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Teen sentenced to juvenile facility for killing mother's boyfriend

07/23/2013 7:37am
Two teenagers who had been charged as adults with murder pleaded guilty to reduced charges in juvenile court on Monday.

Floating restaurant to open at Lake Powell

07/23/2013 8:47am
A new attraction opens at Lake Powell this week — a floating restaurant.

Dumping deceased dog in trash not illegal, woman discovers

07/23/2013 9:42am
A North Dakota woman is heartbroken after her dog went into labor and the puppy it was carrying didn't make it. Clinic workers then tossed the puppy in the trash.

Feds take evidence related to Zimmerman trial, including gun

07/23/2013 10:13am
The Justice Department is considering whether to pursue a civil rights case.George Zimmerman was acquitted in last year's shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

63 percent back path to citizenship

07/23/2013 10:42am
Poll after poll show that a majority of Americans favor allowing immigrants living in the U.S. illegally to remain here legally and, further, to apply for citizenship. But the level of support for changes in immigration laws varies significantly with the details.

LDS Church launches social media profiles for First Presidency, apostles

07/23/2013 11:30am
The LDS Church has created social media profiles for the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on Facebook and Google+.

Firefighters rescued, revived cat from burning house

07/23/2013 11:42am
Salt Lake City firefighters rescued a cat from a burning house Tuesday and were able to revive it using a specially designed oxygen mask.

5 rodeos Utahns can attend this summer

07/23/2013 11:51am
Rodeo season is still going strong, and while Utah has seen a wide variety of rodeo events across the state, arenas and rodeo grounds are still gearing up for a summer filled with bull riders and steer wrestlers.

Fireworks create pollution concern, says air quality experts

07/23/2013 12:43pm
Fireworks are abundant this time of year. What some may not consider though, are the effects the smoke from fireworks might have on physical health.

Aaron Rodgers bet on Braun and the best pool basketball shot ever

07/23/2013 12:48pm
Aaron Rodgers came to the defense of Ryan Braun and even bet his salary on his innocence. Well, that was a terrible decision. We've also got an amazing skateboard video and a pool trick shot you need to see to believe.

Mormon Malian presidential candidate becomes modern pioneer

07/23/2013 1:27pm
As we approach the 24th of July and reflect on the intrepidity of our ancestors, it is worth considering the bold journey of a modern pioneer — Malian Presidential Candidate Niankoro Yeah Samake.

5 good movies where the guy doesn't get the girl

07/23/2013 2:06pm
Hollywood enjoys producing a good love story, and we have gotten used to the main characters living happily ever after. However, there are quite a few worthwhile movies where the boy doesn't get the girl. Here is a list of five.

LDS missionary serving in Guatemala dies following truck accident

07/23/2013 2:51pm
A missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in Guatemala died after being hit by a truck.

5 Pioneer Day activities and festivals for families

07/23/2013 3:30pm
Utah has long celebrated its pioneers with a dedicated state holiday, filled with activities, pageants and fireworks. Reaching back to its 1847 roots when pioneers settled in the Salt Lake Valley, Pioneer Day rivals the Fourth of July in festivities

Law firm appointed to investigate John Swallow

07/23/2013 3:45pm
Phoenix-based law firm Snell & Wilmer will serve as special counsel to investigate alleged election law violations against Utah Attorney General John Swallow.

List of fireworks restrictions during the 24th of July

07/23/2013 4:01pm
With the extreme heat wave and the dry conditions, Utah officials are warning residents about the potential fire hazards. Here is a list of several fireworks restrictions in cities throughout the state.

Test your knowledge of Utah's heritage

07/23/2013 4:07pm
Test your knowledge of the people, places and events surrounding July 24, 1847, and the Mormon colonization of the West.

'All-out battle' at hospital leaves Cedar City officer injured

07/23/2013 4:20pm
A Cedar City police officer was injured while trying to restrain a man being arrested for suspected drug use after the man allegedly started an intense fight while being evaluated at a hospital.

Once ranked most honest city, SLC drops to 44th place

07/23/2013 4:49pm
Nearly a year after coming in on top as the most honest city in the country, Salt Lake City dropped drastically in rankings and earned 44th place in the recent Honest Tea's National Honesty Index.

William, Kate, show off their royal newborn son

07/23/2013 5:08pm
Prince William and his wife Kate presented their newborn son to the world for the first time Tuesday, drawing whoops and wild applause from well-wishers as they revealed the new face of the British monarchy _ though not, yet, his name.

Ballet West remains the star in 'Breaking Pointe'

07/23/2013 5:17pm
The drama continues, off and on the stage, as the second season of Breaking Pointe premiers on the CW.

Slain couple had history of domestic violence, police say

07/23/2013 5:33pm
Names of a man and a woman found shot to death Monday in a Salt Lake City neighborhood were released Tuesday.

Hikers advised to be prepared after increase of search and rescue calls

07/23/2013 6:22pm
Search and rescue crews in Utah have been inundated with calls. In many cases, experts say the people who received help could have done more to help themselves in the first place.

14 Utahns indicted for Spice in nationwide bust

07/23/2013 6:31pm
A federal grand jury in Salt Lake City indicted 14 people Tuesday for allegedly manufacturing and mailing Spice to smoke shops across the nation in a multimillion-dollar operation.

Lawsuit filed to halt expansion of local refineries

07/23/2013 6:50pm
Two environmental groups have filed a lawsuit to stop two local oil refineries from expanding among concerns about Utah's air quality.

UDOT reuses asphalt to pave new road

07/23/2013 7:16pm
The Utah Department of Transportation is using a paving technique that is good for taxpayers and the environment. It’s called Cold In-Place Recycling.

LEGO characters growing grumpier with time, study says

07/23/2013 7:32pm
One of the world's most beloved toys is widely known for bringing happiness to millions. But it would appear many LEGO characters have developed a bit of an attitude problem over the last few decades, according to a recent study.

No explanation given for Wellington police chief resignation

07/23/2013 7:47pm
Wellington Mayor Ben Blackburn said Tuesday that a confidentiality agreement between the city and former Police Chief Lee Barry bars him from talking about why the city's top cop resigned.

911 tapes reveal details in Orem killing; Police defend investigation

07/23/2013 8:26pm
911 recordings from just after a suspected murder in Orem show the intense response of a man suspected in the killings. Police are also defending the length of their investigation in the case.

Arches, Desolation Canyon are 'too wild to drill,' group says

07/23/2013 9:01pm
A new Wilderness Society report selected 12 American landscapes as areas that are "too wild to drill" and two Utah locations made the list — Arches National Park and Desolation Canyon. The group says threats from oil and gas development exist nearby.

Half a dozen drugs seized in bust, two arrested

07/23/2013 9:15pm
A search warrant resulted in two arrests and a bevy of drugs seized in Salt Lake City on Monday.

Over 10,000 turn out for Bountiful parade

07/23/2013 9:54pm
The Bountiful Handcart Day's Parade once again topped more than 10,000 spectators. Every spot was taken along Main Street and visitors called out the names of friends and relatives they spotted in the lineup.

Payson man attempts 135-mile ultramarathon in Death Valley to inspire addicts

07/23/2013 10:30pm
If you're fed up with the hot weather, maybe you'll have some sympathy for a Utah man who tested himself against even more extreme heat in what is probably the toughest, most brutal footrace on the planet. He showed that inspiration can be found in defeat as well as victory.

UHP, 10 other states, enforcing 'fatal five' on I-80

07/23/2013 10:50pm
The Utah Highway Patrol and nine other states are gearing up for one of the busiest travel times of the summer along I-80.

Friend of murdered woman speaks out about domestic violence

07/23/2013 11:23pm
As details emerge about Monday's murder-suicide involving a couple that had a history of domestic violence, One of Deborah Vaughn's friends says it's a story that should never have to be told and one she once feared might be told about her own life.