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Sunday Edition: Saving energy, reverse mortgages and Utah's giving

06/23/2013 9:00am
The little things you can do to save energy and money. Plus, an in- depth look at reverse mortgages. And, Utah was named the most charitable state in the nation.

700 music students perform on stage together

06/23/2013 9:50am
aturday, 700 string instruments played in unison at Juan Diego High School.

Man on life support after receiving burns in Sunset house fire

06/23/2013 10:20am
A Sunset man was on life support Saturday after he was burned when his house caught fire.

Somali man shares story in commemoration of World Refugee Day

06/23/2013 10:50am
Aden Batar, director of immigration and refugee services for Catholic Community Services of Utah, reflects on his recent visit to Somalia, his first trip home since emigrating to Utah in the 1990s.

Utah's employment rate continues to rise

06/23/2013 11:20am
The number of Utahns going to work increased again in May. The Utah Department of Workforce Services reported Friday that the state's nonfarm payroll employment for May 2013 grew by an estimated 2.6 percent, adding 32,600 jobs compared with May 2012.

Stephen Marriott dies after lifelong disease

06/23/2013 3:12pm
Stephen Marriott, grandson of Marriott Corporation founder J. Willard Marriott, died Sunday as a result of a lifelong degenerative disease.

Tracy Aviary searches for missing show cockatoo

06/23/2013 6:13pm
A prized show bird in-training took off from Tracy Aviary Saturday, setting her trainers on her trail.

3-year-old boy who drowned in hot tub identified

06/23/2013 6:17pm
A 3-year-old Idaho boy was found floating face down in an apartment complex hot tub Friday in North Logan.

One week after shooting, parishioners focus on forgiveness

06/23/2013 6:55pm
One week after a man allegedly shot his father-in-law during a Catholic Mass, parishioners of the were told to forgive.

4 teens transported to hospital after wrecking stolen car

06/23/2013 7:23pm
Four teenage boys were transported to a local hospital after wrecking a car that had been stolen Saturday morning.

Teach your kids to take a compliment; it's the polite thing to do

06/23/2013 7:31pm
We all know how awkward it is when someone gives us a compliment. We find ourselves squirming a bit, not quite sure what to say. As parents it is equally as important to teach our children how to take a compliment as it is to give one.

Regulators look to reduce pollution; cars still big problem

06/23/2013 8:43pm
The Utah Air Quality Division discussed a number of avenues it is considering to reduce air pollution levels in areas that do not meet federal requirements under the Clean Air Act. Some may be invoked specifically during winter inversions.

After van runs red light, 2 seriously injured in crash

06/23/2013 10:24pm
Two men were hospitalized Sunday after an accident occurred on Bangerter Highway.

Body of missing woman found at Lake Powell; 1 remains missing

06/23/2013 10:53pm
Four days after two women disappeared into the waters of Lake Powell, authorities located and retrieved the body of one woman.

Fireworks back on Utah shelves; dry conditions worry some buyers

06/23/2013 10:59pm
Sunday was the first day Fourth of July enthusiasts could buy their fireworks from a grocery store or stand.

LDS missionaries to begin using social media

06/23/2013 11:00pm
Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced in a special broadcast Sunday that missionaries will soon start using the Internet and digital tables more than the traditional method of knocking on doors to find potential converts to their faith.

On tour of midwest, Tabernacle Choir honors pioneer loggers

06/23/2013 11:05pm
As the Mormon Tabernacle Choir traveled through the Midwest this past week, the singers made a special stop to pay tribute to a group of pioneers many people don't know about.

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