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Car chase suspects in custody after trying to 'blend in'

10/17/2013 7:30am
Three people accused of leading police on a chase are in custody. Police said the trio tried to blend into their surroundings to avoid officers who were looking for them.

Cox sworn in as new lieutenant governor

10/17/2013 7:48am
Addressing an ornate room in the state Capitol crowded with what looked to be most of his rural hometown, newly sworn-in Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox was overcome briefly by emotion Wednesday.

Cellphone prompted shooting, victim says

10/17/2013 8:03am
A man accused of shooting another man twice in Sevier County, was charged this week with attempted murder.

School recruits 42 volunteers to read with students

10/17/2013 8:58am
Coordinators at Westfield Elementary in Alpine have recruited 42 PTA volunteers to read with struggling students every week for the school year.

Program succeeds at finding future family doctors

10/17/2013 9:30am
Reports show that 23 out of the 29 counties in Utah have some sort of shortage in primary health care doctors. Despite this, one medical program is having success finding future family doctors.

Comcast launches 1,000 new Wi-Fi hotspots

10/17/2013 9:53am
Comcast is announcing a new network of more than 1,000 WiFi hotspots in Utah that will allow Xfinity Internet customers to access fast wireless service for free. In addition, hot spots will be available to non-Comcast customers at low or no cost.

WHO agency: Air pollution causes cancer

10/17/2013 10:28am
What many commuters choking on smog have long suspected has finally been scientifically validated: air pollution causes lung cancer.

As US demographics change, so does the menu

10/17/2013 10:37am
Salsa overtaking ketchup as America's No. 1 condiment was just the start.

Movie based on miniseries 'The Bible' set for Feb. release

10/17/2013 11:15am
The hugely popular cable TV miniseries "The Bible" is coming to the big screen next year.

Time with kids beats work — but it's more exhausting, parents say

10/17/2013 11:43am
Parents rate the time they spend caring for their kids as the best time, beating out work and other activities. But it's also the most exhausting.

'Jeopardy!' features LDS Church category

10/17/2013 11:46am
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints grabbed the spotlight earlier this week with its very own category on "Jeopardy!"

3 ways to 'perk up' the slouch mom

10/17/2013 1:55pm
Knee-deep in children, science projects and dinner on the table, we moms can — by sheer busyness — unintentionally go down the dark side to the somewhat slouchy mom look. But perking up on the outside helps us feel better inside.

Public vote in the works on exchanging tax exemption for school funding

10/17/2013 2:03pm
Sen. Pat Jones said she intends to call for a non-binding public vote on a bill that would eliminate the personal tax exemption to fund schools.

10 PG-13 horror movies that are actually scary

10/17/2013 2:18pm
Often people like to get a good scare, but they aren't fans of the gore and intense violence that often accompanies horror films. For those of you out there here are 10 PG-13, or under, horror films that will give you a scare this Halloween.

State attorneys want court to toss 'ag gag' lawsuit

10/17/2013 2:40pm
Attorneys for the state want a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit challenging Utah's so-called "ag gag" law.

NY Police: Shoppers held after possible human remains found in bag

10/17/2013 3:29pm
Two teen girls were detained Thursday at a Victoria's Secret store in Manhattan after possible human remains were found in one of their bags, an NYPD spokesman told CNN.

Reporter who led Romney's election coverage to speak at SLCC

10/17/2013 5:13pm
NPR's White House Correspondent Ari Shapiro will be speaking for free at SLCC.

Utah delegates stand by their shutdown votes

10/17/2013 5:38pm
Utah's congressional delegation are standing by their votes, whether they voted "yes" or "no," on the measure to reopen the government.

Obama lashes Republicans as government reopens

10/17/2013 5:46pm
In withering day-after criticism, President Barack Obama declared Thursday that the 16-day partial government shutdown was a Republican-provoked spectacle that "encouraged our enemies" around the world.

2 killers escape Fla. prison with bogus documents

10/17/2013 5:53pm
At first glance, the paperwork ordering the release of two convicted murderers serving life sentences in a Florida prison looked legitimate.

Pop culture references contribute to resurgence of 'Molly' drug in Utah

10/17/2013 5:55pm
The emergence of "Molly" in pop culture has led to a Utah resurgence for the old drug with a new twist, police and case workers say.

Students rally for peers who lost parents in RV crash

10/17/2013 6:02pm
Timpview High School students are planning a fundraiser for the Clark family, whose parents were killed when their RV hit a St. George home in May.

Semitrailer rolls and burns in Weber Canyon

10/17/2013 6:28pm
A semitrailer rolled and caught fire in Weber Canyon Thursday morning, closing I-84 in both directions between Taggart and Morgan.

Giving birth in Philippine quake: 'Push and pray'

10/17/2013 6:50pm
Eileen Rose Carabana and her mother were in their mountain village house when the 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the central Philippine island of Bohol. Moments later, she felt an unmistakable intense pain in her abdomen _ she was about to go into labor.

1 killed using machinery at meatpacking plant

10/17/2013 7:00pm
One person is dead after an accident at a meatpacking plant.

Rare Utah beetle dropped from endangered species consideration

10/17/2013 7:28pm
Utah elected officials were joined by state park managers in celebrating the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's decision to withdraw its proposal to list the Coral Pink Sand Dunes tiger beetle under the Endangered Species Act.

Utah state parks break attendance records amid shutdown

10/17/2013 8:44pm
The federal shutdown created a wild two weeks at Utah's state parks. In spite of the closure of national parks, visitation numbers at a few state parks broke records.

Logan residents experience 3.6-magnitude quake

10/17/2013 8:45pm
Did you feel a small earthquake in Cache Valley on Thursday? If so, the University of Utah's seismology center wants to hear about it.

Single mom sends out desperate plea for return of lost $700

10/17/2013 8:49pm
It may not seem like a lot of money, but for a single mother of five, $700 was all she had. Now, Arely Sandoval hopes the person who found the cash will return it.

Police: Knife-wielding man held, children safe after Arkansas bus hijacking

10/17/2013 9:03pm
A man with a knife hijacked a school bus in central Arkansas Thursday morning, taking 11 elementary school students on a wild detour that police ended after a roughly 10-mile chase, authorities said.

Atheist group finds resistance from Utah ad companies

10/17/2013 9:26pm
An atheist group trying to advertise their convention is reportedly getting the cold shoulder.

Man in court for texting crash that nearly severed woman's leg

10/17/2013 9:50pm
A Roosevelt woman faced the man in court who nearly severed her leg in a car crash involving texting.

Many uninsured Utahns frustrated by federal healthcare website

10/17/2013 10:29pm
Though the website that allows uninsured Americans to shop for affordable healthcare launched two weeks ago, many are still reporting glitches in the site.

Jury to determine whether woman died of natural causes or murder

10/17/2013 10:31pm
Michele MacNeill died of natural causes — not murder — and investigators have worked to find a way around scientific facts in order to bring charges against her husband, a defense attorney told jurors Thursday.

Video of men toppling rock formation could have criminal consequences

10/17/2013 10:45pm
Two men have come under scrutiny by the public and possibly by prosecutors after a video made the rounds online showing them pushing over an iconic rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park.

DEA: Russian street drug with 'horrifying' effects may be in Utah

10/17/2013 11:08pm
A deadly street drug that originates in Russia has made its way to the United States — and possibly even Utah.