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U-111 remains closed following wind storm

08/06/2013 7:30am
U-111 remains closed from 8200 South to 10600 South after powerful winds snapped power poles Monday.

Japan marks 68th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

08/06/2013 8:50am
Japan marked the 68th anniversary Tuesday of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima with a somber ceremony to honor the dead and pledges to seek to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Mind the fat: huge blob of it found in UK sewer

08/06/2013 9:42am
It may look like an iceberg, but there's nothing cool about it.

Local DIY projects highlighted at 'Craft Lake City'

08/06/2013 10:11am
Pinterest and Etsy have increased a growing trend of making, fixing and crafting things from scratch. The do-it-yourself frenzy has grown to an all-time high, and the annual "Craft Lake City" festival is offering two days of instructions and ideas.

Pa. boy dies after serving as parents' best man

08/06/2013 10:18am
A terminally ill 2-year-old western Pennsylvania boy who served as his parents' best man at their wedding last weekend has died, according to his mother's Facebook page and a family friend.

5 haunting, beautiful abandoned places

08/06/2013 10:39am
In the movies, the end of civilization is much less beautiful. In real life, these long-abandoned places have an ethereal, haunting beauty that just might make you pine for the end of the world.

How does the average Joe's retirement compare to members of congress?

08/06/2013 10:46am
A study by Bankrate looks at how much better members of Congress will do in retirement than the average person.

LDS missionaries show hidden b-ball skills in awesome video

08/06/2013 11:40am
Anyone can play basketball, even those you might not expect on first sight. Even, for instance, two missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who show no outward signs of having any skills. Then the dunks start happening.

Correction: US-Embassy Security story

08/06/2013 11:55am
In a story Aug. 5 about U.S. embassy security measures because of an al-Qaida plot, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the U.S. military advises United Nations peacekeeping troops in Somalia. The peacekeeping troops are with the African Union, not the U.N.

Man arrested after $10K extortion attempt fails

08/06/2013 11:56am
A man who allegedly tried to extort another man for $10,000 was arrested after it turned out his potential victim really didn't have any secrets to hide.

5 games that will make or break BYU's season

08/06/2013 12:48pm
BYU's 2013 schedule is likely the toughest in school history and here are the five games that will either make it a huge success or a crushing disappointment.

Stolen dinosaur statue returned

08/06/2013 2:33pm
A popular velociraptor statute in Salt Lake City's 9th and 9th neighborhood that disappeared over the weekend, reappeared Tuesday as suddenly as it went missing.

Jury begins deliberations in 'Whitey' Bulger trial

08/06/2013 2:44pm
Jurors began their deliberations Tuesday in the trial of James "Whitey" Bulger, the reputed crime boss who is accused of participating in 19 murders during a two-decade reign over Boston's underworld.

Never before seen auditions for 'The Office'

08/06/2013 2:45pm
Producers of the show "The Office" have released a video of famous actors who initially auditioned for roles in the hit TV show. The video is in connection with the release of the show's final season on DVD.

New president named for KSL Broadcast Group

08/06/2013 3:53pm
KSL Broadcast Group, which includes both KSL TV and KSL NewsRadio, now has a new president.

President George W. Bush has stent procedure

08/06/2013 4:00pm
Former President George W. Bush successfully underwent a heart procedure in Dallas on Tuesday after doctors discovered a blockage in an artery during his annual physical, Bush spokesman Freddy Ford said.

Officers must consider safety of fleeing suspects, court says

08/06/2013 4:22pm
The state's high court has determined that a Cache County family can continue to pursue a lawsuit against a Weber County sheriff's deputy who was pursuing their son before he died in a rollover crash.

Train derailment causes FrontRunner delays

08/06/2013 4:50pm
A train derailment caused delays for FrontRunner in Davis County Tuesday morning.

Fort Hood gunman meticulously planned attack

08/06/2013 5:02pm
Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan fired the last of 146 bullets in his assault on Fort Hood, then walked outside where he met two civilians who asked about the commotion and the laser-sighted pistol in his hand.

Man arrested after allegedly operating 'bar' out of garage

08/06/2013 5:45pm
A Sandy man is accused of running a bar out of his garage, welcoming in patrons far away from neighborhood boundaries.

New Draper TRAX line to open ahead of schedule

08/06/2013 6:04pm
The Draper TRAX line will open in mid-August, completing a five year system-wide expansion two years ahead of schedule. KSL was able to take an early ride on the new line before it opens for passengers August 17th.

Pa. man charged with killing 3: Town stole my home

08/06/2013 6:17pm
A disabled junk dealer feuding with local officials over his debris-strewn property packed a rental car with guns and ammunition before opening fire at a town meeting and killing three men, authorities said Tuesday.

US embassy closures a window into threat concern

08/06/2013 6:26pm
The map of closed American embassies _ and those that remain open _ in the Middle East and Africa provides a window into the Obama administration's concern about a potentially imminent al-Qaida terrorist attack on overseas U.S. interests.

Man booked on felony stalking charges

08/06/2013 7:14pm
A man is facing felony charges after his estranged wife allegedly found out he still had remote access to security cameras inside her home.

5 in custody after witness sees robbery, calls police

08/06/2013 7:15pm
Police have a witness to thank for leading them to a suspected bank robber.

Czech automaker unveils world's 'manliest' stroller

08/06/2013 7:32pm
Hydraulic suspension, all-terrain tires, 20-inch alloy wheels, rear-view mirrors, a high-beam headlight and anti-stress push-bar grips: This is the stuff "manly" strollers are made of.

Female students finding success at Utah Job Corps centers

08/06/2013 7:47pm
A locally run, federal training program is reaching out to young women in an effort to help them find career success and self- fulfillment. Utah's two Job Corps centers announced a campaign to recruit a record number of new female students.

Swallow 'blown away' by Utah House investigation

08/06/2013 8:08pm
As a Utah House special investigative committee holds its first meeting Tuesday, the subject of its probe, Attorney General John Swallow, says he wonders how things got to this point.

Herriman mayor resigns, citing new time constraints

08/06/2013 8:24pm
Herriman Mayor Joshua E. Mills will resign from his post Aug. 10 due to new time constraints that have limited the time he can spend attending to his mayoral duties.

6 ways to exercise gratitude, increase happiness

08/06/2013 8:33pm
Those who express gratitude show an improved self-reported feeling of happiness. Research findings support this and other improved health outcomes.

Haitian orphanage brings Utah families together

08/06/2013 8:56pm
Adopting children from Haiti is a lengthy process for families throughout the U.S. and requires patience, perseverance and a lot of support. Recently, Haitian children and their adoptive families in Utah got together for a reunion.

Family in 'agony' over missing Tooele woman

08/06/2013 9:15pm
The search continued Tuesday for a Tooele woman who has been missing for a week.

Teen reported missing after not being seen for 2 years

08/06/2013 9:36pm
An investigation is underway to find a 15-year-old girl who has been missing for nearly two years, but her disappearance has only just now been reported.

Taco Bell expanding test of waffle taco, breakfast

08/06/2013 9:59pm
Taco Bell says it's expanding its small test of waffle tacos, as it prepares to take its breakfast menu national sometime next year.

Jordan School Board calls for public vote for $495M bond

08/06/2013 10:14pm
Faced with crowded and aging facilities, the Jordan School Board on Tuesday gave unanimous approval to a bond resolution that would raise $495 million for new schools and renovations.

Friday announced as last day of furlough for civilian workers

08/06/2013 10:54pm
New information released from the Department of Defense Tuesday announced next Friday could be the final day of the furlough for civilian workers. The mandatory, unpaid furlough days have been reduced from 11 to six days.