, doctors are reporting unprecedented success by using gene therapy to transform patients' blood cells into soldiers that seek and destroy cancer.

Highway officials offer tips on driving on ice

12/08/2013 12:20pm
Drivers beware. With bitter cold temperatures settling in over a big chunk of the country, highway officials are warning people to stay off slick roads and, if they must go out, take extra care when getting behind the wheel.

Reddit to the rescue: Strangers find missing dog

12/08/2013 12:54pm
When Piper Below lost her dog, Jack, on a morning walk, the last thing she expected was to find him with the help of hundreds of strangers on the Internet.

Rotary Club donates dictionaries to Utah third-graders

12/08/2013 1:19pm
More than 70 third-graders at Nibley Park School excitedly thumbed through brand-new dictionaries with their names on them Wednesday morning.

HIV returns in two patients after bone marrow transplant

12/08/2013 1:42pm
HIV has returned in two patients who doctors hoped had been cured of the virus following bone marrow transplants, the Boston researcher who treated them said Saturday.

Snow causes accidents around Utah, delays travel

12/08/2013 3:49pm
Snowstorms Saturday evening caused more than 100 crashes across the state, and also stopped planes, buses and some automobiles in the St. George area.

South Africans of all faiths pray for Mandela

12/08/2013 4:58pm
In death, Nelson Mandela unified South Africans of all races and backgrounds Sunday on a day of prayer for the global statesman - from a vaulted cathedral with hymns and incense to a rural, hilltop church with goat-skin drums and barefoot dancing.

Motorists trapped by snowstorm on Arizona Strip

12/08/2013 6:02pm
Up to 300 vehicles were stuck overnight Saturday on the Arizona Strip, a 30-mile stretch of I-15 between Utah and Nevada in northwestern Arizona because of an unusual snowstorm.

Intoxicated driver crashes into home in West Valley City

12/08/2013 6:44pm
Ashley Weekes and Brandon Kelsey hadn't been upstairs in their house more than five minutes when they heard a loud crash downstairs.

Man stationed at Hill Air Force Base killed in snowmobiling accident

12/08/2013 7:29pm
A 22-year-old member of the Air Force stationed at Hill Air Force Base was killed in a snowmobiling accident Sunday.

Friends work to reunite family members half a world apart

12/08/2013 9:02pm
Adriana Mize is an hourly worker in a Saratoga Springs school kitchen. With her friendly and sweet demeanor, you would never know the heartache she feels, daily – a heartache that comes from missing her parents who live 6,000 miles away in Romania.

Man wakes up on United jet, locked in and alone

12/08/2013 9:37pm
Tom Wagner woke up Friday night and the plane cabin was dark. And empty. Completely empty.

Truck crashes into Jordan River

12/08/2013 10:30pm
Three people suffered minor injuries Sunday after their vehicles collided head-on, sending one down a 20-foot embankment into the Jordan River.

Church raises money to restore century-old pipe organ

12/08/2013 10:30pm
A Salt Lake City church launched a social media campaign over the weekend to raise money for a collection of 3300 pipes.

Giving rather than receiving among themes at Christmas Devotional

12/08/2013 10:31pm
The annual Christmas Devotional for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was held Sunday night at the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake.