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Saving money while camping

08/16/2013 6:31am
There is still time to squeeze in a mini- vacation, and camping can be a great way to do that. But the great outdoors can get pricey.

Water used by helicopters to fight fire less than watering grass

08/16/2013 7:37am
With water levels in reservoirs being so low, is it safe to be taking out so much water from our reservoirs to fight all of the fires we're dealing with? Water watchers say the levels in Utah's reservoirs are low and getting lower all the time.

Crime app from West Valley gives real-time updates

08/16/2013 8:07am
West Valley City police are turning to technology to allow residents to keep track of crime in their neighborhood.

Veteran talent helps make 'Paranoia' riveting

08/16/2013 8:22am
I'm not sure the title "Paranoia" is quite right for this new movie based on Joseph Finder's novel published in 2004. But, since it is the title of the novel too, well, who am I to argue?

Salt Lake City hits 100 degrees, for 20th day

08/16/2013 8:43am
Salt Lake City is close to setting a record as temperatures reached 100 degrees again on Thursday.

Bountiful community rallies around woman who beat brain cancer

08/16/2013 9:04am
Taking a ride in a helicopter was the pinnacle of a grueling battle against cancer for a 40-year-old Bountiful woman. Her battle with cancer is nothing short of a miracle.

Ouch! The cost of raising a child has risen again

08/16/2013 10:11am
You didn't imagine it: It does cost more to raise a child than in the past, including shelter, food and other essentials. The sticker shock doesn't even count the cost of college.

6 tips to weigh the best resale home improvements

08/16/2013 10:29am
A rebound in the housing market has made homeowners more willing to invest in renovations that could boost the value of their homes even more in a rising market.

Introducing Burka Avenger, the female Muslim superhero

08/16/2013 11:15am
Pakistan's new animated children's TV series "Burka Avenger" features a superhero unlike any you've seen before — a female, burqa-wearing crusader — and she's fighting for education.

Is an up-tempo offense what Utah needs to compete?

08/16/2013 11:38am
In the two weeks since fall camp started for the University of Utah football program, the overarching theme has been about the increased speed and tempo. And while the attention has been on improving the offense, the question is whether it will make the team more competitive.

Grizzly attacks injure 4 in and near Yellowstone

08/16/2013 11:51am
Four people injured in two separate bear attacks in and near Yellowstone National Park on the same day were able to escape with relatively minor injuries. None remained hospitalized Friday.

Lake Powell releases cut to address Colorado River drought

08/16/2013 12:10pm
The driest prolonged period of drought along the Colorado River in a century led the federal government to institute emergency steps to curtail releases from Lake Powell, which will be the lowest release since Lake Powell filled in the 1960s.

56-year-old woman dies while hiking in Capitol Reef

08/16/2013 12:47pm
A 56-year-old woman died Thursday while hiking in Garfield County. Preliminary investigations indicate the cause is most likely heat exhaustion.

General Dynamics to hire 1,600 at call center

08/16/2013 1:34pm
General Dynamics will be hiring 1,600 full- and part-time workers at a new call center in Sandy.

Provo man accused of exposing himself on plane

08/16/2013 2:32pm
A 49-year-old Provo man is accused of exposing his private parts to a woman next to him on a flight to Salt Lake City.

RNC votes to block CNN, NBC from hosting debates

08/16/2013 3:56pm
The Republican National Committee, responding to plans by two television networks to air programs about Hillary Rodham Clinton, approved a resolution Friday to block CNN and NBC from hosting GOP presidential primary debates.

Oktoberfest kicks off at Snowbird

08/16/2013 4:07pm
The yearly tradition of Oktoberfest kicks off August 17, 2013 at Snowbird, with all kinds of activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

Couples stays to protect wildlife in Rockport Fire

08/16/2013 4:40pm
Many residents of the Bridge Hollow and Promontory communities in Summit County woke up in their own beds Friday. But about 125 homes and cabins in the most-burned areas remain off- limits to residents as crews continue to fight the Rockport Fire.

TRAX extends to Draper this weekend

08/16/2013 5:31pm
This weekend, light rail will officially begin taking passengers farther into the south end of the Salt Lake Valley than ever before. The Utah Transit Authority's Blue Line will welcome the 3.8-mile Draper TRAX extension.

CIA acknowledges Area 51 - but not UFOs or aliens

08/16/2013 5:35pm
UFO buffs and believers in alien encounters are celebrating the CIA's clearest acknowledgement yet of the existence of Area 51, the top-secret Cold War test site that has been the subject of elaborate conspiracy theories for decades.

New NSA revelations stir congressional concern

08/16/2013 5:46pm
New revelations from leaker Edward Snowden that the National Security Agency has overstepped its authority thousands of times since 2008 are stirring renewed calls on Capitol Hill for serious changes to NSA spy programs, undermining White House hopes that President Barack Obama had quieted the controversy with his assurances of oversight.

Snow College sees boost in enrollment despite missionary age change

08/16/2013 6:07pm
As students head back to school next week, most of Utah's colleges and universities are seeing a decline in enrollment. Officials said lower enrollment numbers are due in large part to the LDS Church's missionary age change. Snow College administrators expected to be the hardest hit by the age change but the school has seen a surprising increase in incoming students this fall.

Supreme court upholds conviction of man who killed aunt

08/16/2013 6:07pm
In a ruling issued Friday, the Utah Supreme Court upheld the conviction and sentence of a man who pleaded guilty to killing his aunt. The high court justices found the man knowingly and voluntarily pleaded guilty.

Fire crews working to subdue last of Rockport fire

08/16/2013 6:40pm
Fire officials said they have 50 percent of the Rockport fire contained, with 1,920 acres still burning.

Egypt street battles leave at least 82 dead

08/16/2013 6:48pm
Egypt's capital descended into chaos Friday as vigilantes at neighborhood checkpoints battled Muslim Brotherhood-led protesters denouncing the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi and a deadly crackdown. The fiercest street clashes Cairo has seen in more than two years of turmoil left at least 82 people dead, including 10 policemen.

U of U Medical Center allegedly releases fugitive without telling police

08/16/2013 7:03pm
Uintah County prosecutors filed new felony charges Friday against a Utah fugitive who walked out of a Salt Lake City hospital two days after she crashed a pickup truck while fleeing from police in Wyoming.

9-year-old girl dies after wind carries trampoline over 50 yards

08/16/2013 7:14pm
Injuries sustained from a trampoline wind accident claimed the life of a 9-year-old girl in Panguitch Wednesday. Oaklee Sidwell was playing outside with her friends on a trampoline Tuesday afternoon when a sudden gust of wind lifted the trampoline and carried it over for over 50 yards.

Young girl honors family killed in crash with random acts of kindness

08/16/2013 7:27pm
She lost her parents and sister in a car crash six years ago. As the anniversary of the crash approaches, 14-year-old Diana Jo Jarman hopes people will perform a random act of kindness.

Lemonade stand offers some lessons

08/16/2013 7:29pm
As a kid, I sat at the side of a lonely dirt road selling lemonade all day until I had a sunburn and had finished off two entire pitchers of lemonade and made not a dime. That day I learned the importance of location, location and sunscreen.

Father: Rescued teen taking things day at a time

08/16/2013 7:31pm
The father of a 16-year-old girl said she is taking things one day at a time after FBI agents killed a longtime family friend suspected of torturing and killing her mother and brother and escaping with her to the Idaho wilderness.

Some dog breeds too risky to cover, insurers say

08/16/2013 8:17pm
Saying a dog's bite is much worse than their bark, some insurance companies are refusing to sell homeowner's insurance to people owning dog breeds deemed aggressive.

Am I feeling sad, or is this real depression?

08/16/2013 8:33pm
There is a debilitating sadness that comes with clinical depression, but these intense feelings manifest themselves in many ways. What is the difference, and how do you know which is which?

Logan officer sniffs his way to alleged marijuana grow

08/16/2013 9:11pm
Logan City Police responded to reports of a burglary, only to smell raw marijuana coming from one of the apartment windows.

Cyclist collides with mail truck, critically injured

08/16/2013 9:32pm
A bicyclist is in critical condition after a collision with a U.S. Postal Service truck Friday.

3 killed, several injured in 4-car crash near Moab

08/16/2013 9:54pm
A destructive crash between four vehicles killed three people on state Route 191 near Moab.

California women travel to Utah in fake check scam, police say

08/16/2013 10:09pm
Cottonwood Heights police said they caught two Californian women using fraudulent checks and credit cards to steal from Utah stores.

Brush fire above Lagoon may be linked to target shooters

08/16/2013 10:28pm
Flames were visible east of Lagoon on Friday night as a small fire near Firebreak Road began to burn the hillside.

Trailer homes destroyed in Patch Springs Fire, other fires rage across state

08/16/2013 10:45pm
The Patch Springs Fire grew to 33,000 acres Friday, leading to evacuations in the little town of Terra and destroying at least eight trailer homes.