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Man accused of posing as cop, raping woman

08/08/2013 7:15am
A West Valley man faces a handful of felony charges after police say he impersonated an officer and raped a woman he met through a dating service.

Successful anti-bully program expands

08/08/2013 7:41am
An anti-bullying program at one Jordan School District school has been so successful, it's expanding to sixth graders around the district this fall, a school counselor familiar with the situation said Thursday.

9 high school football players charged in crime spree

08/08/2013 8:28am
Nine Granger High School football players — including several seniors — have been banned from playing football by a judge this season because of an alleged crime spree last May.

Same-sex spouses may receive military health care

08/08/2013 9:29am
Same-sex spouses of military members could get health care, housing and other benefits by the end of August under a proposal being considered by the Pentagon. But earlier plans to provide benefits to gay partners who are not married may be reversed.

Fast-food supervisor accused of sexting with teen employee

08/08/2013 9:34am
A supervisor at a fast-food restaurant has been arrested for allegedly sending and receiving sexually explicit pictures with a 16-year-old employee.

Group: Apps not effective tool for teaching babies

08/08/2013 9:53am
Smartphones don't make smart babies, an advocacy group declared Wednesday in a complaint to the government about mobile apps that claim to help babies learn.

'Frankenfish' hooked in Virginia a world record

08/08/2013 10:18am
A Virginia man who caught a fish known as "Frankenfish" has set a world record.

Man finds maggots on sandwich at Atlanta airport

08/08/2013 10:37am
A restaurant says it has switched vendors after a customer found a cluster of maggots on his sandwich at Atlanta's airport.

'Hunger Games' kids' camp attempts to tone down violent theme

08/08/2013 11:35am
A "Hunger Games" themed day camp is attempting to tone down the violence amid concern and criticism.

Is BYU losing recruiting stronghold?

08/08/2013 11:42am
An apparent big-time football player from Timpview High has changed his commitment from BYU to Utah. For many years BYU owned its recruiting backyard, but Utah is making inroads to lure high school prospects to Salt Lake City.

5 reasons to visit Box Elder County

08/08/2013 11:56am
Brigham City is home to a number of natural, historic, artistic and even delicious family-friendly attractions. It is an easy day trip from most cities along the Wasatch Front. Regardless of your interests, Brigham City is worth a trip.

Are LDS learning to swim in the mainstream?

08/08/2013 12:21pm
Utah Valley University President Matthew S. Holland said Tuesday that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are learning to swim in contemporary religion's mainstream during what he referred to as "the post-Mormon moment."

Lt. Gov. Greg Bell won't face criminal charges over audit complaint

08/08/2013 12:35pm
Utah Lt. Gov. Greg Bell will not be charged with any crimes relating to a complaint that he interfered in a state family services case for a friend.

6 must-read Utah YA authors

08/08/2013 12:54pm
The trend of shopping locally doesn't need to be limited to food and mom and pop shops, because Utah is home to several bestselling and award winning authors of young adult fiction. Whether you want to make the most of the last weeks of summer or esc

Telephone scam targets Utahns for missed jury duty

08/08/2013 1:27pm
A telephone scam attempting to scare people into paying money to avoid being arrested for missing federal jury duty is targeting Utahns.

Utah County hopes to crack down on car pollution

08/08/2013 1:47pm
Utah County wants to crack down on cars spewing clouds of excess pollution into the air. But not every kind of vehicle that puts out a cloud of smoke would be target.

Intelligent women less likely to have children, study claims

08/08/2013 3:25pm
A researcher claims the more intelligent a woman is, the less likely she is to want children.

BLM reacts to hiker deaths at The Wave

08/08/2013 3:36pm
Federal land managers are stepping up warnings to reduce the death toll at The Wave, a hiking destination on the Utah-Arizona border that requires survival and navigation skills.

2 Sumatran tiger cubs born at National Zoo

08/08/2013 3:46pm
The National Zoo is celebrating the birth of a pair of Sumatran tiger cubs, a critically endangered species.

Semi-trailer crash partially closes I-80, leaks fuel

08/08/2013 4:21pm
A semi-trailer crash that spilled about 100 gallons of fuel has closed eastbound lanes of I-80.

Rape suspect arrested in Salt Lake City

08/08/2013 4:44pm
Police announced Thursday morning that they had located and arrested a man accused of rape who was erroneously released from Salt Lake County Jail Wednesday.

Viewer discovers lost WWII family album while watching KSL-TV

08/08/2013 5:02pm
A man in Wyoming who found an old World War II photo album and wanted to find its owner and return it. After several TV stories and a flurry of emails, the album finally made it back to its owner's family.

2 deputies put on paid leave over girl forgotten in holding cell

08/08/2013 6:01pm
Two Uintah County sheriff's deputies have been placed on paid administrative leave as investigators try to determine how a 16-year- old girl was forgotten in a courthouse holding cell after the court had closed for the day.

Nearly 5,600 without power in Salt Lake

08/08/2013 6:11pm
Approximately 8,500 customers were without power in the Salt Lake Valley Thursday evening.

Stagnant weight loss? Bone density scan could help ID problem

08/08/2013 6:58pm
Before you get fixated on the number on the bathroom scale, remember that your weight doesn't always tell the whole story. But there is one machine that could help identify the problem.

Hundreds of Utah Muslims gather to celebrate end of Ramadan

08/08/2013 7:14pm
Muslims around the world are celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan. One Utah family hopes the holiday inspires better living and hopes that no one has any doubts of their desires to be good neighbors and good citizens.

How to cope with your kids going back to school

08/08/2013 7:32pm
Having your children spend so much time away from the family during the school year can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be a negative experience. Commit now to instill habits that can help their absences be not only endurable, but enjoyable.

What's in a name? Mendenhall scales back jersey plans

08/08/2013 7:49pm
Just for one game: that's what BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall and his team have decided regarding a plan to unveil jerseys that replace player surnames with the words "Tradition," "Spirit" and "Honor."

Ex-teacher charged in Dallas-area attacks; 4 dead

08/08/2013 8:20pm
A former teacher and Dallas Mavericks hip-hop dancer was charged with capital murder Thursday after police said he attacked the homes of his estranged wife and his girlfriend, killing the women and two of their children and wounding four other people.

7 things you need to do before the summer ends

08/08/2013 8:36pm
If you haven't had the awesome summer we all dream of every year, you have a couple weekends left to jam in some proper summer experiences before the school doors swing open. Here are seven things you need to do before the summer ends.

\'Iron Man\' jetpacks spark concerns in Hawaii

08/08/2013 8:53pm
Want to fly like George Jetson or Iron Man?

Baby born on 8-8 weighs 8 lbs. 8 ounces

08/08/2013 10:34pm
The birth of a child is a special occasion for all parents, but one baby born Thursday marked a one in a million occasion.

Danielle Willard shooting not legally justified, DA says

08/08/2013 10:35pm
After more than nine months of investigation, the district attorney said the November 2012 shooting of a woman by West Valley police was not legally justified.

Utah company creates bulletproof partition for classrooms

08/08/2013 10:46pm
It's one of the scariest scenarios a parent can imagine: a gunman walks into a school and starts shooting. However, now a Utah company is unveiling a new bulletproof partition to protect students from attacks in the classroom.

UHP's 'More Cops, More Stops' program tickets lots of speeders

08/08/2013 11:59pm
The numbers are in and the Utah Highway Patrol pulled over a large amount of drivers during the last week of July, part of a cross- country crack down along I-80.