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Federal judge rules no off-road vehicles on Richfield BLM lands

11/05/2013 7:25am
A coalition of conservation groups is hailing a federal judge's ruling to strike down portions of the Richfield Bureau of Land Management plan they said gave deference to off-road vehicles at the expense of the environment.

Documentary highlights daring rescue from 1967

11/05/2013 7:48am
A new documentary is premiering Tuesday which focuses on how a team of rescuers risked their lives to save a man off the side of a very dangerous mountain.

Charges filed against therapist in teen sex abuse case

11/05/2013 7:56am
A former therapist accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenage client faces felony sexual abuse charges.

Men shot windows with BB guns for 'fun,' police say

11/05/2013 8:18am
Two men accused of using BB guns to shoot out windows on cars and homes have been charged with criminal mischief.

Questar to cover HEAT costs till gov't shutdown funds restored

11/05/2013 8:54am
The recent government shutdown froze federal funds meant to help low-income Utahns with heating cost. But Questar Gas pledged to cover the costs for 45 days until money is released.

New car-sharing program aims to aid commuters

11/05/2013 9:15am
Salt Lake City, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the Utah Transit Authority on Monday announced a new car-sharing program in partnership with the University of Utah and Utah Valley University.

Clearer policies needed for student-teacher interaction, therapist says

11/05/2013 10:00am
A call for change is surfacing in how Utah teachers and students are allowed to interact after several sexual abuse cases apparently started by text message or on social media.

Home-school students do well as they attend college for the first time

11/05/2013 10:43am
Home-school students make the transition to higher education smoothly, thanks to a plethora of resources and social acceptance.

Experts, anglers say fishing conditions are prime at Strawberry Reservoir

11/05/2013 10:58am
The fish are currently biting at Strawberry Reservoir — flies, lures, baits, and pretty much anything passing by.

Study: 8.8 billion Earth-size, just-right planets

11/05/2013 11:48am
Space is vast, but it may not be so lonely after all: A study finds the Milky Way is teeming with billions of planets that are about the size of Earth, orbit stars just like our sun, and exist in the Goldilocks zone – not too hot and not too cold for life.

How to love every minute of a losing season for Jazz fans

11/05/2013 1:17pm
The Utah Jazz fell to 0-3 Saturday after a 104-93 loss to the Rockets, and yet the season couldn't be off to a better start. The L's are just beginning to pile up, and yet the guys are looking, well, pretty good. They're playing competitive games, suffering narrow defeats and they exude a spark that was absent last season. In a couple years, with the addition of a new piece or two, this team could be special.

Semitrailer hauling lumber overturns on Highway 40

11/05/2013 1:36pm
A semitrailer crashed and overturned on Highway 40 west of Vernal Tuesday morning, shutting down part of the highway.

San Francisco to become 'Gotham City' for boy with leukemia

11/05/2013 2:51pm
An entire city will help a boy with cancer and a desire to rescue others get his wish this month.

9 skydivers survive fiery plane collision, share story with NBC's TODAY

11/05/2013 4:04pm
Nine skydivers made an incredible safe return to earth after a terrifying collision between two planes that caused one aircraft to burst into flames.

BYU student creates 'smart' football helmet

11/05/2013 4:30pm
A new "smart" football helmet could tell coaches on the sidelines how much impact their players are taking in real-time.

NJ mall shooting baffles relatives of gunman

11/05/2013 4:49pm
Relatives and friends of a young man who fired shots in New Jersey's largest mall, trapping terrified shoppers for hours before killing himself, struggled Tuesday to reconcile those actions with a person they described as pleasant and well-liked.

Park City officer warns of wardrobe trend he's seeing in schools

11/05/2013 5:38pm
Many Utah students just finished up drug awareness training during their school's Red Ribbon week. Now one police department wants to help bring parents up to speed on the drug messages their kids are sending with their clothes.

Weather experts optimistic about snow fall

11/05/2013 5:44pm
A wintry snowstorm hit the Wasatch Front in time to make a mess of the Tuesday morning commute. Multiple accidents were reported.

Toronto mayor admits crack use, plans to keep job

11/05/2013 6:03pm
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford acknowledged for the first time Tuesday that he smoked crack "probably a year ago" when he was in a "drunken stupor," but he refused to resign despite immense pressure to step aside as leader of Canada's largest city.

Feelings of failure common among early-return missionaries, study says

11/05/2013 6:06pm
Missionaries who return early from their service need additional help from ward members and clinical professionals to cope, a new study says.

2 students suspended for wearing KKK costumes to Sky View High

11/05/2013 6:09pm
Two students from Sky View High School were suspended after showing up on Halloween dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Investigator: missing Swallow records 'deeply worrisome'

11/05/2013 6:19pm
A lawyer for the Utah House committee investigating Attorney General John Swallow says it's troubling that records are missing from every electronic device Swallow has had since he became chief deputy four years ago.

Woman tells would-be robber to show her gun; man runs away

11/05/2013 6:40pm
Bountiful police said a woman called a would-be robber's bluff. When he told her he had a gun, she asked him to show it to her.

Obama's simple promises vex complex health rollout

11/05/2013 6:46pm
It sounded so simple. Too simple, it turns out. President Barack Obama's early efforts to boil down an intricate health care law so Americans could understand it are coming back to haunt him, leaving a trail of caveats and provisos in place of the pithy claims he once used to sell the law.

Judge allows former cellmates to testify in MacNeill trial

11/05/2013 6:47pm
A judge has ruled that jurors in the murder trial of ex-doctor Martin MacNeill can hear testimony from his cellmates that he was glad she was dead.

'Disney on Ice' lets guests, skaters travel world

11/05/2013 6:52pm
Disney's Passport Adventure takes viewers on a trip around the world with characters from popular movies like "The Lion King" and "Peter Pan."

Police searching for 2 people accused of approaching children

11/05/2013 7:08pm
Police are asking for the public's help in finding a suspicious vehicle with two people who approached two children on Monday.

Rise in metal theft reports prompts police training conference

11/05/2013 7:42pm
They've hit schools, hospitals and airports: copper thieves are causing serious problems in Utah, and the crime is on the rise. Tuesday, police officers from around the state gathered in Salt Lake City to learn how to do a better job at catching metal thieves.

Creator of 'God's Army' faces protective order from ex-girlfriend

11/05/2013 7:53pm
The man known as "The Father of Mormon Cinema" was in court Tuesday after his live-in girlfriend filed a request for a protective order against him.

Viral blog about marriage teaches selflessness

11/05/2013 8:34pm
Love is not about you, and neither is marriage, former Farmington resident Seth Adam Smith believes.

5 problem solvers to create successful family meal times

11/05/2013 9:05pm
Eating regular family meals has many positive benefits to the family and healthy outcomes for children. Here are a few suggestions to make family meal times more meaningful, doable and healthy.

Lopez leads Nets in 104-88 win over Jazz

11/05/2013 9:24pm
The Jazz start their four-game road stretch with an ugly loss in Brooklyn to Deron Williams and the Nets.

East Carbon, Sunnyside voters approve consolidation of cities

11/05/2013 9:48pm
Utah had 244 municipalities before the votes were counted Tuesday night in Carbon County.

Northern Utah city divided on proposal to lift one of state's only alcohol bans

11/05/2013 10:42pm
Voters in Northern Utah had their say on one of the state's last remaining city alcohol bans.

5 best apps to protect teens, kids online

11/05/2013 10:47pm
Most kids have cellphones or tablets and are constantly texting or using social media, and experts say parents should use apps to monitor their children's online activity.

Ron Bigelow elected as West Valley City's next mayor

11/05/2013 11:14pm
After representing West Valley City for more than a dozen years in the state Legislature, Ron Bigelow hopes his election as mayor will bring needed change to Utah's second-largest city.

Voters reject $495M Jordan School District bond

11/05/2013 11:47pm
A bond proposal to raise nearly a half-billion dollars for new school buildings and renovations in the Jordan School District failed Tuesday.

TRAX train collides with lone train car; 3 injured

11/05/2013 11:59pm
Three people were injured Tuesday night when a TRAX train crashed into a train car that had become separated from another TRAX train, near 8100 South and 100 East.