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Fire consumes 3 RVs, damages home in retirement community

08/20/2013 6:55am
A fire in a retirement community Monday damaged a house, three mobile homes and a jet ski.

Snowden reporter: Won't be silenced by detention

08/20/2013 7:37am
An American journalist who has written stories based on documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden said Monday he'll publish with more fervor after British authorities detained his partner.

Police: Australian player killed by 'bored' teens

08/20/2013 8:01am
An Australian baseball player out for a jog in an Oklahoma neighborhood was shot and killed by three "bored" teenagers who decided to kill someone for fun, police said.

Feds to reopen 3 wilderness roads in Utah

08/20/2013 8:22am
The federal government will unlock gates to three roads in the Deep Creek Mountains in Utah's west desert in the first settlement over disputed claims of road ownership across federal lands.

Local doctor awarded $230K to continue groundbreaking leukemia research

08/20/2013 9:14am
The Huntsman Cancer Institute's Dr. Michael Engel was awarded a $230,000 grant from the St. Baldrick's Foundation, a charity that raises money for childhood cancer research.

Delaware students build world's tallest Lego tower

08/20/2013 9:55am
Finally, the world record all of us have been dying to get back to the United States is finally ours. America is now home to the tallest Lego tower in the history of the world.

Logan man sentenced for starving horses

08/20/2013 10:12am
A Logan man who pleaded guilty to starving his horses has been sentenced to community service.

Swimmer banned from Paralympics for not being paralyzed enough

08/20/2013 10:48am
A paralyzed swimmer who won a gold medal in London has now been disqualified from competing in the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Paralympics because she is not disabled enough to compete.

What comes after Utah's fancy new building?

08/20/2013 11:27am
Utah's fancy new football complex now levels the playing field when it comes to facilities. But it also ups the pressure. The new building means Utah has what it takes to win the Pac 12.

Telescope captures dramatic moment of starbirth

08/20/2013 11:47am
The ALMA telescope in Chile has captured a close-up of the glowing material spewing from a newborn star.

Swedish museum to recover lost scientific artifact

08/20/2013 11:49am
A rare 16th-century scientific instrument used by early astronomers that has been missing from a Swedish museum for around a decade has been recovered and will be returned this week, the London-based Art Loss Register says.

Videos from BYU, Utah and USU to get you ready for football season

08/20/2013 12:48pm
Waiting another week for college football almost seems cruel. To help out here are three videos from BYU, Utah and USU to keep you busy.

Fans call 911 when cable goes out during 'Breaking Bad'

08/20/2013 2:03pm
Dispatcher's in Fairfield, Conn. were inundated with phone calls when the cable went out during an episode of AMC's "Breaking Bad."

Utah economy benefiting from Pac-12 membership

08/20/2013 2:46pm
The University of Utah last week unveiled their new Spence and Cleone Eccles Football Center — a facility administrators and coaches said would not be possible without being in the Pac-12. However, the school is not the only group to benefit from the Pac-12, according to a new study.

Egypt's Brotherhood as beleaguered as its leader

08/20/2013 4:43pm
The Muslim Brotherhood's top leader looked somber and fatigued after his arrest Tuesday, his demeanor mirroring the Islamist movement's predicament following its stunning fall from power and a deadly government crackdown.

Utah GOP hopes to host 2016 Republican National Convention

08/20/2013 5:03pm
Utah GOP Chairman James Evans is pushing hard for Salt Lake City to try again to host the Republican National Convention, this time in 2016, despite concerns about the $40 million price tag raised by another party official.

Man allegedly fired at former co-worker during dispute

08/20/2013 5:10pm
One man was questioned by police after allegedly shooting at a former co-worker Tuesday morning. But by Tuesday afternoon, investigators hadn't found the alleged victim.

California considers force-feeding inmates

08/20/2013 5:29pm
If dozens of hunger-striking California state prison inmates are so close to death that they must be force-fed, the method will likely be less invasive than what was used on terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, the prison system's top medical services official said Tuesday.

Colo. family evicted after mother killed by gunman

08/20/2013 5:45pm
Federal housing officials are condemning a decision by the Denver Housing Authority to evict the relatives of a mother killed by a rampaging gunman three days after her slaying, saying there is room for compassion in federal law.

Sandy police reprimand owners for picture of 'puppy piņata'

08/20/2013 6:03pm
A picture posted as a joke on Facebook has caused animal advocates a lot of concern, and they said that it should not be allowed.

Alpine installs bus cameras to prevent bullying

08/20/2013 6:26pm
The Alpine School District has begun installing cameras on its bus fleet in an attempt to curb bullying.

Men impersonating LDS missionaries rob Vegas resident

08/20/2013 6:30pm
Las Vegas police are looking for two men who allegedly robbed a man while posing as Mormon missionaries.

Rockport citizens face smokey homes, insurance claims

08/20/2013 6:45pm
Several Rockport homeowners returned home to clean up after the fire, and are contemplating whether the damage is bad enough to justify filing an insurance claim.

10-year-old boy hit by woman with DUI history

08/20/2013 7:05pm
A woman with a history of DUI arrests was jailed again Monday after police say she hit a 10-year-old boy riding a bike in Pleasant Grove.

Missing teen sparks internet safety discussion

08/20/2013 7:30pm
With a Lone Peak teen still missing, child advocacy groups are talking about parent awareness of online dangers.

Tips on helping your kids make friends in school

08/20/2013 7:32pm
Have your children ever worried themselves sick before school starts? Perhaps it is because they are worried about making friends. Here are some tips for helping your child make and keep friends this school year.

Mom accused of faking daughter's cancer faces felony charge

08/20/2013 8:17pm
Abreail "Abby" Winkler paid bills with the $3,183 in donations from people who believed her 4-year-old daughter had leukemia, according to court records. The girl never had cancer, police say.

Investigators suspect Ogden house fire intentionally set

08/20/2013 8:32pm
Police officers extinguished a small kitchen fire that may have been intentionally set early Tuesday morning.

Nuns, community volunteers prepare for annual Carmelite Fair

08/20/2013 8:36pm
The annual Carmelite Fair will take place in September, and the nuns who live in the Holladay monastery are preparing to welcome the crowds. This year, they want everyone to understand not only where and how they live — but what they do.

Family shocked by offensive letter criticizing son with autism

08/20/2013 8:38pm
A Canadian mother was dismayed after receiving an offensive letter from a neighbor complaining about her teenage son who has autism.

Man seeking artist roommate in exchange for free rent

08/20/2013 9:12pm
A local man is offering to rent a room in his house for free. There is, however, a catch.

Gun lobbyist given stalking injunction, allowed to keep firearms

08/20/2013 9:15pm
A West Jordan judge has ruled that Clark Aposhian must stay away from his ex-wife and her new husband, but Utah's top gun lobbyist will get his firearms back.

Horse collapse fuels Salt Lake City carriage-ban debate

08/20/2013 9:32pm
The issue of a carriage horse that fell to the ground over the weekend has sparked a growing controversy. There are calls coming from different sides for a city-wide ban on the businesses.

2 men worry St. George residents by asking about schools, police say

08/20/2013 10:24pm
Two men caused a small scare in St. George on Monday and Tuesday after reportedly asking about the area's elementary schools.

Riverton residents outraged over city's plan for new park

08/20/2013 10:25pm
The city of Riverton is getting a new park, but many people who live there are less than thrilled about the way things are getting done.

Man, 20, charged in Georgia school shooting

08/20/2013 10:25pm
A man with an assault rifle and other weapons exchanged gunfire with officers Tuesday at an Atlanta-area elementary school before surrendering, a police chief said, with dramatic overhead television footage capturing the young students racing out of the building, being escorted by teachers and police to safety. No one was injured.

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